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  1. I may change my thinking after the new 'rules' come out. And I am expecting cruising to begin no sooner than January 2021 and no later than June of the same year. Besides genetics, the main amelioration factors seem to be brevity of exposure, proximity and fresh air circulation. (The scientists have already discounted the chemicals, particularly the sprayed ones.) The first two of those will probably be addressed by the rules. But I will also be looking at which cruise lines use this break to remove the old AC/circulation/ventilation systems, which have not been optimal for a
  2. You are correct. I will not be cruising for quite a while. For sure, it won't be until the CDC can give the cruise lines some guidelines they can actually live with and make money.
  3. Here's what I wrote in an email to customer service after completing my survey: There was no comment space so that I could tell you exactly what would let me consider Crystal for any cruise – That will be after I receive a full refund for my Crystal Symphony trip which was to begin with a flight on May 31, 2020 and end on June 19, 2020. This cruise was cancelled by Crystal quite some time ago and I should have received a full refund long before now. There was nowhere to put the exact things that would entice me to return to cruising. Thos
  4. I let my travel agent handle this for me. And I created an email with specific instructions. She is a bulldog about finding the correct person to get it and getting their acknowledgement that they have sent it to the ship.
  5. The only way to get the printed news digests back is to write Orlando directly. I have done so and hope you will too. It will take many, many letters. I just received my response. It was pretty much hogwash that covered a whole page. And they are really sticking to that environmental excuse instead of the real one, which is probably that they didn't want to pay the franchise fee to a paper and let their contract with the NY Times expire.
  6. No slippers on K'dam in January in a regular verandah cabin. I asked my steward and he found them for me.
  7. Would V6100 on the K'dam be considered a bump out cabin with the bed next to the slider? Is there a place to see the different configurations by cabin?
  8. I am packing ear plugs as part of my dinner attire for my upcoming cruise on the Koningsdam. Learned my lesson from the last time I was on her -- loved the music venues but didn't enjoy keeping my fingers stuck in my ears.
  9. Thank you to everyone for researching and answering my question. I have been on the K'dam once, in March 2017, and was considering whether to try the Nieuw Statendam if they had learned from their early K'dam mistakes: Mixing fixed and at-will diners in the dining room instead of setting aside areas or floors for each. Repeating the same dinner menu about every 10 days instead of every 3 or 4 weeks as it should be. Allowing smoking in a very small casino. Playing canned music everywhere too loud. No venue for ballroom dancing. Promenade deck too narrow. Smal
  10. What did HAL learn from the Koningsdam that they have changed on the Nieuw Statendam?
  11. Yes, there are still buses. the company is Cruise Connection by Escot, 31 Sarasota Center Blvd, Sarasota 34240, (888)501-5388, www.cruiseconnection.travel. I do not believe it is owned by HAL in its current reincarnation, and I don't believe HAL will book it for you. My travel agent books it directly for me. I have found them to be reliable and organized; they usually get me to the port before noon, from Daytona. Their literature says they pick up for the return at the Ft. Lauderdale port between 10:30 and noon and at Miami between 9:30 and 10:30. They are constrained by how
  12. It's been a while since I was on the Zaandam so have questions: 1) Have they replaced the safes that needed a credit card to open to ones that can be programmed with one's own numbers? 2) Are the hangers fully removable from the rod or are they the ones with the permanent metal circles and only the bottom portions are movable? 3) Are the fixed and at will diners still separated? 4) Is this one of the ships where the inhouse singers and dancers are no more? 5) Has the Lido been upgraded to the new serving method and the separate food lines by category?
  13. Not only does the wine steward in the MDR get credit for the sale, but you also establish a relationship that you will want to maintain all during your cruise. Frequently, the inventory of those wines you buy will deplete before the end of the cruise. Your relationship with the wine steward will then bear fruit because they will look for substitutes that will please you. This becomes especially important on those longer cruises such as you are taking. You and I know that wine is sold in every port, but HAL doesn't. They don't pick up anything along the way.
  14. The promenade deck on the K'dam is so narrow that I recommended that it be one way only. It is not fun with both way walkers.
  15. Is it just me or does it seem like Celebrity is hiking the prices of their cruises? Especially those longer than a week, those in the Caribbean, and those in 2020?
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