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  1. Not only does the wine steward in the MDR get credit for the sale, but you also establish a relationship that you will want to maintain all during your cruise. Frequently, the inventory of those wines you buy will deplete before the end of the cruise. Your relationship with the wine steward will then bear fruit because they will look for substitutes that will please you. This becomes especially important on those longer cruises such as you are taking. You and I know that wine is sold in every port, but HAL doesn't. They don't pick up anything along the way.
  2. The promenade deck on the K'dam is so narrow that I recommended that it be one way only. It is not fun with both way walkers.
  3. Thank you for your continuing comments. I am pushing this post forward in hopes that someone new will know if there is a website where I can find the actual square footage of individual cabins by cabin number on the K'dam, HAL ships, and/or all cruise lines. I am interested in the size of the cabin itself, not the balcony.
  4. Thank you, everyone, for this info. Yes, I was interested in the sizes of the staterooms not the balconies and was sure hoping that was where the extra sq ft were. Does anyone know of a third party website or some secret part of the cruise line website where I might find this info for individual cabins? Specifically on the K'dam, to which stratospheric cabin level would I need to go to get more sq ft than in a standard verandah cabin?
  5. When I was on the K'dam a few years ago, I felt that my standard verandah stateroom was smaller than other HAL ships and other cruise lines. I see on their website that they list a wide range of square footage for the standard verandah. How does one find one of the ones with more sq ft? Is it hidden somewhere on the website? Are Vista Suites substantially larger?
  6. Is it just me or does it seem like Celebrity is hiking the prices of their cruises? Especially those longer than a week, those in the Caribbean, and those in 2020?
  7. eusrmb is correct. I was on the Crown in January. The music was played in the cabin hallways on embarkation and debarkation days. Since this was my first Princess cruise, I was very relieved that it did not continue on the other days because it could be heard in the cabin.
  8. Has anyone had their porter checked luggage stopped in Princess' security area because they had large bottles of hand cream, aloe vera gel, etc, and screeners thought they were alcohol? What about the one bottle of wine? This has happened to me on Celebrity so I always take the big bottles in my carryon. They are just so heavy to lug onto the ship if I don't need to, but I don't want to wait until way after we sail to get my luggage either.
  9. Thank you, rdsqrl, for the clean explanation of the dining rooms and their functions. It seems a much more sensible approach than the controlled chaos on other lines where fixed and any time dining are mixed together. I look forward to trying it. Diane
  10. Do I understand correctly that this ship has two main dining rooms and that one is assigned to one of them for fixed seating? What is the criteria for assignment? What is the difference between the two and can one request one or the other?
  11. Sorry. I am still confused by all this. I will be on a b2b in January on the Crown for a total of 21 days. On other cruise lines, I would buy a package including enough bottles of wine to allow for 2 to 3 glasses at dinner each night and they would move from venue to venue (MDR and all specialty restaurants) depending on where I dined. The wine steward in the venue would go to the central storage area, find my bottle and bring it to wherever I was, return it to the central storage area at the end of the meal. If I finished a bottle in any venue, the wine steward would get mea a bottle that was included in my package and return it to the central storage area at the end of the meal. It was not a big deal and rarely took long to accomplish. Is this not the case on Princess?
  12. This new format is just the pits. Too much frou-frou and not enough text. And the colors are icky.
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