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  1. About ready to book an early August 2020 Stockholm to Bergen Homelands cruise - PV1 Any part of that deck, or any suites on that deck less desirable, or more desirable? Close but not too close to the laundry room? Same for elevators? Port / Starboard? Much too anal retentive? Get a life? At least all the ships are the same.
  2. Trying to decide if I want to "spring the trap" on a June 2020 Homelands Cruise. Viking wants full payment August 31st which seems extreme to me. Think I have read about TA's offering shorter final payment dates on this very site. Also, current promotion is the Explorer's Club deal, but they won't guarantee to match any future pricing promotions (reductions). The "early committers" are disadvantaged under that kind of policy. They claim I am also getting the return customer $800/person discount. How common I wonder is it to get the opportunity to do a cabin upgrade at a reduced price closer to sailing date? Based on Viking's recent PR problems I would think they would have to start being more price/terms competitive. Any comments, or shared experiences out there in cyber land related to these issues?
  3. Contemplating Viking Homelands next June/July – thinking about “pulling the pin” soon. 2nd cruise on Oceans for us. Will be traveling from Denver and prefer to avoid US east coast connections. Thinking about 3 days on the front end in Berlin. Perhaps a couple of extra days on the back end (Stockholm, or Bergen, or Oslo). Lufthansa flies out of Denver to Frankfurt and Munich and we like them. Icelandic Air does also as does Norwegian. Heard mixed reviews on both. United flies to Europe, but we’ve had bad experiences with Heathrow. Not married to one carrier. Questions – Which sailing direction would be better? Anyone have any experience with Berlin to Stockholm, or Bergen (or Oslo) connections? We could take the 7-hour train ride from Oslo and catch the ship in Bergen on the front end (or back end). Trying to avoid the Bergen / US connection problem. Viking Custom Air might be an option if we can save money on better seats and if Viking lets you make ticket plans days before and after ship arrival, or departure dates. I like to pick my airline and seats in advance. Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated
  4. We did Viking Mediterranean Odyssey two years ago as a very last minute decision and loved it, one of our best vacations. Did a pre-cruise Venice and post cruise Barcelona add-on independent of Viking. Booked everything myself, which I really enjoy. Thinking about doing the Baltic next summer (Homelands) to go visit "my people" since I am about 50% Swedish and much of the balance German. What better cruise line for a Viking than Viking? Few questions for whomever would like to advise us: Best month/week of the year for this part of the world? Optimum weather the key I guess, with a second variable being fewest crowds. I've read that this part of the world is much less crowed than Italy / France, etc. Best route - east / west, or visa versa? Pros / cons? How little can I put down and what is the least I can pay for the balance as close to sail as possible? - just for trip risk management purposes, struggling with elderly parents, etc. We will have trip insurance for that very reason. Best add on before/after cruise stay Scandinavian city(s) - does not have to be on the route, but close via train, etc. Berlin maybe? Some city where one, or two days is not enough and connections are good. Coming from Denver and like the direct flights that Luftansia has to Franfurt and Munich. Would like to avoid Heathrow. Would consider Icelandic Air. Flight / Airline advice for this part of Northern Europe? Never been north of Amsterdam Best independent non/Viking excursion provider companies, want to explore those options more than on our first cruise. Alla, etc. Travel agent - yes/no If it can save us money, I like the hands on control of doing it myself, but if a experienced TA can save us money, I'd like to research that option Just generally stuff you all have learned on the planning side of a trip like this. This cruise, or other Viking, or even non-Viking cruises Happy to correspond offline, if I can figure out how to do that Any helpful advice will be most appreciated - this is a great board. Sorry for the volume - just thought I would get it all out there at once and before I commit to Viking.
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