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  1. Voyager will swap with Spectrum of the Seas when it's launched in 2019
  2. I think the Brexit effect may also prevent a big ship from coming to the UK at the current time. Not sure why they would switch Navigator to Voyager though. Think the Meg ship will come but might be delayed a year or two until politics settled
  3. Ive not seen this sort of behaviours myself. Some terrible presumption in the lounges, but not around this ship. Re: bartenders and not liking lots of diamond members, probably Down to the fact diamond members get free beverages across the ship and not in the lounge so they are down on tips. Received quite poor service in the bars this last cruise and can only figure that the reason,
  4. The easiest thing to do is prepay your tips before you go. I prefer to do that as hate to see the charge racking up on my room bill. I do see it as a service charge so would need a good Reason not to pay them. I don't see the need to tip extra, but often leave a few dollars for the Windjammer staff
  5. Pity they've not added an ale to the list. Looks live the vino for me
  6. That's great; thanks. I've dropped them a line. If anyone has any recent experiences would be glad for info or point to relevant thread.
  7. hi all, We are sailing for the first time for 5 years and the first time with RCI for 7 (we are diamond members) on Indy on October 14th Am just interested if any recent sailers can give me An idea of the current entertainment program as well as menus etc. Am expecting to see a leaner operation since our last cruise; but this will be the first one the kids will be able to enjoy they were just babies in their last cruises. So any details/hints/this abOut Adventure Ocean would also be great (they are 8 and 5) Any general comments again would be great Thanks Garry
  8. Very interesting thread. Well behaved children should be welcomed in the Diamond Lounge. Ill behaved ones should be asked to leave. There are plenty of adult only places on the ship and parents will have spent more for their cabins. The behaviour of some of the adults in there quite frankly eclipses any children's.
  9. Very interested to seeing how this thread pans out. We've not been on a cruise for a few tears due to small children but are considering Britannia next year- previous cruises largely on RCI and NCL. I'm particularly keen to go on Britannia, but no real rational reason. Thinking Fjords next July
  10. Christmas 2010 won't offer you much option as winter in the Med. I don't know if any ships are staying over, but if they are will tend to be a Med type itinerary. If you're talking 2011 May through August your options are much greater, and it really depends on what you want to do. The Med is the quintessential European cruise, and if you want to see the sites of Rome, Florence, Barcelona etc etc I guess this has to be the one for you. These cruises are excellent but very tiring - trips to Rome etc are 1 hour one way - and expensive unless you do the journeys yourself. The Eastern itinerary mentioned by the first poster is a good idea - we're doing the 24th April ex-Venice just as a 1 week cruise, and I am hoping there is less travelling! The other options are North Europe - ex-Dover to St. Petersburg and Scandinavia which is a lovely cruise or the Fjords. If it's your first Euro cruise though I am thinking you need to see the sights!!!
  11. I had a bit of an issue with the "service charge" before I went on Jade in May, but it was great! No scrabbling about for cash at the end of the holiday, and no sadness giving hundreds of dollars in evelopes. If you've OBC, in effect the "service charge" costs nothing anyway! As a brit, I find these arguments interesting/perplexing/frustrating in equal measure. Tipping is, if not frowned upon, offered only for truly exceptional service and I've always found the whole matetr a bit unsettling. Paying upfront or as a charge actually takes the discomfort/embarrassment away so I actually prefer that, and when we go on RCI next year we (as always) will pre-pay. We don't generally tip extra - nor do we tip less - we classify the tips/charge as part of the cost of the holiday - but there have been occasions where we have given extra for truly exceptional performance, and these have usually been backed up with complementary letters to the parent company.
  12. Nice ship. Lovely size - great facilities but always feels quite intimate. Radiance class are our faves as well!
  13. Not cuirsed from venice (yet!) but generally 11am is the earliest you can get on the cruise ship. I would have thought you could "check in" early, dump your luggage, then view the city for a few hours before the "all aboard" but other cruisers/posters will know better than me.
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