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  1. That is an interesting finding from OSHA. It is my understanding from the CDC guidelines that wearing a face covering prevents a person from spreading the particles if (s)he is carrying the virus. By following the guidelines, if everyone wore a mask, the numbers would go down. The problem is when people who are carrying the virus and are not covering their mouth and nose, they are potentially making others sick. Everyone must do their part but this is not likely to happen because we are divided on the "mask or no mask" issue. So I agree with part of OSHA's statement that a mask can
  2. Everyone has their reasons to sail. 'I am 71 and my husband is 79 and we have been all over the Caribbean. While it will be disappointing to stay in port, if that ends up being the case, the thing I will miss the most is the shopping. That said, cruising for me, is an escape to relax and our cruising days are numbered due to health conditions. Husband had high risk stents this past January, a pacemaker in May, and a dementia (not ALZ) diagnosis a year ago. I will say it again "Everyone has a reason to sail." I want a break from cooking, housework, and the phone for four days. The
  3. "I think most if not all of us are aware of the proposed guidelines RCCL made to the CDC to reopen cruising" I haven't seen the complete guidelines. My comment to "The ONLY way a passenger can leave the ship in any given port is to do so as part of a "cruise-line sponsored or verified" excursion. Can't speak for everyone but this SUCKS!!!!" I agree that it is very inconvenient and may seem like a control issue but this virus is REAL and I think that for the safety of passengers, excursions will have to be very carefully monitored to ensure that social distancing, hand sanitizing
  4. Very well said! I am sad that the livelihoods of the dedicated crew members who have looked over us for years has come to a halt and I praise them for their willingness to return. I pray that they will remain safe while they do their jobs. You are right on about Americans who make decisions that affect the safety of others. I think it is more than dumb. It is obstinate and narcissistic. I will close by echoing your words: "But I don't want to die on a Ghost Ship with a bunch of clowns who don't respect science or God."
  5. The problem with a lot of people is that they are in denial or that they don't care. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the US is least resistant to conforming and we don't have the leadership to enforce mask wearing.
  6. Yes, I am keeping my hopes up too. If a miracle happens and ships decide to sail, I am ready for a Thanksgiving cruise.
  7. I am booked to sail out of Bayonne next May because our 2020 Bermuda trip was canceled. The Freedom of the Seas is going to Bayonne and that would be great! She sailed out of Port Canaveral for years. We were on her last sailing before she moved on.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I am still hoping that we can take cruises from our home ports for little four or five day escapes. I would really like that.
  9. You are correct on uncertainty. My pastor just passed away at the age of 64. I haven't lost hope. Only God knows.
  10. That is kind of bittersweet! I am one hour from the port. I am praying to reach the point of acceptance that I may never cruise with my husband again. He is 79 and his dementia is getting worse. This truly is depressing.
  11. Hearing the word YES perked me up. WHEN is the big question. I have had five cruises cancelled (March, May, June, August, October) and I have a cruise booked for NYE. Here's the hard facts for us: My husband is going to be 80 next January and has had multiple extra chances at life since last November due to heart issues. I am trying to stay optimistic but I may face the reality that we will never cruise again. It could happen.
  12. Mask resistance is a real issue for SOME people i.e. people with respiratory problems whose O2 sats might drop or claustrophobic. Otherwise, I see mask wearing as an act of love for neighbor. I admit, when I am exercising, it is not easy but necessary.
  13. Great suggestion on the hefty fine and criminal record and yes, it is serious. Every now and then I wonder if we will sail again before we die. Over the past six months, my husband has had heart problems. In January he had a life saving stent and in May, a pacemaker. He is doing everything that he should and is getting stronger every day. Now we have people who aren't doing what they should and a government that is not unified in their approach. What a sad reality we are facing.
  14. Airbear, I am very sorry for your loss. This pandemic is horrible.
  15. Caymus 88, my brother lived in Salem for a very long time. Small world.
  16. Thank you for a good post airbear232. The mask debate goes on and on. I agree that we must do whatever we can to keep ourselves safe and that includes wearing a face covering but everyone has to be onboard. Since they are not, our problem is getting worse.
  17. That would have been my last time too. When I went to the gym yesterday, they were even cleaning the pens that we used to sign in! I was impressed with how they went over and above in an effort to stay safe. That is what I really expect RCCL to being doing and I am sure they won't let us down.
  18. I am a senior and I am sincere. Yes, I am very concerned. We are lonely empty nesters as well with no family in Florida. Cruising is our outlet and we don't even have that for now. My husband has had recent high risk heart stents (LAD - aka widow maker) followed by a pacemaker last month. Thank God, I am healthy because he needs me. I don't mean to sound morbid but we never know how much time we have left, especially at our ages (71 and 79).
  19. It would seem to me that RCI will make this group comply. Maybe I am just being naive, but I would like to believe that the cruise line will enforce social distancing, masks etc..They have already lost a lot already.
  20. I hear you Caymus 88. I live in Central Florida and our beaches were packed. The leadership here is lacking big time.
  21. I was supposed to sail out of Bayonne in May to Bermuda. I have rebooked for next May and I am glad to see that the Freedom of the Seas will be there!
  22. I live in Central Florida and I am frustrated because so many people around me are not taking the precautions that they should. July 4th weekend has been terrible and I am just waiting for another surge in two weeks. We have continuously rebooked cruises with FCC. It is really discouraging. My next booking is October 12. I keep hoping and praying. I don't know about you and others on the board but frankly, I am depressed. It is not just about us either. My SIL has been on lockdown in a nursing home in NY since March!
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