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  1. This is the exact info I was looking for (aside from a hotel shuttle which I knew was a stretch). Thank you so much!!!
  2. Yes...I'll be the only driver. I think I'll look into staying about an hour out and taking the train in. We'll make it an adventure for the Adventure of the Seas 🙂
  3. Yes...I don't want to drive across one. I'm okay if someone else is driving. I've even considered staying close to a train station and then taking the train to EWR and getting Uber from there. Was just sort of hoping there was a hidden gem of a hotel that offers shuttle service from 30 miles away 🙂
  4. I've sailed from Cape Liberty 3 times in the past. We drive in from Ohio. I'm trying to avoid bridges so want to stay as far from the Port as possible and still be able to get a hotel shuttle or some other reasonable transportation. In the past we've stayed in Parsippany, Secaucus, and Allentown. Allentown is too far for shuttle. Secaucus was too close to getting on a bridge. Parsipanny was okay, but still prefer a bit farther out than that. Any suggestions?
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