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  1. Aware lots of issues been noted with this. First time I’ve logged in for a couple of weeks and distinctly different layout/look Should I be worried that it has “no information” under my World Club membership section? is it a glitch that will correct in due course or do I need to speak to Cunard?
  2. Now we’re on board I can say that the linked information is correct and you’d be best to ignore what VP says I’d even rang Cunard to ask who told me to follow VP info Information desk staff have helpfully advised us that we could dine in the lido second night. Since we’ve upgraded seems like a waste of our upgrade to not have the dining option for 1 of the 2 nights on board 😡😡😡 off to try to find out where to hire Tux from
  3. Stayed here 2 years ago for my 40th perfect location to be central to most things didn't hear any outside noise from the room roof bar was lovely albeit freezing (and they stop serving around midnight)
  4. On QV 28th April - 2 days to Hamburg. VP site shows smart attire evenings, link above shows 1 gala night which is correct?
  5. Did the transatlantic to NY just before Christmas and stayed in an average NY hotel for 5 days after. Thought prices on QM2 were higher than I’d pay on most nights out in UK but mainly due to the 15% (I’d much prefer to just see the final price on the menu), without that they are not far off town centre bar cocktail prices etc. Yes, you can get cheaper cocktails/offers but the bars on board have a relatively captive audience so don’t need the same promotions to entice people to purchase the drinks. However, once I got to hotel and saw the hotel bar prices were the same for a very mediocre cocktail in a glorified deli as on QM2, it suddenly felt like the prices hadn’t been so high after all and that it’s more the US:UK difference that makes it seem that way. Basically, the prices are on a par with an average NY hotel price and on QM2 were generally made far better, had more options and a willingness to customise if you needed/wanted something different. My memories of the day spent wine tasting, cocktails before dinner, wine with meal and more cocktails in G32 is one of the best of the holiday.....my other half even dragged me up to dance, a first in over 30 years - it’s always been me doing the dragging. Managing to dance in heels during a very uneven crossing was an experience too! So for our next trip we’ll pay as we go and have some days with several drinks, some with very few and just factor it all into the total holiday cost.
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