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  1. Now that Carnival ships are returning to US ports, do we have any idea when we can expect to see the Mardi Gras head to FL?
  2. Agree with previous response. You are not sailing 😞
  3. From what I am reading on these boards, it would appear that all refunds from every cruise line are taking forever. My parents booked on Princess (subsidiary of Carnival) and they are still waiting and were told 60 days as well.
  4. ugh, so annoying. It lets me log in, but my booking is not there, so I link it. And then it just says loading...nothing.
  5. Can anybody actually get in? I am trying to view my current booking but can't get anything to load.
  6. Thankyou for the great review! We are cruising seaside YC in August with our children. I can assure you they will not behave like the ones you encountered as we would have to leave them in a port if they did 🤣🤣 sounds like an amazing week though!
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