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  1. Hi Rox & Ed, we're really looking forward to all the blogs, Thanks for all you are sending. Safe trip and good health, MaryAnn & John
  2. Is there any interest in Delft plates and platters ? I have accumulated some of all shapes and sizes but don't have room anymore. Thanks, Maryandi
  3. There are some travel coupon booklets. Such as : Hotel Coupons.com, Roomsaver.com and Florida Travel Saver.com, to name a few. However, no matter how enticing their ads are in the booklets, there are a few I would not use EVER !! No room under $100 per night in the high season, Roadway Inns, Ramada, Motel 6 and their like - those brands and others in Florida don't do so well and can be in rough areas. Stick to the popular name brands and have a great time. All the best, Maryandi, :)
  4. Merry Christmas Terri, to you and Bill. Never can tell - 2016 is not that far away. Maryandi (formerly Wowzo);)
  5. No but close to each other. Fll is Fort Lauderdale, FL and the port is Port Everglades. The port and airport are about 2/3 miles apart. MIA stands for Miami, FL- their port is the Port of Miami. Between the airport and port is about 20 minutes or so, depending on traffic. Could be less. Enjoy your cruise, Maryandi
  6. Where is the Poll ? No place to write a choice !! Maryandi
  7. We would appreciate a copy of the walking tour in Tallinn - Thanks for doing all of this. Happy Holidays,:) touralura@gmail.com Maryandi
  8. Thanks so much, JB !! You really covered every question we had and some we didn't know we needed !!:p Will be there for 2 days in May '15 - and will be on buses and trains to get around. (and a pub or 2 ) Thanks again, Maryandi
  9. Thanks so much, Rox, we enjoyed every minute of your blog. Would like to try some of those lunches someday ! Enjoy the holidays when you return home, MaryAnn
  10. You will definitely have a busy and fun 2015, all the cruises do add up. John has put together and linked up several cruises. First we start of celebrating John's B'day in January with the Oasis of the Seas, February is our 50th Wedding Anniversary !, March is the Royal Princess for 26 days, Caribbean Princess in May and Celebrity Eclipse May/June to Russia, etc. Homeward bound on the Queen Mary2 in June to NYC and Amtrak will bring us home. I will try and do all this travelling with 1 suitcase !!and maybe a tote bag. Have fun and thanks for the interesting and detailed port reviews.:) MaryAndi(formerly WOWZO)
  11. Great Review, where and when do you go next ??? Thanks, Amelia - MaryAnn (formerly Wowzo);)
  12. Hi Amelia, I remember that woman - very unusual personality - LOL Have fun, MaryA
  13. Amelia, I am amazed you went to all this trouble !!! Thank You so much. Nice to see you are still cruising. Enjoy it all, MaryAndi (Maryann ,formerly Wowzo))
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