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  1. No offense intended, but the OP's question has so many variables that it cannot be considered a serious inquiry, and I believe that he knows this. Would it be productive to ask which parking spaces were available last week in front of the Oceania Headquarters, when planning where to Park next October? Sitting here, shaking my head.
  2. The official wording is, "from the moment that you step onto the ship for your reward cruise" all benefits apply.
  3. To give this some perspective, this poster spent most of his career as a civil servant. Apparently, the cushions built into that type of work are hard fought for and well earned l, whereas others are loathsome featherbedders. Empathy is SO needed.
  4. Due to the nebulous nature of the charge (was it union or was it Port Authority?) I am inclined to agree with you. Just the same, the OP would probably have sung a different tale of woe if permission to overnight off the ship had been denied. Given the small amount of money, Oceania probably chalks it up to the cost of doing business, however it is worth noting that the terms and conditions of the Passenger Contract specifically states that such charges "WILL BE" passed onto the passenger(s) who trigger the fees. This applies to returning to the ship late as well as overnighting off the ship.
  5. Even for a Domestic flight from Newark. they are going to want you AT the airport BY 2 , which means leaving Manhattan by 1pm. There isn't any time in this scenario for much more than a car with driver, who will hold your luggage in the car while you sightsee.
  6. The Specialty restaurants on Sirena are Red Ginger and Tuscan steak, which is supposedly an amalgam of Tuscana and Polo.
  7. This is the Tender Platform on the O class ships, but they are accessed by a full external flight of stairs Those steps have a very easy rise, but it is still a full flight.
  8. +1 Longer Cruises and voyages with a higher number of "repeat Oceania passengers" typically see a sharp dip in Specialty Restaurant reservation demand, after the first few days.
  9. Cruise Lines have recognized that this is a complicated process with dozens of options and hundreds of moving parts for the life of the Industry. This is WHY they are willing pay a Professional to guide you through the process- Travel Agents don't earn their money by looking pretty and dispensing amenities.
  10. All very logical and well thought out, but I'm at a stage where I want the Broker to do my assuming for me. At best, the Broker is in a better position to get stuff fixed if it is broken, at worst I'll have someone who has some skin in the game, to hold accountable... YMMV
  11. Exactly Lynne, which triggers several other "situations": 1) If the injured party is unconscious or incoherent, who makes the treatment hospital determination? 2) If stabilization is required, who determines "air worthiness" ? 3) If a Physician determines that time is of the essence regarding said treatment, who makes the final call on treatment location?
  12. True, and although most Oceania ships (cruise ships in general??) have been docking at the new Passenger Terminal for years now, it looks like the berths "in town" will henceforth be available only to the yachting crowd. Tough to assimilate, but WE are the disenfranchised vis-à-vis the one percenters.
  13. Great weather for Museum hopping Not so great for lounging at the pool. No Cruise can be all things to all people.
  14. I am baffled by your question, as YOU are in charge of how much or how little you do in each Port. If you want more ship time, do less ashore. If you get bored on the ship, spend more time in Port. Something else is weather. October, is the start of the rainy season in the Med, which may curtail your options..
  15. Define objectionable. My SIL lives in Tampa but refuses to sail HAL's very convenient cruises from that Port because, and I kid you not, on her last HAL trip the crew were unable to prevent public urination (both sexes fwiw) in the cabin hallways. No Virginia, this is not your father's Holland America
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