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  1. A deal is a deal, but it might be better if we could stop short of stealing the gold pieces off of the eyes of corpses to get them This concept of standing on your business associates neck, just because World commerce makes it an an option needs to be addressed. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.
  2. Will there EVER be a situation where the Lines are so hard pressed that people stop pushing for a perpetually better deal?
  3. To be clear, the Deviation Fee, itself, is a one time non-refundable cost which enables each passenger to change the fly in and fly out dates associated with their cruise. The per LEG costs which may increase as a result of a Deviation are any upcharges assessed by the Airline when Oceania buys the tickets for those newer (hopefully better) flights. Please note that there are times when the newer flight will NOT be more expensive, so these fees do not always apply. These Airline upcharges are a part of the Deviation negotiations with Oceania, and must be approved by the Passenger before the non-refundable aspect of the Deviation kicks in. In short, the Passenger knows exactly what they are buying before they agree to buy it, and nothing is at risk until the Passenger OK's the specific routing (including costs) of the "new" Airline Arrangements.
  4. Yes, very much in the manner of land based discounts which may only be "matched" if those lower rates were ADVERTIZED.
  5. The short answer is that your claim to Any handicap cabin is only as good as the claim of an ill person who needs to use it, versus your own physical needs. The Revenue Dept tries to keep everything on a smiling, pleasant level, and as with most Cabin Guarantees, they attempt to only move clients "up", i.e to ones which are seen as better more more desirable by the general public.
  6. The Grand Bretagne in my opinion, offers a once in a lifetime experience at their rooftop restaurant which will be your chief talking point about Athens, ever after. Please don't miss it to save $50, or even $150.00 per person It is THAT GOOD.
  7. Before what I will just call the Insanity of the current World Situation, My Brokers' used to regularly advise me to sell Carnival because travel stocks were supposedly too exposed. For about thirty years, however, Carnivals' aggressive dividend stance made their ROI perfect for my situation, and their none too restrictive OBC program put them into the stratosphere, for me, until we started sailing exclusively with Oceania.
  8. I'm with you, Lynne, deck 11 feels the overhang more than 10 does. Trying to offer full disclosure as some people object to being hung with brand new rope.
  9. The main crew staircase is located within their quarters, and is forward of any Deck 11 Passenger Accommodation. There are also service staircases every hundred feet or so along every cabin hallway. Those additional staircases will be most apparent to Passengers because whichever mattresses and box springs need to be switched out of Deck 11 cabins will be stored there.
  10. No obstructions such as you describe, but it is worth noting that the main pool deck, which is Deck 12 on the Marina, and therefore approximately 20 feet above the level of deck 10, has a cantilevered overhang of about 6 feet along its' entire length.
  11. Those housekeeping pantries occur every few feet for the entire length of all of the Passenger Accommodation Decks. They almost never represent a noise issue.
  12. In Athens we always scrounge up enough Points of one kind or another to Stay at the Grand Bretaigne, because of its historical significance, great service and Superb Rooftop restaurant overlooking the Parthenon. Unbelievably, the food is as good as the view......
  13. The raison d'etre for that cruise is that the pool of potential clients is mostly unsullied in Taiwan because of their excellent response to Covid. Allowing outsiders to participate would put everyone back in the same pool and probably get the Cruise cancelled before sailing. Three Words: Just Stay Home
  14. +1 People need to take a step back and STOP pushing the envelope on this. Cabin fever, though irritating, isn't fatal.
  15. +1, we just boycotted an annual family get together of some thirty years standing because of just that type of thing.
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