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  1. Miami has suspended docking fees, as have many other ports.
  2. Would you have the same opinion if your family business was Printing?
  3. Not sure that is an accurate view. Fincantieri is Governmentally subsidized with an eye to keeping Italian workers employed. They likely dispense credit with a trowel rather than a teaspoon. Based on the Worldwide Situation, I would venture to say that they are likely begging Cruise Lines for their business.
  4. True enough, but most of us are relegated by dint of our lack of success and/or achievement, to posting mean spirited comments on Internet Message Boards. Sad
  5. True enough for those of us who hail from North America, but elsewhere on the globe the rules are far more stringent.
  6. I think that what those of us who are sheltering in very comfortable and spacious suburban homes may fail to realize is that quite a large percentage of our fellow cruisers find themselves in tiny urban apartments, many without access to a car or a private outdoor space. More than fun, those people simply want OUT.
  7. Yes, 15% on Bottles from the Wine List.
  8. The different demographics that are attracted to the different brands seems to be at play here- There are already anti-distancing riots in some portions of the Country.
  9. - I guess this answers the question of how soon people with compromised respiratory systems will be willing to travel again-
  10. I agree that this is the method that the Government used to stop Cruise Ships from operating at the start of all this. For the re-opening, though, it looks like nobody wants to be seen as being "responsible" for making that decision. I'm fairly certain that the States will be asked to decide for themselves when they wish to resume.
  11. The CDC has the power to recommend, but without the authority to enforce their suggestions, it all seems rather toothless. The Federal Government of the United States (you look and I'll whistle) has handled this very poorly so far, and apparently wants to handle the re-opening of the Economy on a State by State basis.
  12. Got the word, yesterday, that Carnival, et al are re starting their sailing schedules beginning August 1, 2020.
  13. A Quick FYI on our experience with Covid related refunds is that time is definitely your friend on these type issues. The rules are being amended if not upended as the crisis deepens. If you force a decision early (based on pre or early covid policies) you may regret it later. Take a breath
  14. That is certainly an option, but then one is honorbound to do all of the drinking in the Stateroom- What a Snoozetown. 😞 One of the few situations where I would actually rather pay the tax.
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