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  1. StanandJim

    We board today

    Common sense is often a good filter there. While Stan's mother and aunt were still traveling with us, The Turkish Website seemed to promote certain shots which sounded over the top for octogenarians. Upon closer examination, it transpired that the recommendation was specific to those who expected to be in close proximity to livestock.
  2. StanandJim

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    +1 FDR has already spoken of them, thus: "We are excited to expand the Oceania Cruises fleet with our new Allura class ships to meet the strong demand for upscale culinary - and destination-focused cruise vacations around the globe,” said Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, the parent company of Oceania Cruises."
  3. StanandJim

    Latest disembarkation time?

    What are you talking about? The bags go out the night before.
  4. StanandJim

    Oceania News - Insignia Refurb/Dom Perignon Dinner

    You got married on your birthday?
  5. StanandJim

    New ship for Regent-2023

    Engineers always love the older ships, it is the accountants who eventually turn against them. Certain passengers simply won't be satisfied by anything less than the newest and the latest; older ships lose them by definition (we've heard from a few of these in this thread) Then there is the bugbear of replacement parts which for any mechanical object become scarcer (and therefore more expensive) as time goes by. The large-ish R class may avoid this issue for a time if one of the less profitable sisters gets junked for parts, but in any case the typical economic life of a cruise ship is between 25 and 35 years. Regatta is 20 years old, now.
  6. StanandJim

    Oceania News - Insignia Refurb/Dom Perignon Dinner

    As I understand it, the concern is not so much about demand, but that the Dom dinners should not be seen as "run of the mill".
  7. StanandJim

    Oceania News - Insignia Refurb/Dom Perignon Dinner

    I doubt that the Dom Perignon people would allow this "event" to be offered often enough to replace the Odyssey Menu.
  8. StanandJim

    Oceania News - Insignia Refurb/Dom Perignon Dinner

    As with most "tests" they will probably wait to see how popular it is organically before advertising begins.
  9. Too true, for good or bad , it is impossible to legislate "nice"
  10. Seems like you may be misstating Pauls' position Mura; I believe that it was his fellow Crystal passengers who caused the problem, not the cruise line.
  11. StanandJim

    Once you try Oceania, do you ever go back to Celebrity?

    After what you have experienced on the Mass Market Lines, Oceania will seem like a dream. We liked it so well that after 20 years as loyal HAL passengers we jumped ship leaving a free cruise and all of those lovely loyalty points on the table.
  12. StanandJim

    Caipirinha on Marina!

    To answer this question, simply do a Google search for " ______ Cruise Port". https://www.whatsinport.com/Rio-de-Janeiro.htm
  13. StanandJim

    Oceania Suites

    There is a standalone BlueRay player as well as a VERY EXTENSIVE selection of on Demand movies, tv, music and so on:
  14. StanandJim

    New ‘Allura’ class ships

    Do you do that when you are out and about in Brooklyn, Mura?
  15. StanandJim

    "View last read"

    It's like a fungus, it will grow on you- In a year, you won't remember that there ever was a different way.