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  1. The main crew staircase is located within their quarters, and is forward of any Deck 11 Passenger Accommodation. There are also service staircases every hundred feet or so along every cabin hallway. Those additional staircases will be most apparent to Passengers because whichever mattresses and box springs need to be switched out of Deck 11 cabins will be stored there.
  2. No obstructions such as you describe, but it is worth noting that the main pool deck, which is Deck 12 on the Marina, and therefore approximately 20 feet above the level of deck 10, has a cantilevered overhang of about 6 feet along its' entire length.
  3. Those housekeeping pantries occur every few feet for the entire length of all of the Passenger Accommodation Decks. They almost never represent a noise issue.
  4. In Athens we always scrounge up enough Points of one kind or another to Stay at the Grand Bretaigne, because of its historical significance, great service and Superb Rooftop restaurant overlooking the Parthenon. Unbelievably, the food is as good as the view......
  5. The raison d'etre for that cruise is that the pool of potential clients is mostly unsullied in Taiwan because of their excellent response to Covid. Allowing outsiders to participate would put everyone back in the same pool and probably get the Cruise cancelled before sailing. Three Words: Just Stay Home
  6. +1 People need to take a step back and STOP pushing the envelope on this. Cabin fever, though irritating, isn't fatal.
  7. +1, we just boycotted an annual family get together of some thirty years standing because of just that type of thing.
  8. You'll go crazy trying to shop for travel with questions like that. Revenue generation is a course of study at Hospitality Schools. It is also worth noting that April/May is a shoulder Season in the Med, so the Marina Cruise may just fall in High Season because historically the weather is better (warmer with less rain) in May than April.
  9. This may be just slightly off topic, but in our mid thirties we convinced ourselves to travel in the grand manner, even though we were not quite in that place financially, because our Parents, who had saved for a lifetime, suddenly had serious mobility issues. In other words, we decided not to risk becoming the richest people in our Cemetery. As the present situation becomes more insane, surreal and impossible to believe, we are realizing that decision was a gift. Sometimes the Universe guides us.......let it happen. 💐
  10. I don't believe that this analogy applies, as any supposed commissions would be paid paid by the Seller, not by the buyer.
  11. I hope that this won't be considered to be too editorial, but one of our, shall we say lesser Presidential luminaries has spoken endlessly about the very real advantages of a Recession to the One Percenters. As your Grandmothers probably advised, "It is an ill wind that blows NO good". True Dat, Nana! 😵
  12. In my opinion, impatient persons rushing through this process have loused everything up for the rest of us over and over again. Darwinism will sort this out in the long run, but it would be more expedient if people took a breath before rushing back out into the fray immediately when legal restrictions end. They call patience a virtue for a reason......
  13. Speaking strictly about the size and location of the Stateroom, you may be correct. For additional Dining options and amenities, however, as well as the additional services of a Butler, which can add great value to the enjoyment of an Oceania cruise, I would always be tempted to book the Suite. Different people, different priorities 🤭
  14. Why yes, because obviously your interactions with the Virus will depend completely and entirely on your actions. Isn't this just the type of thinking that got us here in the first place?
  15. As far as I understood the 125% Offer, it was only for voyages through the end of November 2020. The last wave of Cruises which were cancelled were in December of 2020, I don't see how they would qualify.
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