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  1. Since most of you are on the carribean princess or just got off the ship I wanted to know if medallions are okay in carryon luggage on flights thanks
  2. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading your posts
  3. Where are you located on the ship. Do you know if the ac is back to working on all the ship also are there hair dryers in the cabins
  4. Thanks for the updates on the carrebean Princess. Hope they get the AC fixed soon. Looking forward to our trip on her in about a week
  5. Hi how long does it usually take at airport for retrieving lunguage and customs from international flight does anyone know. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the info. We are going on the carrebean Princess the end of May with my 8 year old grandson and was wondering if there will be many kids at that time of year. I would like to hear from anyone who has any info on that. Thanks
  7. If anyone has been to Stonehenge where did you purchase your tickets there are a lot of different sites out there. Thanks
  8. We were looking at international friends does anyone know much about them
  9. We are planning on seeing Stonehenge on the way to Southampton terminal. Has anyone done this before. We will be coming from Heathrow Airport. Thanks. Any advice
  10. Does anyone know how often they change movies on the ships
  11. I’ve never traveled with children just wondering do they pay gratuities
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