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  1. [quote name='pbxtech']We just got off Conquest today We had a great time:).[/QUOTE] OP was on Freedom.
  2. Nunu

    I had too much fun at work today.

    At any time did you start dropping F bombs over the loudspeaker or jump out the escape chute:confused:
  3. Nunu

    Radisson Admiral Semmes Mobile

    [quote name='futaba951']I've heard it's been bought out by a Hawaiian hotelier/plantation owner/investor. No lie. :)[/QUOTE] Is this the lady who owns the downtown Holiday Inn? Thats what we were told by a cabbie who used to work there. btw we enjoyed our stay there. No mold problems in our 2 rooms like Ash had (poor thing, that is skeevy), and nice laid back atmosphere.
  4. Nunu

    Mobile dis-embarcation

    [quote name='futaba951']The largest contributing factor lies at the feet of former mayor Mike Dow. He pushed to have the cruise terminal downtown on the riverfront. It is cramped and restricted for enlargement. It was designed for a smaller ship without regard to possible growth. Much better would have been to put it at the old navy homeport with it's double decker pier and hundreds of acres for parking and future growth. Not to mention is has a circular road all around the property which would have been ideal for traffic flow. Too late now. The horses are out of the barn. Someone need to send a link to these disgruntled threads to the terminal managers, so they know the level of the villagers disenchantment. :)[/QUOTE] [quote name='jetskier']A contact for the cruise terminal can be found at [url]http://www.shipmobile.com[/url] Dave[/QUOTE] It is sad because it's a good looking terminal, but way too small for its needs. (Do I need to mention the 20 minute long freight trains that seem to pass by every hour or so and block entry and exit? lol) Thanks Dave I'll send an email to that site, I like to think it will be read but that's the same website that was welcoming the ship before Elation got there on its homepage until a couple of weeks ago. :p
  5. Nunu

    FLL VIP Issues

    [quote name='firefly333']Im still wondering how was your cruise. I have not yet gone out of Mobile, but have Elation booked next year to try her. I dont think Id like being accused of anything ...including sneaking.[/QUOTE] Cruise was great. We actually loved that size of ship.
  6. Nunu

    Check your Edocs--They've changed

    OP have a good cruise. Don't forget your iPod. :p
  7. Nunu

    FLL VIP Issues

    [quote name='LHP']Three times out of Mobile....one good experience so far.... hopefully January 1st will make it "even" 2 good vs 2 bad ... :) Although it is kinda sad when a cruiser has to show the Carnival Rep at Mobile where to find the names of Milestone members on their own VIP list.....[/QUOTE] Even worse being accused of trying to "sneak" people from another cabin into VIP after repeatedly informing them of their own policy (minor and another on my credit card), then being told "it's not fair to the other VIP guests" Dopes.
  8. Nunu

    FLL VIP Issues

    [quote name='NavarreCruiser']We have sailed out of Mobile as Platinum 5 times and have always been treated well.[/QUOTE] And we've tried it once and weren't. Oh well. :p
  9. Nunu

    Meeting Other People

    [quote name='ryane369']Yes, it's on NCL and the ship looks AMAZING! Looks like the last time you cruised with NCL was in 89, if thats the case I don't think you're in a position to judge that cruiseline.:rolleyes:[/QUOTE] I flew Air Canada in '89 and it was amazing! Gonna go book a flight it must be the same. :p
  10. Nunu

    Mobile dis-embarcation

    I saw zero interest in anyone caring much about passengers trying to get to the airport. We were among the first of zone 1 getting off and after standing in the warehouse in heat and humidity (the giant thermometer showing it was 92 degrees in the shade is a nice touch lol) then walking out to find no cabs in site. I made 2 calls to taxi companies, sorry nothing available... Of course there's the shuttle at $20 per person waiting to shake you down. Finally flagged down a guy in an Escalade who happily took the 6 of us to the airport for 50 bucks. He got a nice tip, and just shook his head as he just had come back from the airport where all the cabs parked waiting for trips back to the city. It's too bad, because Mobile was a city we enjoyed very much. Knowing that it's woefully short on parking at the terminal for such a small ship is not a good sign.
  11. Nunu

    FLL VIP Issues

    Be thankful you're not leaving from Mobile. I've never seen a more disorganized staff. They are friendly though, kept saying "Bless your heart" to me. :confused:
  12. Nunu

    Removing auto tip

    [quote name='bobbyleduck']I didn't think I knew where to begin regarding all of the misinformation about tipping and income, but I was wrong. Check out the following Web site for facts, not fiction. [URL]http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/industries/article/0,,id=98401,00.html[/URL] By the way, according to Bob Dickinson, former presidend and CEO of Carnival, in his book $elling the $ea, no taxes are withheld on the earnings (pay or gratuities) of the wait staff. Happy cruising to all! Bob P.S. Sometimes the tipping cheerleaders really go overboard.[/QUOTE] Are there pictures on that site? :confused:
  13. Nunu

    Glory - Bibles?

    Try propping the balcony door open with the internets. :eek: