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  1. When prices went down we had a complimentary upgrade to the Aft for our Caribbean cruise on the Breakaway in May - Deck 10. Loved, loved Loved it! I do get seasick so was worried about not being mid-ship, however it actually HELPED. No seasick, no soot, loved the engine tremble and especially when pulling into port as it was our 'get ready' trigger - especially loved being able to see 180 degrees when pulling in and out of ports. Going to Alaska end of the month on the Jewel but prices didn't make sense for an aft so I know we will be missing the larger balcony. It was a huge treat for us and I am sure you will enjoy it too.
  2. We live across the water from the port in Vancouver - so I can just about see the ships from my deck (if it wasn't for a few high trees!!), and my commute to work by seabus go directly next door to where the big boys dock ... so yes, I do have serious envy when I see them every day all summer. BUT, we solved it by booking our first Alaska cruise for Sept on the Jewel, no flying and return Vancouver. Easy-peasy! SOOO looking forward to it.
  3. We are doing one of the last Alaska cruises this year - return Vancouver in last week of September. Wondered if anyone has the dailies for the return cruise? I believe this itinerary is only offered early and late season, so perhaps someone has these from May or even last year on the Jewel? They do remain mostly the same, but is obviously quite different from the Northbound or Southbound. So if anyone has these available, sharing will be very much appreciated.
  4. Yes, as far as I know only ONE 'dress up or not' night during a 7-night trip . We have seen folks dressing up for other nights as well but was the only night that we actually saw a few gowns and tuxes - not many though! The most casual nights were the first and last night ... inbetween you always saw people dressed in anything from extreme casual to a little more dressy for dinners and shows.
  5. We're going in September only but did do the Jewel Mex Riviera in the past, as well as based on my research, I am pretty sure that these are consistent across all their 7 day cruises. "Dress up or Not" night is the 2nd night of the cruise; and the "White night' is now the "White Glow" party, which is the 2nd last of the cruise.
  6. I loved your reviews - thanks so much for all the details. We're going on the Jewel late September and while we're doing the Vancouver Return trip so different itinerary, it still makes us very excited to read all your comments of the on-board activities, menus etc. Much appreciated.
  7. We will probably skip the boat excursion as I don't want to put Mom in too cold enviro. She is also not too keen on smaller boats so will rather do something land based. The advice re dressing is very much appreciated as Mom is already starting to pack!!!🤣😍😍
  8. Thanks for the book references! Is this the one you're referring to in Skagway?? https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionProductReview-g60877-d12650263-Skagway_Shore_Excursion_Yukon_Discovery_Tour-Skagway_Alaska.html
  9. I am starting to plan and book specialty dinners for me and Mom, but want to make sure we get the shows fitted in ... what times are the shows on at night? Is the 'overview show' the first night only offered once ... at 7 or ...? When do they offer the Cirque show? Which evenings and time? Thanks for your help!
  10. Quick background for context: All cruising to date was to warm weather destinations – Caribbean/Mexico; and all have been with hubby. MomIL always wanted to do Alaska, and as it departs just about from our front lawn (we live in Vancouver) we’ve booked an end-of-season Vancouver-return deal on the Jewel for the last week of September. So we’re doing a ‘girls trip’ for the first time; booked a ‘guaranteed balcony’ and got all 4 free-at-sea – and the focus will fully be on her to have a good time, so I need help on a few things. 1) Given that there is AC all around am I wrong in assuming that your dress during sea-days and evenings will be more or less as in all other cruises? Of course if you’re NOT venturing outside … or do you have to dress warmly even when staying inside? We are great at layering but wanted to get an idea of how much layering is necessary, especially for the evenings and whether a short sleeve top with pashmina will suffice? We will dress up somewhat for dinner (not eve gown, but planning on slacks and nice top), so these things will be important to her – she will hate to be underdressed or not ‘correctly’ dressed. 2) Doing excursions with Mom will be new … in the past hub and I will do our own freestyleJ, i.e. get off the boat, rent a car, drive ourselves around, hikes, etc etc. With Mom I want to (need to) plan more and think about how much walking and activity is involved (she doesn’t have mobility issues, but is 78 with some health challenges so must think about these things). So, we are visiting Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan – any suggestions on excursions? I would prefer not to do NCL excursions due to price … so budget is important. 3) Mom loves any contact with officers, for that matter anyone in a uniform is to her a very important personJ and if they talk to her she feels fabulous … we’ve never bothered much with the ship activities – are there any activities with officers, or other ship activities that you would recommend? 4) Again, my ignorance shows here – she loves art and history (not my passions), what are the must-do stuff onboard that she may enjoy? 5) Any other suggestions of how I can help her enjoy this cruise to the max will be very much appreciated. She has worked hard to provide full time care for DadIL and deserves a week that is just about her. Thanks everyone!!
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