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  1. For those that have taken Cortrans from the pier, which time do you suggest? I'm thinking the 9 or 9:45 would be the best option if we aren't in a hurry and have a 1pm flight?
  2. Thanks! Its worth a shot. I went in this morning and saw my deck number. So I at least know the deck and I don't think there is a bad balcony on 8. I'm happy!
  3. Is there a thread about Muster Station locations? I just checked in and it states B09 for the Mariner. Curious to know at least the area I’ll be in!
  4. I booked in June for a three night on the Mariner in early December 2019. Made final payment yesterday. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting awhile for the XB to come through.
  5. I haven't seen them in the cruise planner either and I'm hoping for one of them as well for December. Guess we just wait and check on-board.
  6. Princess Cay from the beach: ...and from the tender.
  7. Thursday's Fun Times got left on the side table in our cabin... So you have Friday (Nassau) Saturday (Princess Cay) and Sunday (Sea Day). Plus the Behind the Fun Tour, debark info... Cookie was the CD and he was fabulous. We had a great crowd for the Love and Marriage Show and he helped make the show what it was. The Alchemy Bar was AMAZING. Don't miss the martini fight, or anything from there really - they really know how to do a great drink. We never saw our steward except on day 1...We had anytime dining and Ramia was the only server worth remembering to us.
  8. As soon as I unpack them out of my suitcase, I'll upload ours from 5/2. I think I have them all (and some extra papers too - so it might take a day or two.
  9. Does anyone know the beach that this CCL excursion visits? I can't find it on their website or in the reviews.
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