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  1. Thanks for your help, everyone. I was really confused with the "dress as you like" theme. To sum it up, the dress code is business casual for the dressier MDR and most specialty restaurants, very casual (i.e. shorts) and we have several places for you to choose from and a MDR, and dress up or not on formal night. If I am wrong, someone please correct me. Again, thanks. Although we are newbies to NCL, we are seasoned cruisers (I think this is #17), and I have NEVER had this much trouble packing for a cruise.:D
  2. We are leaving this Sat. on the Sun, and since this is our first NCL cruise, I'm not sure what is considered appropriate dress for the different dining venues. What is appropriate for the "dressier" dining room (mostly for a man)? I'm assuming slacks and a golf shirt are fine. Correct? What about jeans? I know that shorts are fine for the other more casual MDR. Same question for the different dining venues such as Moderno. Would jeans be okay? Shorts? Thanks for your help. I have read that its dress as you like, etc. But, I wasn't sure if that's dress as you like for any venue or if it was dress as you like and we have several venues to suit.
  3. danajjj

    How Do I Get an Aft Cabin?

    Another great time to check on a specific sailing is just before final payment is due. Sometimes people snag a great cabin and hang onto it until just before final payment in case plans change, etc.
  4. danajjj

    How Do I Get an Aft Cabin?

    Every time we have had an aft cabin, I have booked it over a year out. So definitely the earlier the better. The lower decks (6 and 7) seem to be the last to go (with the exception of the 7th deck corner afts on the Freedom/Voyager class). I would either search the cabin numbers on the website or call RCI directly. Good luck!
  5. danajjj

    MDR questions

    Thanks for the info. This is definitely a casual cruise for us, but I do plan to bring capris/tops for dinner for most nights. Friends that we are travelling with asked if the more casual MDR would allow sport type shorts for dinner if we were just hanging out. If not, we'll hit up the sports bar and buffet. After reading about the sports bar, I'm really looking forward to eating there!
  6. danajjj

    MDR questions

    I have read that in the evenings one MDR is casual (shorts, etc.) and one is "dressier". What is acceptable dress in the "dressier" MDR? Nice capris? Jeans? Also, does anyone know which MDR is which on the Sun? Thanks.:)
  7. Glad you enjoyed your week...sorry about you missing Guatemala since it was important to you! Hopefully, you'll have the chance to return soon. Which MDR was casual (shorts) and which was dressier in the evenings? Thanks.
  8. danajjj

    Need something to do at port canaveral

    You could get off the ship early, rent a car, and go hang out at Downtown Disney. If you don't mind not seeing everything, you could spend a few hours at Kennedy Space Center. DTD would be the cheaper option.
  9. danajjj

    Intercontinental Hotel Tampa

    We've stayed here. It was a very nice hotel. Directly across the street (walking distance) is a shopping area with quite a few restaurants to choose from. We ate at P.F.Changs. There is also a Walgreens for last minute shopping needs (for toiletries and such). The Intercontinental does not have a complimentary breakfast. We left our car in the covered parking garage free of charge but had to pay for cab fare to the port. Sorry, I don't remember the cost, but it was reasonable.
  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions! When I looked up Laquinta, I found two. Are you referring to La Quinta Inn on North Atlantic Ave. or La Quinta Inn and Suites on Hendry Ave.? Also, do you have any thoughts on the Hampton Inn? Thanks.:)
  11. Where would you suggest? We are cruising out of PC on 4/2 and haven't made reservations for the night before yet. In addition to suggestions, what do you think about staying in Titusville?
  12. danajjj

    Coffee on the Sun

    [quote name='lambs2']Yes! The Java Cafe is on deck 5, port side by the Atrium. They have free treats to go with your purchased coffee beverages too.[/quote] Thanks. Do you know what the charge is?
  13. danajjj

    Coffee on the Sun

    Is there a coffee "shop" on board the Sun? On our other cruises my DH usually goes to the coffee bar in the mornings and brings us a cup of coffee back to the cabin. We prefer this rather than ordering it from room service. Thanks.
  14. danajjj

    Sun activities and things to do

    Thank you for your helpful info on this and my other thread. I'll have to ask her about the golf that she mentioned. It could have just been an activity she read about. I noticed netting above one end of the pool area. I assume this is a basketball court - or a possible golf area?