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  1. So I got an email about Kids Sailing Free + Up to $350 Instant Savings. I have checked at least 10 different trips (over the course of the rest of the year until the end of 2021 and not a single one listed the 3rd guest (kid free). I even clicked directly on the deal link and selected the first cruise that popped up just to check and that also didn't have the kid sailing free. What kind of Masters Degree do you need to find a sailing where the kids actually sail free?
  2. I enjoyed the most recent trip on the Harmony. Other then the Long LONG LONG waits and overcrowded elevators the cruise was a blast. I could have done without the San Juan stop though. I found that boring and not much to do there. CocoCay was great, I would have loved 2 days there.
  3. Did a galley tour this morning and the guy giving the tour said RC just ordered two new Icon class ships that will hold over 8,000 guest.
  4. She loves going on the carousel. And we've taken her to Aquanauts 3 of the 4 days for different sessions and she seems to have really enjoyed those.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. We ended up grabbing a water taxi round trip pass. $7 a person and then we rented 2 chairs and a umbrella for $25. Definitely cheaper then going with RC. Only thing I wish I would have checked around for the chairs. Some places like the lazy lizard were offering 2 chairs an umbrella and 6 beers and wifi for like $20.
  6. I'm currently on the Harmony now too. My only beef so far is the elevator wait times and how crowded they are. We have a 5 year old in tow with us.
  7. The ones on the excursion list are El. Zafiro, Kim Sha or Maho. There is 1 other one for $34 called great beach bay experience but doesnt list much info.
  8. Currently on the Harmony of the Sea and we stop at St. Marteen in 2 days. Would like to take my daughter to the beach, but the excursion price seem rediciclous to go to the beach. For 3 of us I'm looking at either $197 or $209? Seems a bit steep to hang out at the beach even if lunch is included. Any better options?
  9. Bid on a junior suite $335 and ultra spacious spacious with larger balcony for $320. Didnt get either. This was for the harmony of the seas Dec 1-9. We currently have a superior OV balcony on deck 12.
  10. So not a big deal but just curious where is where is the free Continental breakfast in the private lounge and what is priority check-in? I didnt see either when boarding the Harmony this morning and the one person we asked seemed clueless.
  11. Hmm when I log into the trip planner it says: " Important Update Due to your cruise vacation departing within the next 2 days, you can no longer purchase / reserve / modify / cancel products online. Please feel free to browse and view your schedule. You will be able to make additional reservations / changes once onboard" Does that mean I won't be able to take advantage of any sales tomorrow?
  12. Going on the Harmony of the Sea this Sunday and I noticed I can buy a dining deal for Izumi. But it seems like a very poor deal unless their Sushi is super expensive. What is it typically cost per sushi roll? So this is $45 for 1 person: - Start off with one (1) Miso Soup and one (1) starter, like Shrimp Tempura. Pick your choice of one (1) Signature Roll or a flavorful bowl of Ramen. Enjoy five (5) pieces of your favorite type of Sashimi or Nigiri — and top it all off with one (1) delicious dessert like mochi ice cream offered in a variety of flavors.
  13. So I don't remember what it was before but on my Dec 1st sailing they added Grand Suite - 2 Bedroom and Grand Suite - 1 Bedroom. I don't believe these were there before or at least they weren't split between 1 and 2 bedrooms.
  14. I'm on the Harmony on Dec 1st too, I put in a bid for a Junior Suite and a Ultra Spacious. So far nothing. 😞
  15. so FYI, the Cabins were all purchased by my parents, so they were the ones trying to save money by booking my daughter with my sister so they didn't have to pay for a single room. I'm not fully versed on the details but it sounded like it would cost over $1000 to let my sisters friend stay in the current room they had verse moving somewhere else. Either way I'm reaching out to the travel agent and just trying to move us all to a 3 room cabin and be done with this. On a side note for the folks who asked, my sister is 45 and acts like she is 21......
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