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  1. Wristband, Steve will chime in soon and answer you travel insurance? Ida and I have no pre existing conditions -- we both are fitness fanatics and use the ship's fitness facility daily (me about 2-3 hours). However, as you intimate above with a gap from final pay to embark and the scale of coin we are paying, insuring for pre existing conditions now may be prudent. So, plan to buy a Travel Guard policy that includes pre existing conditions using the deposit amounts for the cost per person. Will share an injury story that dove tails well with the ? on what our Travel Guard policy will cover. During a Silversea excursion in Bode Norway about 3 years ago, a troll was attacking my wife and I fought him off, k, I tripped and fell on a hike and broke my nose (had black eyes for the next two weeks of our Norway cruise). However, I had to be seen by a Norwegian ENT to clear me to continue to cruise--my travel insurance paid these medical costs that were incurred "off the ship." Interesting note, Norwary's healthcare system is wonderful and comprehensive (my travel guard policy paid all of my med bills only about $250). However I had to pay for three round trip taxi rides from the ship to Norway med facilities that cost more than the healthcare coverage cost.
  2. Hi Wristband, Please see what Steve recommended for me (have shared with Marc) below. I plan to purchase Travel Guard Preferred Plus next week when we book the 2023 Mariner WC. Are y'all booking too? Hi Wes, Thanks for calling. I suggest you get the Travel Guard Preferred Plus plan for your trip. Based on a $500 per person trip cost because you are mainly getting this for the medical coverage, travel dates of 1/6/20 - 5/29/23 (143 days) and ages 66 & 63, the total, not each, price is $484.44. You may see all the Travel Guard Plus plan details here: https://tripinsurancestore.com/travel-guard-plus/ If you have any questions about travel insurance, call us toll-free at 1-888-407-3854. We can also take your order over the phone. We work as a team so if I'm unavailable, everyone else is happy to help you.
  3. Wonderful Marc; Arlene, you/us only have about 28 months to go. Know you have taken safari's before; so do you plan of taking advantage of the 1 night Safari Regent (Leopard Mtn Safari) is offering? Ida changed her view on visiting Africa in last few months Now, she can't wait to visit this continent due to daily walks/Africa talks with our friend/my Personal Trainer who served in Africa (military and civilian). The WC included event, Moonlights and Moonscapes in Namibia gets so many rave reviews, look forward to this included WC event. Due to Covid, I spent four days anchored at Capetown and one day at Capetown dock this March without being able to get off Silversea Silver Cloud until the South African government let only the passengers off to go directly to the airport. So, happy we have an overnight in Capetown on this WC. You're very welcome Marcie. Tom and your Voyager WC enthusiastic and informative posts put the WC voyage as a marker for us. If Ladys Mom, Wendy, Alidor others book a segment or two/three we look forward to seeing you on board.
  4. a few more suggestions: Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) by Enja Southern Cross or Wooden Ships (Crosby Stills Nash & Young) Cruisin (Smoky Robinson)
  5. https://www.rssc.com/2023-world-cruise
  6. Have you considered what your Regent cruise song would be? For us it is "Come Sail Away," by Styx. Take a look at the first lyrics below. We will begin a tradition when we can start cruising on Regent again going out to our Veranda on embark day and listening to this magical song. COME SAIL AWAY Styx I'm sailing away Set an open course for the Virgin Sea 'Cause I've got to be free Free to face the life that's ahead of me On board I'm the captain So climb aboard We'll search for tomorrow On every shore and I'll try Oh Lord I'll try To carry on
  7. The 2023 WC itinerary will be released at 9am EST tomorrow. This 143 night voyage departs on January 7th, 2023 embarking in Miami and disembarking in Barcelona. Our WC will visit 43 countries, 72 ports and have 11 overnight calls. Can’t wait to view the details of our first WC tomorrow morning.
  8. Yes Mark we may in the same boat (pun intended) with booking priority going to 2021 WC bookings (appropriate). We will see what G suites are available for us new WC bookers on September 23rd. May have to look at the WC in 2024.
  9. Hi Susan & David/flossie009, a 2021 WC guest posted this on another site: We are (were) booked on the 21 WC & received an email from Regent this morning stating the WC is cancelled. We have however, the opportunity to keep the same suite on the 2023 WC, & transfer any payments to the new cruise. Tho, the WC 2023 cruise is longer than the 2021 WC was so price will be higher. Regent will release the 2023 WC itinerary on Sept 14, available to book Sept 23.
  10. thanks 4 sharing Marc. bet there will b record bookings for 2023 WC when it is available to book next month
  11. FYI, 2023 WC itinerary will be released on Monday, September 14th. First day we will be able to book this WC is Wednesday, September 23rd.
  12. Thanks for sharing this personal and very insightful Covid experience pappy1022.
  13. Learned this week that the Mariner 2023 WC will embark in Miami, so speculating it could follow a similar itinerary that the 2021 has planned (esp if the 2021 WC is canceled). A second option with the 2023 WC (going to 6/7 continents) and being 26 days longer than the 2021 WC, may be having the Mariner cruising down South America to Ushuaia then to Antarctica before heading to the African continent. Hopefully, we'll get a look at the 2023 WC itinerary later this month or early September. If you book the 2023 WC, see you in Miami in early January 2023!
  14. HI Emdee, After dozens of cruises, we find a sense of coming home on either Regent or Silversea. When on a Regent (or Silversea) we receive laundry service on both lines (tho on a WC your fare includes laundry service). For a long cruise we would not want to try a new cruise line but instead book a line we are intimately familiar with (hardware and crew/software) We book a veranda suite on these lines and believe the size of a similar veranda suite (esp. on a WC) on Crystal would be too cramped for us. And we like the benefits Regent offers on their World Cruise. Hope y'all have a terrific Crystal World Cruise.
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