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  1. Hoping for Fairer Winds and Following seas for your Greenland Expedition segment Rich and Barbara!
  2. A view of Expedition cruising on the Silver Cloud vs Classic cruising (on Silversea/Regent) a audio (about 50 minutes) Blog post thanks to Britton Frost of the Avid Cruiser. https://www.avidcruiser.com/2019/08/avid-travel-with-britton-frost-expedition-cruising-vs-classic-cruising-with-silversea/
  3. Echo Mysty’s safe travels and wishing JP & Chris/jpalbny, Rachel & George/RachelG, Victoria & Bob/Emtsbam, Rich & Barbara/Rich48100, Peggy/xvlcruiser, and all Iceland Circumnavigators Fair Winds and Following Seas.
  4. Brian, should have made the post (#16) above more clear, the folks highlighted above will be the Silver Cloud leaders effective August 5th--apparently Capt.Pontillo already replaced the retiring Capt. Bozcek.
  5. Yes Team Trivia on Cloud Expedition sea days 🙂 Ryan, from Reception team just messaged me that there will be significant crew leader change beginning August 5: Captain Mino Pontillo, Staff Capt Sven Haindl, Exp Leader Dom Rosario, HD Csaba Desvari, HR Eli Lindtvedt, GRM Gaby Phillips, Finance Oana Andronic, RDM Rajul Mantra, Butler Mgr. Negi Nerendra, Ex Chef Jozef Lisner, Head Bartender Norberto Oxeno, Head Sommelier Norman Lucas, Spa Mgr. Jodie Brammeld, Chief Engr. Konstantin Kolpakov, Staff Engr Mugur Solomon. Also, if you need to book a cruise while on board the Silver Cloud, Joey Riel is the Cruise Consultant.
  6. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Silver; Actually, Ryan (now on board as member of Reception team) worded his answer a tad incorrectly. Riette (also from South Africa) is the Silver Cloud Expedition ship’s Social Director (the term they used on board vs CD). Found Riette to be very friendly, always present just inside the Zodiac boarding area—wishing every guest a fun/safe zodiac landing and greeting us on return. She also performed very similar duties as the CD, taking the lead during the Venetian Party, introducing the Captain and Cruise Consultant,
  7. Received today from Silver Cloud Guest Relations/Reception team; Captain Adam Bozcek, HD Csaba Desvari, Cruise Director Riette Botes, maitre’D Emerson Amparo. Expedition Team Leader is Schalk Botha from South Africa one of the best leaders I’ve cruised with since 2004 btwv, Captain Botha has over a half century at sea. Emerson has over 25 years with Sikversea
  8. Ida and I booked the late December, 2020 11 day Origin voyage next December.
  9. Very much enjoyed the Silver Cloud in the Arctic for near two weeks in late June, disembarking in early July--did not smell sewage. In lieu (xcept on Expedition Day) of using the jogging track outside (due to freezing weather with strong winds) on deck nine, would race walk inside (think power walk) up/down each passenger suite deck--did not get a whiff of sewage. However, as noted above, did observe floor fans running just down from my suite on deck 7.
  10. Outstanding review, thanks very much for sharing (read part 1 and your magnetic writing style pulled me immediately to part2).
  11. Master Echo's post immediately above "masterfully" describes a few differences between Silversea and Regent. Tho, we have over a dozen cruises on each line--now, our first choice is Silversea for the expedition itineraries that Regent does not do. We were on the Mariner for 35 days in the South Pacific last October and November. I was on the Muse, Shadow, and Silver Cloud expedition for 29 days this year. Cuisine, Wine, Classic Itineraries (vs Expedition), Hardware (ships) and Software (service) in our 16 year experience cruising is similar on both lines. We both prefer Silversea's (La Terraza) Italian restaurant (on a majority Italian owned cruise line) than Regent's La Veranda (restaurant) when the regional specialty is Italian. Dear wife likes the daytime entertainment (read games played with entertainment team and ship leadership) better on Regent than Silversea. Hope this helps.
  12. Inaugural voyage for Origin is July 18th, 2020; a 7 day Western Itinerary embarking in San Cristobal, disembarking in Baltra. Nice 11 day Holiday Galapagos cruise embarking December 19th. And a very nice 12 day r/t from Baltra Galapagos New Years cruise embarking December 29th. https://issuu.com/silversea/docs/dm_silver_origin_15_cmyk_hr?fr=xKAE9_zU1NQ&cid_email=em_ALL_EM1906190987_EXPEDITION_AGN_DEM_LINK&utm_campaign=ALL_EM1906190987&utm_source=ALL&utm_medium=Email&cid=20127&mid=68619326
  13. Dusababy/Mary Ann; pls see Silver Cloud bathroom snaps taken this morning from Arctic Ocean as we head to Svalbard, Norway
  14. Last night on board the Silver Cloud spoke with Dr. Elizabeth of the Expedition Team She told me (re:your Antarctica voyage) the Cloud will have a limited number of boots available for rental but no guarantee u will find your size. Therefore, y’alls options are to use SS link on mysilversea, ship to shore and rent your boots (about $90) or u can do what others above did and do what I did—on Amazon got BOG insulated boots on sale for $89, yes had to carry, but ensured I had right size and paid less than what SS charges (plus u give a refundable $100 deposit if memory serves. Hope this helps. Hope y’all have a terrific Cloud Expedition Antarctica voyage!
  15. Wishing y'all Fair Winds and Following Seas on your Shadow Med voyages Master Echo. Strongly concur, Martin and Kirk serve Silversea exceptional well--Dougburns and I sincerely enjoyed their engaging, be almost everywhere style of ship leadership. Kirk gave me an experienced based Singapore airport suggestions and passionately led almost daily dance classes. Martin seamlessly assisted hooking me up with stellar Shadow crew for behind the scenes profiles. Will send Cloud Expedition greetings to you from the Arctic (Rejkjvik to Tromso) next week.
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