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  1. SSCAFA001, see you on board. Since we have two days in Lima, have arranged Flying back to Atlanta at 9 am on December 18th.
  2. Good read on state of play of expedition cruising, with Silversea featured prominently. Conrad Combrink, SVP, head of SS destinations quoted numerously. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25970-expedition-cruise-players-bullish-on-near-term-recovery.html
  3. Loved kayaking in the Svalbard region off the Cloud. The Expedition Kayaking team was terrific. I wore long (tops and bottoms) underwear, glove liners, a neck gator and wool socks. If I recall you put your dry suit on in the Mud room, then after Kayaking you placed them in wet barrels to clean--the Kayak team then hangs them up.
  4. Cruisejj/Eric; we prefer the Cloud over the Wind not only due the size of the Fitness facility (both really, imo, are too small) but the location (Cloud on deck six, Wind on deck nine). The fitness facility on the Wind is directly above Medallion suites, often meaning you can't enter the facilities until 7am. There are also nearly twice as many Vista suites on the Cloud vs the Wind. And, tho it may not matter, looking at pre-refurb deck plan, can't figure out where they are going to put the Zodiacs. However, with that said, we enjoy both the Wind and the Cloud, and push comes to shove would rather take expedition voyages on these two Silversea ships (more space, more dining venues) than the Explorer (probably why I did not pull the trigger on taking Capetown to Zanzibar in March of 2022, but do have the Cloud booked in March 2023 for Capetown to Mahe (right after Ushuaia to Capetown).
  5. Lois, glad to hear you're having a wonderful time despite the Covid protocols. If you have time and see this couple on board (Peter and Wendy from the UK) pass my warm regards--we were on the last Silver Cloud voyage last year when Covid struck.
  6. Interesting thoughts, wonder how many Cloud Expedition world cruisers they had booked for the entire WC. Do not mind having the Cloud take over our Halifax to Southampton expedition voyage in May. Prefer the Cloud's expedition configuration over the Wind. Tho, after two expedition voyages on the Cloud, concur with one of the Cloud's Hotel Directors who said they should have used the barely adequate fitness space for very large the photo studio and vice versa. I rarely saw more than six guests in the photo studio at one time and I saw over ten guests in the fitness studio multiple times.
  7. Silversea had to cancel the Wind's 2021-2022 Antarctica season due to delays at the Polish shipyard. The Cloud will take over the Wind voyages in 2022 from February to July.
  8. Silversea is updating the Cloud voyages. The Silver Cloud will now assume all the Wind voyages from February to July. So our Halifax to Southampton voyage in mid May will now be on the Cloud vs. the Wind.
  9. We have done over a dozen crossings (among Regent and Silversea)and loved every one. You get to enjoy a relaxed pace for guests and crew, lectures by very qualified folks, dance classes, fashion shows, Market visits with the Executive Chef David Bilsland, wine tastings with the Silversea Wine Ambassador (super tuscan tasting anyone?) , special luncheons either designed by the cruiseline or yourself.
  10. The Chase card you want with the insurance benefit is the Chase Sapphire reserve card Ann. Google it and apply. We use the CSR cruises for amounts over $15k, we then get 3x Chase Points or $450 vs $300 SBC for using AMX Platinum. Hope this helps, and stay healthy.
  11. Eric; first sorry our Wind Antarctica voyages were canceled. Having not yet been to Antarctica, am looking for the inverse of your priorities, having been to South Georgia Islands for five days on the Cloud Cape to Cape last year--magnificent vistas and spectacular wildlife. So much so, we're booked on the Cloud Cape to Cape in 2023. One photo of South Georgia's thousands of Penquins (not the ones in Red) below. So, now looking for Antarctica first, then South Georgia-- but would like both on the same itinerary. Will see what Silversea's cancelation letter offers as alternative Antarctica voyages, but may end up just doing a voyage to voyage transfer for our 2023 Cape to Cape voyage.
  12. Hooah (as we said in the US Army for Great) wonderful to hear your Lisbon arrival was smooth. And very glad you enjoyed your Premier tour Lois. Bon Voyage!
  13. Just read on the Silversea Passengers FB page that the Cloud WC beginning in January is canceled. Sad for Silversea and the WC guests. However, if the Wind's voyages do not go, Silversea now has the flexibility to offer Antarctica and South Georgia voyages on the Cloud beginning in January.
  14. We will all learn the way ahead in the next few days.
  15. Believe we will get clarity on this year's Antarctica season this week--hope so, as we have the Wind Solar eclipse voyage booked. As I understand the FB post about the Wind holiday cruise being switched to the Cloud, the poster said Wind guests can now choose to book the Cloud holiday cruise and they said Silversea will add South Georgia to this 15 day holiday itinerary.
  16. Pcardad's answer above is short but generally right. Here is my take: We have over 200 days on both lines; having about 25 days booked on Silversea this year. We have about 25 days booked on Regent next year with 39 days booked on Silversea in 2022 (Expedition voyages) For classic voyages we will generally pick Regent over Silversea as we have more fun on Regent during the daytime. We enjoy the games and how the officer and entertain staff (they run the games) participates with guests in friendly games. The cruise director on Regent during the day is much more active on Regent during classic voyages. Also, we enjoy the dance classes given by the Regent entertainment team For expedition voyages (Antarctica, Svalbard, Africa, Australia (Kimberley region) we choose Silversea as Regent has no Expedition option. We enjoy the dining & service experience on both lines but prefer the Italian venue on Silversea (Italian line originally now majority owned by RCL). We love being able to get an expresso or Cappuccino any time we want at the self serve machines on Regent. On Silversea if you want coffee before 6:30am you have to order room service. As gym rats we find the Regent gym/spa experience better as the gym is better equipped, personal trainers give more classes and the Spa experience is more enjoyable. Fitness classes have more space on Regent in devoted and reasonable spaces vs small class areas or no fitness class space on Silversea. We enjoy the culinary teaching experience on Silversea much more than we have on Regent. Silversea has a dedicated Chef (David Bilsland) who not only gives cooking demonstrations, knife classes and small cooking classes; this month he now will help implement Silversea's newest culinary experience in Greece on the Silver Moon's near dozen Greece voyages, called S.A.L.T (Sea and Land Taste). We have done Market shopping with David in Spain, buying an Imberico ham that he carved and served as appetizers in the restaurant venues that evening. Silversea also has they own wine ambassador, Lawrence D'almedia who gives outstanding wine classes at no charge and fabulous tastings (Super Tuscans anyone) for a small charge. The suites on both Regent and Silversea are wonderful. We like the soap/shampoo on Regent (L'occitane vs Bvlgari) more than on Silversea. Silversea for a nice touch includes a small flashlight to use at night complimentary on you suite's nightstand when boarding. We believe the frequent floater program on Silversea far exceeds that on Regent (we got 5% of all future cruises and free laundry at 100 days cruised on Silversea vs 200 on Regent to earn free laundry, we will get 10% off future Silversea voyages after the maiden voyages of Silversea's newest ship, Silver Dawn this November. And next year after 350 days sailed we will get a complimentary seven day cruise. As posters above note both lines are enjoyable, we are blessed/fortunate to be able to sail both lines.
  17. Yes Lois, Roy Perez is the Spirit's CD. Here is a photo of him on board the Spirit now.
  18. Thanks for the Spirit update MBP &02/0. Can you please share who the Captain, HD, CD, Restaurant Mgr and Head Sommelier are--thanks in advance
  19. Brian, think what she means besides offering the standard FCC if Silversea cancels, Silversea will offer the cancelled voyage guest the opportunity to book a similar voyage on another ship at a reasonable rate--my guess anyway.
  20. As many wonderful Silversea Crew say, “my pleasure.” Lois
  21. Let Barbara Muckermann know there was speculation about the Dawn TA both here and on Silversea Passengers Facebook page. Stumblefoot posted her summary above, below is what she posted on FB (The Dawn TA of the 19th and Spirit TA of the 28th are a go) Barbara Muckermann Judy and all, Moon Asia highly unlikely, we are unfortunately working on guests notifications as we speak Transatlantics of Nov 19th and Nov 28th are confirmed. Med Seasons prior to transatlantics confirmed as well. Caribbean confirmed Grand South America confirmed, hope this helps!
  22. SVP for all of Silversea Destinations and Paolo Hotel Director for Dawn at Fincantieri shipyard never heard of this
  23. K, I don't accept Travel Agent's expressions of what the Dawn's maiden voyage will be, I go to the SS SVP in charge of all Destinations planned. AS of now the Dawn's maiden voyage is as scheduled, Lisbon to Ft. Laurderdale, on Nov 19.
  24. One issue as another cruise critic on another board says: Just one caveat - it is up to the CDC to decide whether they will accept vaccines not approved in the US, i.e. AstraZeneca.
  25. Herman; outstanding post comparing and contrasting TA's with booking direct with Silversea. Only add I have is when you book direct with SS your are dealing with just 1/3 of your cruise trip (the pre portion, price/suite selection for the cruise), there is the during the cruise portion if an issue occurs, and the post cruise phase. Last March on the Silver Cloud's last voyage due to Covid, due to the Government of South Africa refusing us docking rights for five days, we were at anchor off Capetown. Silversea Air was swamped helping world cruisers get home from Australia and Shadow guests getting home from Brazil. So Cloud Destinations could not help guests who wanted to make air changes until 24 hours before we disembarked on March 22 (a day longer than our original disembark date). Our TA stepped up during day one of our stranding and bought Biz Class tickets for return from Capetown. Despite having included BC air from Silversea it was exceptional comforting to have a TA who could take immediate action during our cruise to sooth the wrenching feeling most of us felt stranded in the waters off Capetown.
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