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  1. There are 9 countries in the Caribbean area that have laws that make LGBT behaviour/relationships, etc. illegal. These are Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent/Grenadines. The laws are often remnants of their colonial histories but can have real life impacts today. Many of these nations are ports on cruise itineraries sadly. There is some effort on some of these islands to reverse the laws so hopefully the list is getting shorter. Harassment against LGBT people is everywhere including countries where these are legal protections. Laws don't change peoples' stupidity so we all need to be vigilant for safety. Stupidity is a human condition and I am more concerned with institutionalized bigotry. We don't get get off the ship in countries where being LGBT is not welcomed or has been made illegal. For people who like to travel this can create dilemmas concerning whether to visit or not. I think that a person's civil and human rights is a higher priority than visiting.
  2. It's disappointing to read about some of the experiences that people have had. We are heading on our 4th cruise in a few weeks and in the past have only had minor annoyances about our being gay and a couple. My response was to give these two couples (both as it happens missionaries) every detail about our wedding. I got the sense that they were not expecting that but as they were chatting about their weddings I was sure that they would want to know about ours. Overall we have met great people on our cruises and anticipate the same this time. We might try the LGBT meeting on Princess this time but as I have read here being gay doesn't necessarily mean polite behaviour. It sounds like going to a gay bar at home but with less clothes. Happy cruising everyone! Randy &Gus
  3. Wow - people sure worry about their desserts! I am Type II and watch my diet as I don't use medications that can impact glucose levels quickly. I can eat if my glucose goes low but I am on my own if it goes high. I don't use insulin. It's much easier to be conscious of what I am eating before I put myself into difficulty. I have found that I need to ask for more non starchy carbs and I limit the protein that I eat (some of the portion sizes in specialty restaurants are astounding). At any rate I would love to plow through the dessert selections, ice cream, and all that stuff.
  4. We received a complementary specialty restaurant dinner. I looked at the sample menus on the website and was a little surprised at how large the portions were. I am diabetic and try to keep within recommended portion sizes which means about 3 oz of protein per meal. I thought that perhaps we could ask to split the smallest protein offering as an option. I also thought that regardless of what the menu says I will say that I only want about 3 oz.. I don't want to waste food. Any suggestions?
  5. I used to work in the field of geriatric mental health. Taking a person with dementia out of their familiar surroundings can be very disorienting for the person. New information is challenging for a person with dementia to absorb and utilize so being on a cruise ship will present with all sorts of new information and stimulation. Even with support from family or caregivers it might become overwhelming for the person to face new surroundings, new situations, unfamiliar people and noise, etc.. My mom had dementia and while I might have wanted to give her the best experiences in the last years of life I had to reflect on whether it was about what I was seeking (as a good son and caregiver) or was it what she wanted for herself. As her illness progressed she was more and more content with what was familiar and routine and even going out to a restaurant lost interest to her.
  6. I suggest not over planning your cruise. I also suggest researching potential excursions as the cruise lines will sell an excursion that is out of sync with the activity. For instance - a whale watching tour when it is out of season for whale migration at the location. We are heading to Hawaii in October and had to cancel a tour to Hawaii Volcano National Park. I have been watching the updates from the United States Geological Service regarding the volcano eruption. The museum we were to visit has been closed due to damage (the Jaggar Museum), the crater outlook is significantly damaged by earthquakes, the parking lot has apparently slid into the crater, and the water supply and roads have been damaged by earthquakes as well. Most of the National Park has been closed for quite some time and there is no indication of when it might re-open. Princess is still selling the excursion as of yesterday despite the park being closed and risks being high. We are pretty disappointed but but when it comes to erupting volcanoes I become risk averse.
  7. My partner is retiring at age 60 in February 2019. I am treating him to a Panama Canal cruise as a present. It's his 60th birthday the same day as our anniversary. I have been retired 4 years and it will be nice to not be home alone in future.
  8. I was in Havana many years ago and I understand that it is much more open now. It is a beautiful city for sure.
  9. I am relying on the USGS/Hawaii web site for updates about the eruption. I called Princess and was told that they will not make any firm decisions about ports and/or excursions until August or so. I agree with some comments that we need to be sensitive to what the residents are going through.
  10. We have cruises planned for October 2018 and February 2019. I have been using cruise line web sites that quote all their prices in Canadian dollars. I also prepay for as much as possible as once onboard the charges will show in U.S. dollars. Excursions can be expensive so we cut them out to keep costs down.
  11. If I drank 15 alcohol drinks in a day I would be in hospital for the cruise. Many health organizations recommend no more than 15 drinks in a week for men and 10 drinks per week for women. Also it is recommended than women drink no more than 3 drinks on one occasion and 4 drinks for men. http://www.heretohelp.bc.ca/factsheet/drinking-guidelines-supporting-health-and-life
  12. We had to cancel a cruise on Princess a while back because of changes in employment situation. We lost the nonrefundable deposit but had the rest of the funds that we had paid applied to another cruise with Princess that was down the road time wise. That might be a way to buy you some time to sort out what the diagnosis and condition means for travel. I have a couple of chronic conditions that are stable so am able to purchase insurance. I have reluctantly accepted that a time likely will come when either the availability or cost of travel insurance with these conditions will prevent me from travelling outside Canada.
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