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  1. Refund update. Regal Princess sail date 3/15, cancelled by Princess when they shut down on 3/12. Received FCC on 6/1/20, amounts were correct. Received CC refund on 6/8/20. The only odd thing, they refunded $1,873.60 to my credit card. This was the correct amount to the penny. However they also posted a separate credit to my card for the amount of $14.95. I have no idea what this one is for.
  2. I was scheduled to be on the Regal leaving 3/15. I was cancelled by Princess on 3/13 (the day they shut down operations). Chose the cash refund as well as the FCC. I have been checking my Princess account pretty much daily and the FCC was finally credited today. A couple of interesting things about it: 1) The cost of the actual cruise was $900. It appears they refunded the $100 FCC that I used to originally book the cruise, right after the cancellation. The FCC they applied today to my account was for $900 so I have a total of $1000 FCC now. Seems like the would only own me $900 total. 2) The
  3. I was booked on the Regal for a March 15th, 7 day cruise out of Ft Lauderdale. I got cancelled automatically when Princess announced the stop in operations on March 12th. I have not gotten a FCC nor credit card refund yet. I should be getting both since I chose option 2. I have gotten a couple of emails from Princess though. This is the latest one. It doesn't really say much and the comment about "refunding millions of dollars" means nothing. If a cruise ship has 3000 rooms and people pay an average of $2000 a room, that is $6M from one ship for one cruise! Doing some really rough math, Prince
  4. Princess update from their website last Wednesday (4/29): Updated April 29, 2020 "Refund processing has begun on cancelled voyages in departure date order. FCC processing begins after you make your choice for this option. This is not an automated process and we are working to ensure attention to detail so that each booking is processed accurately. Our team managing this is also working from home, so we ask for your grace and patience in affording us time to manage this with excellence but know that our team is working to expedite the process as quickly as possible. Please stay healthy
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