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  1. On 6/22/2021 at 12:04 AM, dog said:

    Good idea. They had my BD wrong by one day and Princess had to make the correction 

    They had my birthday wrong by one day as well! That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to the list of data problems I am currently having with both the Princess website as well as the phone app.

  2. The website is still not 100% for me at least. I was finally able to login using my login ID however when I go to my "profile information" it lists my wife's login ID under the "Login ID" field! I logged out, then back in and it still shows my wife's login ID. Other than that everything seems to be correct. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Grislap said:

    This morning, after--what, 3 weeks I think?--I am finally able to log in to the website! Three days ago I followed someone's advice (sorry, I forget who said it on this lonnnggg thread). I clicked on the "need help?" link at login. I think the next step was "forgot password," but it might have been "reset password." In any case they sent an email that allowed me to create a new password. I did that, and then got to a screen that said I needed to re-enter a bunch of basic information (name, address, etc). Unfortunately, when I finished that and submitted it, I got a notice saying it was successful and they would log me in shortly, but it stayed stuck on that notice.

    So I tried again. My new password still worked, but I had to refill that info again, and then the same thing happened again. And again. Then I tried again a couple of times two days ago, and again a couple of times yesterday. I did not have high expectations when I tried again this morning. But this time, when I re-entered the info and submitted it, it finally worked. I was able to see all of my information, from previous cruises through the current booking, including OBC. Everything was as it should be. I even crossed my fingers, logged out, and tried it again. Got in again.

    I notice that the site now says a lot of what we used to enter on the website we will now have to enter via the Medallion app. "Coming soon!" it says, hopefully. I see it is currently unavailable on Google Play. I deleted the app from my phone, and assume--um, hope--that when it is available again on Google Play it will function well and also not mess things up with the website functions....

    Thanks! I have been trying for weeks to login on the website with the same issues you were having. Just tried it again (having to fill in the address, contact info, etc) and it worked! My future cruises are there including the one that was supposed to leave in 24 days but was cancelled like a month ago. I can also get into the app but there is not much useful information there unless you are getting ready to get on a cruise or already on the ship.

  4. About a month ago I got a notification by Princess that I needed to change my password. I did that, and ever since, when I log in I get a screen that says "Your account is missing some additional information" and wants me to input my address, phone and email. I have cruised with Princess many times so they obviously already have that information. The screen also has a pre populated userid field (that cannot be changed) with my wife's userid in it! I have tried completing the form anyway to see what happens and the page says "logging in" but never goes anywhere. I have tried on three different computers with two different browsers. I call Princess once a week and, even after talking to tech support, I get "we are having problems with our website, please try again later". Luckily my wife's account works fine so I can check for FCC's there. I work in IT and having your main web presence down for a month is totally unacceptable, especially if it was a scheduled change.  

  5. Refund update. Regal Princess sail date 3/15, cancelled by Princess when they shut down on 3/12.

    Received FCC on 6/1/20, amounts were correct.

    Received CC refund on 6/8/20.

    The only odd thing, they refunded $1,873.60 to my credit card. This was the correct amount to the penny. However they also posted a separate credit to my card for the amount of $14.95. I have no idea what this one is for.

  6. I was scheduled to be on the Regal leaving 3/15. I was cancelled by Princess on 3/13 (the day they shut down operations). Chose the cash refund as well as the FCC. I have been checking my Princess account pretty much daily and the FCC was finally credited today. A couple of interesting things about it: 1) The cost of the actual cruise was $900. It appears they refunded the $100 FCC that I used to originally book the cruise, right after the cancellation. The FCC they applied today to my account was for $900 so I have a total of $1000 FCC now. Seems like the would only own me $900 total. 2) The FCC states it must be used by 5/1/2022, this is good because I was under the impression it would only be good for a year.

  7. I was booked on the Regal for a March 15th, 7 day cruise out of Ft Lauderdale. I got cancelled automatically when Princess announced the stop in operations on March 12th. I have not gotten a FCC nor credit card refund yet. I should be getting both since I chose option 2. I have gotten a couple of emails from Princess though. This is the latest one. It doesn't really say much and the comment about "refunding millions of dollars" means nothing. If a cruise ship has 3000 rooms and people pay an average of $2000 a room, that is $6M from one ship for one cruise! Doing some really rough math, Princess has 17 ships. If we assume an average of 1500 rooms per ship and from March 12th to July 30 is 20 weeks of cruises cancelled, that means they need to refund 510,000 cabins!



    We want you to know that we hear you and understand your frustration with the time it is taking to receive your refund. Rest assured we’ve received your request, and it’s in our queue.

    As of Friday, May 15 we have refunded millions of dollars of cruises and we continue working through our back log. Our reservation and payment systems were not designed to handle this volume of refunds in a short period of time, and it is taking longer than we wanted.

    As we respect our guest’s money and time, we have increased the number of team members supporting this enormous effort and have made modifications to our systems. These modifications have increased our capacity to process these refunds and we should be issuing at a faster rate beginning this week.

    Thank you for your patience in these extraordinary circumstances. We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe during this difficult time.



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    Jan Swartz


  8. On 5/1/2020 at 2:01 PM, fairmontracer said:

    No, March 15th

    Princess update from their website last Wednesday (4/29):

    Updated April 29, 2020

    "Refund processing has begun on cancelled voyages in departure date order. FCC processing begins after you make your choice for this option. This is not an automated process and we are working to ensure attention to detail so that each booking is processed accurately. Our team managing this is also working from home, so we ask for your grace and patience in affording us time to manage this with excellence but know that our team is working to expedite the process as quickly as possible. Please stay healthy and safe."


    From an email I received from Princess on Friday (5/1):

    "We know you’re waiting for your refund and may be frustrated by how long it’s taking. We hear you and are doing everything in our power to get it to you as soon as possible. Rest assured we’ve received your request, and it’s in our queue.
    We ask for your continued patience in affording us the time to work through the refunds properly. Because we are not able to use our usual automated process, our team is manually handling a large volume of requests while working from home. We want to try to make sure each and every guest's booking is handled accurately, and as efficiently as possible and this is taking more time."


    No time frames mentioned. Their comment "Refund processing has begun" is a bit concerning. Did it just begin?

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