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    Last minute questions

    Hi there, We are leaving for our first cruise with Azamara. Here are some last minute questions. Sorry if they were already asked before on this board, or if they are stupid... is there a laundry service available on the ship . Can you drop off shirts and have them washed and ironed ? What is the price ? is it possible to change money on the ship into chinese, south-Korean and Japanese money ? Do they accept euro on the ship or only dollar ? How does the system of the specialty restaurants works ? Are they complimentary ? Do you have to tip seperately ? So yes, how much ? Thank you in advance, Kajo
  2. New KAJO

    Suits in one day

    Hi, I hear that there are several shops in Hong Kong, where they make 'made to measure' suits in one day ! Does anyone know where we can find those shops ? What is the average price of such a suit ? Is it really ready in one day ? Thank, Kajo
  3. New KAJO


    Hi there, We are leaving on the Azamara Quest soon. I saw on the site that jeans are not allowed in the dining room and the specialty restaurants. Is this correct ? I am used to wear jeans and a nice shirt at night. I've had no problems with it on other cruises before. Is this really not done on azamara ? Do you see lots of people wearing suits on a Azamara cruise ? Do you see any ? If someone could give some additional info about the dresscode on board, it should be more than welcome ! thanks in advance ! Kajo
  4. New KAJO

    Unlimited soda

    Hi guys, Is there an unlimited soda package available on the Azamara Quest and what is the price of it ? Thanks, Kajo
  5. New KAJO

    Storing luggage in cruise terminal

    Hi guys, Is there someone that has experience with storing his luggage in the Seattle Cruise terminal post cruise ? Can you leave it there till the evening ? What does it cost ? Is it safe ? Thanks in advance, Kajo
  6. New KAJO


    Hi guys, We are from Europe and will be cruising to Alaska. We are wondering what clothing is necessary for this trip. Could you please advice us on this ? Thanks a lot, Kajo
  7. Hi guys, We are cruising to Alaska out of seattle. We have booked 2 prenights in Seattle to discover the city ( we are from Europe ) Because the flight home is leaving at 8 o'clock in the morning, we had to also book a postnight. We are now wondering what the best thing is we could do for that last day. Hotels in town are extremely expensive ( august 31 th ). We could sleep in a hotel on the airport, but what can we do there than the whole day after the cruise ? Is there anything to do in the neighboroughood of the Seattle Airport ? Is there maybe something to do on the road between Seattle and the airport ? Any help and advice is more than welcome !! Thanks a lot, Kajo
  8. New KAJO


    Hi guys, I guess this topic has allready been covered several times in the past but I have to confirm an option I have taken on a cruise, and I do not have enough time took search. Are the mosquitos really a problem in Alaska. We will be travelling the 2 last weeks of august. Thanks, Kajo
  9. New KAJO

    We're Baaack! Infinity Nov 25, 2007

    Hi guys, We are leaving on friday on the Infinity for a SA cruise. Can someone give us an idea about the weather along the cruise. We always cruised in the Caribbean, Mexico or Hawaii in hot temperatures, but now I think the temperatures will be much lower. Is it really cold ? What kind of clothes do we need ? Should we expect rain ? Is it possible to swim ? Is the atmosphere on board different from a sun-cruise ? Thanks in advance Kajo
  10. New KAJO

    Dental problems

    Hi guys, I was wondering what happens if someone gets dental problems while being on a cruise. I can imagine this already happened. What do they do then ? Is there some kind of dental care available on the ships ? Thanks, Kajo
  11. New KAJO

    Christmas and new year

    Hi guys, Has anyone ever been on a cruise at Christmas and new year ? Do they do something special then ? Is it nice ? Are christmas evening and new year evening formal nights ? We will be on the Infinity for Christmas and new year. Thanks to share your experience ! Kajo
  12. New KAJO

    Clothes - Infinity

    Hi guys, We will be cruising on the Infinity end of december, beginning of january. This is a cruise around the south of America ( Chile, Falklands, Uruguay, Argentine ) When we look on the internet we see different information with regards to the weather. Can someone give us advice please : what kind of clothes is needed : summer clothes, winter clothes,... Will it be hot, warm, cold, chilly, freezing,... ? Will it be warm enough to swim ? Can we expect rain ? Any information is more than welcome ! Thanks, Kajo
  13. New KAJO

    Late seating

    Hello, Thank you very very much for your advice. I just called the dining room coordinator and she was able to solve our problem immediately !!! Once more, thank you so much !!!!! Kajo
  14. New KAJO

    Late seating

    Hi guys, I am very desperate and hope that someone can help.:( We are from Europe and will be sailing in South America at the end of this year. ( 5 people - 15 nights ) We booked our cruise in april 07 and requested late seating for dining. Because we will be on the ship for christmas and new year and because we will be celebrating my wife's and my mother-in-law's birthday, this is very important to us. When we look now on the internet we see that we are assigned to main seating. Our TA tells us that he cannot solve this problem for us. What can we do to try to get this solved ? I know you can contact the maitre D' when you get on board to see what is possible, but I cannot wait until then !!! Can we contact someone at Celebrity to have this solved ? Any advice is welcome !!! Thanks in advance, Kajo
  15. Hi there, Has anyone ever had ( or seen ) the staterooms in front of the ship ( 7003,7000,7001,7002 ) on the vista deck of the Infinity ? These staterooms look bigger on the deckplans. Are they really bigger ? What is the view out of the window of these staterooms ? Is it an advantage to have such a cabin, or do they have disadvantages ? Maybe anyone has a picture of such a cabin ( on Infinity or other Millenium class ship ) ? Thanks in advance !! Kajo