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  1. My opinion......we cruised with Celebrity mid January Singapore to Dubai fabulous cruise loved every minute. Celebrity should have cancelled all further cruises from 1st February and may I add all passengers should have refrained from boarding...we all knew by then. We feel so lucky to have gotten home. Wishing everyone good health and keep safe.
  2. Dublin will not be welcoming any cruise ships for the foreseeable future. Would love to host and show you around Dublin after there is a VACINE.
  3. Thank you for posting this.....I did see and hopefully this will happen. But the world over now is trying to manage the current situation and what all governments are asking is so tough but they need everyone cooperation and to continue with social destining and self isolation. The hospitals are at capacity and we need to get this right over the next few months. The medical profession are amazing and they are making huge sacrifices to save thousands while putting themselves in danger and their families. Keep safe everyone.
  4. No cruising until a VACCINE....
  5. We have had wonderful land trips moving around every few days and staying in fabulous hotels. But nothing compares to the feeling when we get on Celebrity cruise ships ( only line we have experienced) and knowing everything will be taken of from the moment we unpack and kick the cases under the bed. It’s not for everyone but we love it and usually people we have to defend it to......have never cruised.
  6. I loved all of our Celebrity cruises, never had a bad experience with crew or fellow passengers. For the past ten years since retirement we were living the life....flying around the world loving all the new experiences but always happy to come home and give our children and grandchildren a big hug. Can’t even do that now due to lockdown and that is the most painful, difficult and scary part of the situation we find ourselves in. We have rebooked our Alaskan cruise for next May BUT until there is a vaccine we will not step on a plane or cruise ship. Sending you all best wishes and remember everything passes but we all have to play our part and above all try and keep positive.
  7. Take the cash and run.......who knows when we can cruise again. Life has changed as we know it....but on the other hand how can we spend money on lockdown? It’s a catch 22 situation....your choice.
  8. We choose not to pay final payment last week for our B2B Alaskan cruises in May. Just moved it all to May 2021 with our original deposit and keep our onboard credit. In the space of 4 days we have saved another 1000 Euro on price drops.....happy days.
  9. No one will be cruising anywhere until there is a vaccine. Totally irresponsible to suggest otherwise in my humble opinion.
  10. No cruising for us until they find a vaccine. We did not pay final payment for our cruise to Alaska in May. Lucky we booked on board and just moved it along to next year and kept our on board credit. We will keep doing that until it is safe to cruise/travel again. Needless to say we have flights to Vancouver and hotel paid in full.... On a side issue we have two package trips booked.....both 3 nights one to Krakow and one to Paris.....travel company telling us now......trips postpone not cancelled.....Don’t expect refunds there.....lot of travel companies will not survive this. Europe is almost in lockdown....keep your hard earned money until it is safe to travel again!!
  11. We were on the Constellation a few weeks ago and inquired about the five drinks for $29 and were told it was not available.
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