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  1. The following cruises have been cancelled Q119P, Q119Q, Q120P, Q120Q, Q121P
  2. There is a promotional video from TUI showing scenes from the 1st cruise below; It appears they have the buffet operating with crew serving and the swimming pools are open. It's in German but the video should speak for itself A passenger video from the buffet
  3. As soon as I can, I'm still in my 20s and have no medical complaints to worry about. The risk to me if I were to catch this horrible virus is fortunately very low. My main concern is to be carrying the virus and pass it on to someone at far more risk than I.
  4. Is this letter from the World Club a new thing? Did you receive your initiations to the parties on arrival?
  5. I've also had issues with pieces of the paper not being delivered. I went on a 7 nights to the Fjords in June and it was my 1st cruise as Platinum. I was a little disappointed not to receive my Platinum Pin, Wine Tasting invitation and Senior Officers cocktail party invitation. With respect to the two invitations, I understand these aren't always held, so I didn't ask at the time, however it later transpired these events did take place. Thinking back, I didn't receive a voyage report at the end, but I did receive a questionnaire.
  6. I often read complaints about the quality of the food on board before I sail and get I start to get worried that maybe standards have deteriorated since I was last on board , however, when I'm actually on board, I've never found anything to complain about and have always enjoyed everything served. In fact, on my recent QV cruise in June 2019, I thought that the food was the best I've had yet on Cunard. Perhaps I'm easily pleased, but I've never been disappointed the food I've been served. With regards to service, my only complaint would be is that it is a little challenging sometim
  7. The information isn't on the Voyage Personaliser. I've had to 'phone Cunard, in the past, who then confirm the bookings have been linked or not.
  8. In June, I arrived about 11:40 and received a lettered (there were different colours) card as a priority boarder. Check-in was open and there was no queue, although there were people sat down, who had already checked in, waiting to board. At 11:45, just as I had checked in, they announced boarding based on the coloured lettered card. As I was a priority passenger, I was in one of the first groups to be embarked.
  9. My brother and sister-in-law had a similar issue recently. They were first time cruisers, but were assigned Gold CWC status on their e-tickets. About a week before departure, it switched to First Time Guest, which was correct.
  10. Mine said 1pm (Deck 1) and I'm Platinum. If you are Platinum or Diamond you can turn up at anytime, just ignore what your e-ticket says.
  11. This was my 8th Cunard cruise (7 previously completed) and my 'card' was Platinum for this one. Are you saying that I will get it on my 9th cruise? Not that I'm too fussed, I still have my 'Gold' (red) one but it's always nice to have something else. If I don't receive it on my next voyage, I'll speak to the Pursers Desk.
  12. I feel a bit left out now! It was my first cruise as Platinum and I didn't receive my Platinum pin either. Perhaps I should have said something? Too late now... I'll probably have to ask for my pin badge next time. Edit: I did receive my invitation to the World Club (Gold) party, however.
  13. On my 7 night Fjords cruise in June, I never received an invitation to a Senior Officers party or the wine tasting (I'm teetotal so I'm not to worried about missing the tasting). Still, I have to wonder whether those events happened at all on that cruise.
  14. Boarded QV at the Mayflower Terminal last month. I arrived at about 11:40, where they were already starting to check people in, in fact there wasn't a queue at all. About 5 minutes after arrival, they started embarkation. Since I'm Platinum and they were embarking in the normal check in order (Grills, World Club then everyone else), which all happened very quickly, I was on the ship in only 10 minutes from arrival. So my advice, would be to turn up at a similar time if you have priority embarkation.
  15. If they take your keys, they can park your car bumper to bumper with other cars, fitting in a far greater number of cars into a given area, then if you park your car in a parking space and keep the keys yourself.
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