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  1. We felt it here in Juneau quite a bit. Heard from someone anchored out from Shelter Island that they did feel it on their small boat. Jules
  2. The last couple of nights we have had wonderful aurora displays here in Juneau. Jules
  3. Thank you Chocolatelabs. How wonderful that you are a therapy dog handler. I applaud all of the work that goes into that. I had no idea until I got Maggie and we are just starting 🙂 Hope to see you in Juneau again in the future. We love it here and are glad to hear when others do too! Jules
  4. How adorable! The only thing better than 1 Golden!!
  5. Maggie is not a service dog but I want her a socialized as possible
  6. That is an excellent idea. I will go out and look for those tonight. I have heard several people tell their kids they can't pet her because she is a service dog. Maggie adores children!
  7. Baowen: Thanks and hope to see you as well. Brillohead: Thanks! We think so too :) Jules
  8. Thanks Tony. Hope to see you and your wife. Luckily I don't think they would let Maggie on the ship 🙂 Hope you have a great cruise. I am really impressed with this ship! Jules
  9. NNFHAM: Hope to see you on the dock! The weather has been so great this year we have been able to go most every week. Milwaukee Eight: Not a service dog but hoping to get her qualified to visit nursing homes and other facilities. Booplesnoople: Hopefully you will get to come sometime soon! She is a real sweet girl. We got lucky 🙂 Jules
  10. Thank you to all of the Ovation of the Seas passengers visiting Juneau that have helped socialize my golden Maggie. This ship always has the best people, so friendly and upbeat. We try to meet it every Sunday and have thoroughly enjoyed conversations with passengers and crew. I look forward to cruising with you all someday. 🙂 Jules (and Maggie)
  11. Such a beautiful ship. If it is not too wet I will be down on the docks when you come in to Juneau. I will be the one with the Golden Retriever :) Jules
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