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  1. roger, I believe you are mistaken about some platinum rewards. My wife and I always receive 2 bottles of wine and dinner for two at LeBistro. chip brady
  2. Everytime we go to St. Thomas we go to coral world. It has a large glass building that goes all the way down to the ocean floor. You can see all the sea life. It is terrific! They also have open tanks of sharks and sting rays and Iguanas roam every where. When you get off the ship there are always taxis there. Tell them you want to go to coral world. It is about a 10 minite ride and we pay 12.00 for all 4 of us. It is 19.00 each for adults at coral world and you can stay as long as you want. I asked the cashier there why they do not go through NCL to book tours and they told me that NCL wanted such a percentage that it would really raise their prices!! In old san juan, which is where your ship will dock, just one block from the cruise terminal you can get on the rubber tired trolly. Take it to the top of the hill to the forts. Than walk back to the ship. It is all downhill and you can visit all the shops you want and there are some great outdoor places to eat or get a drink. chip brady cb2052@earthlink.net
  3. We had an aft penthouse last september on the star to alaska. The noise was absolutely unbearable!! The wine glasses in the cabinet would even rattle. After complaining to the housekeeper he and our butler came to the room at midnite. They could feel the vibration even on the bed. There were no empty cabins , however they gave us a nice refund of 400.00 and meals in cagneys and Le bistro. Stay away from deck 8 rear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chip brady cb2052@earthlink.net
  4. Has anyone stayed at the tore catalunya hotel in barcelona and how far is it to pier? Also, is a taxi the best way to go to pier? Thanks for ant help. chip brady
  5. We just got off the star the end of september 2011. We had a penthouse on deck 8 directly above the spinaker!! The glass in our bar would rattle at night from the noise of the lounge. We complained foe two days and ncl gave us a nice percentage of our cost back. It is unlivable . The brochure that we had was 2011 and it still showed the spinaker in the front of the ship. I pointed this out to them and I see they have changed the brochure in 2012 copy. Just a warning if booking on the star. chip brady
  6. A delightful place. We spent about 3 hrs there. The flamingo show was superb3 There are about 30 flamingos and they march in order when spoken to. There must be 30 peacocks roaming free. They ate most of my popcorn!! Do not buy a ship excursion. The city bus is 1 dollar each way and admission was 13.00. A great way to spend a few hours. chip brady
  7. chip brady


    can anyone help us about hotels near the cruise terminal in Barcelona?? chip brady
  8. You can use your cruise rewards for any cabin. We book a penthouse every year and the only deposit we pay is our cruise reward cer5tificate!!
  9. chip brady

    Key West?

    There is so much to do in key west. We were there two years ago and could not do everything we wanted in two days so we are going down again for 3 or 4 days before we sail on the epic on march 19th! The parasailing is great and the butterfly farm is also super. We also enjoy the rubber tired trolley you can hop on and off whenever you want. The cigar factory is a kick also. The trails and tales is a walking tour of the pubs and seaport. Have fun lots of great places to eat
  10. we were in 11060 ab penthouse and our butler was Jojit. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. thanks parrotthjd!!, That was exactly what I needed. chip brady
  12. Perhaps I am asking too much! Does anyone know of a hotel that is not too far from a car rental company, that would shuttle us to pier. We are going down to florida few days early and drive down to key west. I would rather not have to take the rental car back to the airport and then have to taxi to a hotel and then taxi to the port. I do not want to stay in a dump, but something maybe 150.00 to 175.00. thanks for any help. chip brady
  13. You might want to check your husbands passport. Most countries will not accept a passport if it is within 6 months of expiring. I do not mean to cause you worry, however, better save than sorry!! chip brady
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