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  1. I think we have learned that this hardy little bug has at least the theoretical ability to infect from surfaces (fomite transmission), so pretty much all bets are off. They could have brought it aboard with the supplies. What surprises me is that it lasts much better on hard surfaces such as plastic than cardboard, and we use a lot of plastic in our civilization. Talk about the earth's revenge. When I unbox stuff from Amazon (stores are pretty much closed around here) I do it in the driveway with a mask and gloves, and then wipe down the plastic with my remaining wipes. (
  2. Soap does a pretty good job of deactivating the virus (better than alcohol) so go crazy, especially on any hard surfaces. It is counter-intuitive but the stuff lives the longest on hard plastic and stainless. Wash your hands *for 20 seconds* any time you pick up anything, and when you come in from the balcony. If your hands aren't chapped by now, you are not doing it right. I would not be out where somebody is coughing and I would avoid their side as much as possible if I went out at all. Wash down surfaces if you must go out. Your situation is not good at all, but with c
  3. I suppose that it helps with social distancing but this is really like closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out. The genetics apparently show that about %80 of our nearly 6,000 cases came from a single person, who immediately called the health department and went into voluntary isolation as soon as he felt sick. (We didn't know about the pre-symptomatic infections back then.) At some point we will have to decide if closing the border is worth it, since the infections are on both sides. Really, if we want to close anything we should shut down aviation and the interstates
  4. Well, I live in Anacortes (Skagit County) and it was a bit surprising to find my county in the New York Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, and others. We have a choir that plays in Mt Vernon and many of their members got infected at a choir practice, and unfortunately at least two have died. We looked up (on the county assessor's website) the people who were infected and then interviewed for the story and one of them lives about two blocks away from my house. Another lives about three blocks away near a friend of ours, and one of the people who died lives near our grocery store. That br
  5. The passengers are going to come back to a very different world when they are finally let home -- which might not be long since current practice in New York is apparently to send people home after their symptoms resolve, rather than testing negative twice as was done in China. (We just don't have the ability to keep people longer.) I hope they stocked up on toilet paper, beans, rice, and pasta before they left, maybe Holland America could send them out with a roll or two?
  6. I guess I just can't imagine why anybody would *want* to go to a formal dinner without dressing formally. Seriously, help me understand -- what is the point? It would be like going to the symphony and whistling and humming (or talking, which people do) because you don't like music. OK, great, I get that you are indicating that you are a rugged individualist, but why did you make the choice to go? What is the pleasure in it? Just to annoy people? Honestly, I am not that crazy about dressing up, or even formal dinners. I think we have done it twice, but when I am on a ship
  7. Anacortes at first seems strangely normal, although the stores have been hit there still seem to be some groceries. Our local market has a call in service, so we did that yesterday and drove through town (still traffic out and about). The only jarring indication was the big flashing signs near the hospital announcing "Flu clinic" and the big what I call "mass casualty" tents set up outside. There was a bit more contact getting the groceries than I had wanted, the millenial who took my card (why can't we do it by phone) wanted to get close and talk. We are still working our way throu
  8. It is not a great idea, and in some ways illustrates the sort of simple idea that is attractive to politicans and horrifying to people in the business. I don't know anything about hospital wiring other than that it is an extremely different subject than ship wiring with a whole host of electrical codes that I barely have the vaguest idea of. I'm sure there is an expert here who can sound off, but as I understand it the basic difference is that hospitals deal with a lot of oxygen, and oxygen is flammable. When I have been in a hospital I have noticed different markings on the plugs, some
  9. From home, no doubt. I suspect we are about to see a tidal wave of IT issues throughout the country. In theory you can work on IT problems remotely but in practice is a different story.
  10. I'm not really big on dressing up normally but it is part of the cruising experience in my opinion. We have a hilarious photo somewhere of us at formal night with our table mates (strangers to us) who must not have gotten the memo. I'm in my Tux and my wife dressed up in black, and they are in shorts and tee shirts. It did kind of ruin that moment. (This was on Celebrity, now I recall.) I'd make the effort. Part of it is the fun for other people, it really was rather annoying to be in a room full of people in tuxes and to be seated next to people in shorts and tee shirts.
  11. Well, now that we can't do it we can dream. I boat to Victoria Harbor rather a lot and rather than a land tour, I'd recommend taking tours on the Victoria Harbor ferries. They are inexpensive, everywhere (cute little green boats), and from them you get an idea of what is really special about Victoria. Do a little research and in two or three hours you will have a lot more fun than walking or driving around the city, which honestly looks a lot like cities anywhere with traffic, noise, construction, tourists, etc. (Maybe I'm spoiled). Real people take these little ferries to inte
  12. This hardly makes the news but will have a huge impact on Bellingham and Vancouver. Even as far down as Smokey Point it seems like there are as many Canadian cars as American ones at the big malls. (Much less tax here, I think.) Most of my summer and fall is spent in British Columbia, only a few miles away by boat. I'll miss Sidney this year, and Nanaimo, and the Sunshine Coast, and Schelt and Port McNeil and of course Vancouver. I was planning to go to Cyprus Mountain just before this virus hit. Sad days. When this is all over, I'm going to have a *very* organized
  13. Well, the Prime Minister is getting a lot of grief in the press for leaving the border open to Americans so I don't really hold out much hope that Canada will move up or eliminate the July 1 date. I suppose we could hope that everything blows over in a month (the virologists I listen to on TWIV think this will be a one to three year pandemic), but neither Princess nor the Canadians have any control over that. (TWIV: This Week In Virology.)
  14. Public Health Seattle King County Cases double every 5 to 7 days Decrease spread "flatten the curve" Most won't get seriously ill, but the number who need attention may exceed capacity of healthcare system All need to work together to avoid nonessential gathering and close contacts Continued increase in new cases, 2 week lag between sick and needing health care. More pnunomia than expected. Comparable to peak of flu season, increasing, when season should be declining. Urgent situation. All events >50 prohibited until further noti
  15. Washington Press Conference: King County Executive (Seattle): Grateful for the people who are social distancing but not enough are Critical moment, entering phase of rapid widespread infection Assume that you are potentially infected and everybody else is Postpone anything that you can, two weeks of self quarentine Take out at resturants, donate to arts and charities don't ask for refund. Help our economy. Governor of Washington State wide shut down food establishments, bars, entertainment and something else for two weeks or longer
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