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  1. ( and Celebrity Cruise personnel ) for answering my question on another thread. Not having sailed with Celebrity for 4 + years now, I forgot how one get notified in order to quality for Loyalty booking status? Does receiving email from Celebrity regularly mean that I will be notified in the Loyalty group? Thanks.
  2. There's a sailing on April 8th 2017 that goes to several ports in Japan that really interests me, but the timing will not work. Noticing that AQ and Suites already SOLD OUT fro this sailing, I suppose I should be keeping my eyes on celebrity site , or cruise critic boards daily to find out the opening date for booking. When I last sailed Celebrity, it was 4 years ago and they opened bookings in April/May. Has that pattern changed? Thnaks.
  3. In our experience, those are prime times and you have to be there at the right time for others to cancel in order to get that booking ( unless you are in an expensive suite and has early booking privileges). We've always taken, when offered, the really late ones ( 8:45, 9) when we requested extra reservations.
  4. My take is more than 95% of guests would not want to pay $30 or use up their quota on Sushi Bar.:confused:
  5. That's why for 2014 transatlantic westbound Serenity C1 is 10% more than C2. ( 5010 vs. 4550 )
  6. Another secret being shared..... but this is what cruisecritic is all about.:) These few cabins are all very new, quite a contrast to the non suite, non AQ cabins that were not touched during the 2012 dry dock. I will avoid the end ones aft as it's next to housekeeping storage so gets busy right outside the door.
  7. How many vouchers are given per day? Does it have a date stamp or can it be used the following day?( would be a moot point for us if each elite passenger gets two vouchers daily)
  8. If this " request card" becomes policy, it will avoid reluctance on the part of the cabin attendant. I am then not asking them to do beyond their duties, as some of them may put it. Please refer to posts # 31, 32, 38.
  9. If every one that has read and agreed with this write their suggestion on end of cruise comment cards, may be changes will take place. I for one will do so on my next cruise. Like many of you, I would prefer different kinds of fruit ( orange, grape,apple, pear) over any type of canape. Would be nice to have an order card for " what types of fruit" and " selection of cheese".
  10. It's freshly squeezed orange juice in Blu, whereas the so called freshly squeezed OJ with room service is not. I also prefer the Blu smoothies over those on room breakfast menu.
  11. Lucky Alison! I think my wife would like me to hang out with you more.;)
  12. How much time was allocated to viewing lava flow, and was it always around midnight? With such a big ship as Solstice, how much time did it take to tender ashore to Lahaina and Kona? I am considering renting a car in those ports, so needs to know time of pick up. Last time I rented in Florida, the car rental agency said they would only hold the car for one hour. Thanks.
  13. Which part of Dublin centre does shuttle bus tend to drop off passengers? There are several Dublin walking tours I can join, perhaps my decision rests on which one is closest to drop off point. Thanks for your comment.
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