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    Crystal Symphony 12/6-12/21 Cruise

    Keith: in response to your question: "what you think of the updated Crytstal Symphony?" I did an informal ask around while on board. The opening out of the Starlight Club received a fifty-fifty response. Some people liked the new openess, others missed the old configuration. The most negative responses were for the revamped state rooms and in particular everyone I talked to missed the little love seat in the state rooms. They've replaced it with ONE chair so one person has no where to sit (except on the bed) to watch the telly. The one chair is probably the most uncomfortable chair Crystal could have possibly found. The life jackets used to be stored in the love seat. Now they are put in the closet thereby taking up closet space and in our case on the top shelf where they kept falling down! A second chair in the state room at the desk received everyone's "hate it" response. It is unbelievably heavy, immobile and makes it impossible to open the desk drawer without having to heave it away--if you are strong enough to do so--something some of the older guest especially found trying. A gentleman I talked to summed it up quite well when he said the decorators went for looks without any thought for the practical. The glass baisins in the bathroom also received mixed reviews. Some people seem to like the novelty others observed that it left very little surface area on the counter tops. In one state room the glass shattered on its own one evening according to a gentlemen who spoke to my spouse. Apparently it had been screwed on too tightly. In another state room, another gentleman reported that he was awakened one night by a huge crash. The glass shelves apparently collapsed sending his stuff onto the floor along with the broken glass. The new disco, Luxe, is popular with the karaoke crowd and younger set apparently. Nobody quite knows what to make of the pepto bismolish purple decor. There is no longer a shop for sundries--the shop has been turned into a boutique selling high end perfumes and Chanel cosmetics. Toothpaste, deodorants and other sundry stuff have been relegated to a single shelf at the back of the dress shop. Everyone I talked to bemoaned the fact that for a classy ship, Crystal's shops aren't terribly interesting or imaginative. Personally, I've always loved the Symphony but can't say I am thrilled by the changes.