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  1. It seems likely to me that Crystal is just consolidating unsold inventory to fewer ships, due to lack of demand, and performing very poorly at it. We had booked a penthouse on the Bach for a Rhine cruise and were given several “rollover” options when it was cancelled. We chose one on the Debussy departing 4 days earlier, dutifully filling out the manual on-line form. When the confirmation was sent, it was for a suite half the size, with no explanation to us or our TA and no alternative options offered in our suite category. Seems very bush league for a supposedly luxury line.
  2. Desantis is doubling down on Norwegian/Frank Del Rio and the vaccine requirement. Says other cruise lines will be lining up to take Norwegian’s place. Insanity. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-ne-coronavirus-desantis-norwegian-vaccines-20210513-kf2vlic3bbdizkc3p6wnsddk2y-story.html
  3. The White House has said that there will be no federal Vaccine passport, which is not the same as saying businesses can set their own requirements. WH has said that the “market” will come up with a solution and they will work with relevant businesses to try to be helpful. This is exactly what should happen. “Clear” or some other company can come up with a passport, visa or whatever you want to call it, and that can be voluntarily used by businesses (hotels, event venues, cruise ship operators) as a requirement for entry or as a way to get VIP treatment. The White House is not at all against
  4. It is most certainly is anti-vax pandering. “not allowing people being asked to prove they were vaccinated” means that unvaccinated people will be allowed to board privately owned cruise ships, attend concerts and sporting events at privately owned arenas. As the Palm Beach Post editorial put it: “DeSantis is staking a strange position with this fight of his. He’s fighting for the liberation of unvaccinated people to spread germs as they please in the middle of a worldwide pandemic -- one that appears to be surging again.”
  5. I haven’t seen any communication where President “Biden and many others” have said anything like this. Desantis is alone on this anti-vax pandering crusade to control what companies in the private sector require to do business with them. Desantis has said not only that cruise lines cannot require proof of vaccines, but that non-vaccinated passengers must be allowed on privately owned cruise ships.
  6. Sadly, no. He is explicitly saying that unvaccinated passengers should be allowed on cruise ships leaving Florida, AND that they should not be treated any differently than vaccinated passengers. He is turning this into a political football, pandering to the “anti-vaxers”. His statement/question below “what if you have a reason for why you didn’t get vaccinated?” is beyond ridiculous: everyone who doesn’t get vaccinated has a reason. During a press conference on Friday, the Florida governor suggested the state might fight efforts to impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates on cruise pa
  7. In case there was any doubt, DeSantis’s intent is now clear. After SilverSea followed NCL’s lead in announcing that vaccines will be required for all passengers, the Gov’s office responded: “The Governor’s Executive Order provides that businesses in Florida are prohibited from requiring patrons or customers to provide any documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination or post-transmission recovery to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business,” press secretary Cody McCloud said by email. “Therefore, the Executive Order prohibits cruise lines from requiring vaccine pas
  8. Cancelling the previously planned July itineraries gives NCL/Regent some flexibility to add some new itineraries at 60% capacity in July, 80% in August. Mr. Del Rio committed to an initial 60% capacity limitation in the letter to CDC
  9. A fairly thorough letter from NCL to CDC outlining plans to re-start July 4th, starting at 60% capacity and increasing by 20% in 30-day increments. A good opening offer. Proof of full vaccination required 2 weeks prior to sailing. Fingers crossed. Doesn’t mention how excursions into other countries will be handled.
  10. I would say it’s really about the industry not having to shut down again. While you or I may be protected by the vaccine, if other people come aboard infected and it spreads to others onboard (passengers or crew who are not vaccinated), it will shut down the specific cruise, and could result in another ban on cruise ships.
  11. Having trouble following the logic. So if there is no vaccine requirement, infected people are free come on board a private business and start an outbreak in a contained environment? That’s what caused this in the first place. That would shut down the industry again.
  12. Gov DeSantis plans to take “executive action” to ban any type of vaccine passport for the private sector. Go figure. I’m not very political but it seems that private businesses should be able to impose requirements reasonably related to the health and safety of employees and customers. This could be really bad for the cruise industry.
  13. Apologies if this has been covered before. Our travel agent emailed to us that we have $XX credit representing 125% of our fully paid cruise that was cancelled (we chose this option over a refund, for better or worse). I was wondering if we can get written confirmation from Regent on the FFC, since final payment for our next cruise is quite far on the horizon and I don’t want any surprises and would like to see the “fine print” if any. I didn’t see a way to access it through our account on the RSSC website. Have others received something directly from Regent regarding the FFC? Thanks!
  14. Our “next” cruise is November 3rd on Splendor, less than 60 days out. It seems impossible that the cruise will happen. Americans can’t even travel to Italy or the other port countries. Why won’t Regent cancel and start the refund/rescheduling process? Is it wishful thinking or some other reason? The lack of communication from Regent is disappointing.
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