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  1. Oct 9, 2021 for us on the Freedom out of Miami. Hopeful, but not feeling great about it. Will rebook to March or April 2022 if this one is cancelled.
  2. What about a person that is told by their doctor, that due to other conditions and medications they are on, they should NOT be vaccinated? My friend, that is planning to cruise with me falls into that category. She really wants to go, and in truth, would like the vaccine, but is also trying to listen to her doctor's recommendations.
  3. In my case, we have a cruise set for October of this year, (under Early Saver) - but I'm feeling there is a good chance it will be cancelled. The same cruise goes out next March, so I'm hoping that if it IS cancelled, I can just book the new one. I should have the money that I've already paid (which is nearly paid off) to transfer to the new one. But was wondering if we could get the Dealers Choice rate, which is actually showing as a little LESS than we paid
  4. good point on the non refundable deposit. I'll have to take a close look at it to see if it's worth it. Thanks for that input
  5. I am now receiving the offer for Dealers Choice Rates. The rates themselves are better than what we usually pay on Early Saver. Are there any other benefits to booking under this rate?
  6. We were also booked on the Freedom for Oct 2021. Got the message yesterday. Our plan is actually to drive to Florida (from Virginia) and that extra 30 miles is no big deal. I do think Miami is a beautiful port to cruise out of so I have no problem. I was pleased to see the ports stayed the same. And luckily, since it's a year out, none of us had made reservations for hotels (or the two that WILL be flying), flights.
  7. In November 2019, (4 weeks after we returned from our Carnival Pride cruise) we booked for October 2021. That is the longest out that we've booked, but as it turned out, we are glad we had not booked for 2020. It seemed like a long way off at the time, but we've cut that almost in half. We never tire of cruising and are always excited about the next one. It's never too soon to be excited. For us, planning is part of the fun.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'm not concerned if they charge me $50 for the name change. I just didn't want to find out that it could not be done and I end up forfeiting his entire cruise charge. We don't know what will happen yet, and obviously, we have some time. But today was the first time that he commented that he just might not be able to go, mostly for the fact of the 15 hour drive to Lauderdale. Flying is difficult for him as airports are very hard to navigate when you can barely walk. But even riding all those hours will be a challenge. Still hoping he'll be able to go - but I just need to know my options, just in case.
  9. We have a cruise booked by Early Saver for NEXT fall. There is a chance (not positive yet) that DH may not be able to go, because of mounting health issues (not COVID related). If I need to change to another person in his place, has anyone done this and what did it entail, as far as cost and forfeited $$.
  10. Booked in NOV 2019 for October 2021. For once, I'm glad we had not booked for this year. Down to 403 days at this point, and hoping that by then, things are back to normal and we'll be boarding the Freedom
  11. We booked last November for October 2021. We had been going yearly, but decided to skip 2020 (and needless to say, glad we did). We will be on the Freedom out of Lauderdale for an 8 day cruise. I'm still hopeful that by next fall (13 months away) things will be better and getting back to normal and we'll actually get to take this cruise. Fingers crossed for sure. If not, then I guess it gets cancelled and we rebook for a few months later.
  12. WE have had to use accessible rooms for our last several cruises, as my husband needs a scooter on the ship - and they don't fit though all of the doorways. The problem is, many of the ships are very limited on accessible rooms of any type, so we try to book them as far ahead as possible - and I always do it by phone. At the same time, I AM looking at the deck plans to see where it is - but it is very limited. If you don't need the larger door frame, there are usually a few more options for rooms. The larger, newer ships seem to have a few more choices. But, I highly suggest you do it by phone to make sure you can get what you need. And don't wait too long.
  13. We have sailed the Pride 3 times, the last one being Oct 2019. The Pride is not huge, but it's a nice size and I have no complaints about the ship at all. As for the ports, I love, love Grand Turks. And last year we went to Princess Cay. It is indeed a tender port, but the port is nice. Beaches are great. and the cruise line does supply lunch on shore. While Freeport is not my absolute favorite, they have added quite a lot of shops right there at the port - especially nice since most of the island was still recovering from the hurricanes in recent year. October is not a bad time - but one of the posters is right. It may be a little cooler that first day at sea, going down through the Atlantic. Just have appropriate clothing with you. Coming back up, we hit rain the last day and when we arrived in Baltimore - and it was indeed a chilly rain. But for us, it's only a 3 hour drive from Richmond. We typically go up the day ahead, and just enjoy the Harbor area for dinner and have a relaxing evening. Enjoy your cruise. Hopefully - you will get to sail.
  14. Looks like Great Bay is the way to go. Great to know we can get there by walking (and scooter). While he can walk a little - he certainly can't walk the distance of the ship itself, or the pier. So, catching a taxi is just not reasonable for us. Thanks to both of you for your responses.
  15. Thanks - that's good to know. These scooters have a pretty good battery life. He charges overnight - and goes all day long on the ship. I appreciate the info.
  16. DH has mobility issues. He uses a scooter on the ship, but he can walk short distances. What would our options be so he could get to a beach or someplace besides the port shops? The scooter he rents does not collapse, so he cannot put it into a trunk of a taxi to transport it.
  17. We've booked Room 2473 on the Carnival Freedom. It is an Accessible Oceanview room, as DH has to use a scooter on the ship. It is shaped a bit strange on the deck plan - and I'm wondering if anyone has pictures or can give me some insight to how it's actually laid out. I've tried google searching the room - but the pictures that I'm getting are obviously NOT the same room.
  18. That is amazing Redbaaron. I did not expect that we would be going at all - at least not to be able to get off the ship. But the faster ships can port there, the more it will help their economy recover.
  19. We are on the Pride on Oct 13th - and while the agenda's still show as including Freeport, we all know they aren't going there now, unless they are still dropping off supplies. Has anyone heard what they are doing the next couple of weeks. It won't change whether or not I go, but it would be nice to know.
  20. We are on the Oct 13th cruise on the Pride. We are assuming (if there are no more storms that affect it) that we'll do Grand Turks and Princess Cay, as scheduled. Pretty obvious we won't be going to Freeport - unless they are still dropping off supplies. But Princess Cay would not take us closer to Amber Cay or Key West. I'll be curious to know - but no matter what, it'll be fine.
  21. We will be on the Pride in October. One of the stops was to be Freeport - and I know they had a lot of local shops in Port Lacaya. However, with Dorian coming through, I'm guessing we won't be going there. We have several brand new cruisers with us on this trip, and I know they were hoping to visit some of the local vendors to bring back a few souvenirs. I don't recall much in "local" at Grand Turks and I've never been to Princess Cay. If somebody has any thoughts on those two stops and whether there are local vendors close-by, please let me know. Thank you
  22. We will be on the Pride on Oct 13. If we end up with only two ports, that is fine. If we stop and deliver supplies for Freeport, that is fine. The folks in the Bahamas depend on tourism and anything that can be done for them is all right with us. A cruise deviation is nothing compared to what these people have been, and are, going through
  23. I know the email address uses two letters at the beginning, but not sure if it's PR or PD or something else. Can someone clarify for me please? Thank you
  24. One of our cruise mates is a NEW cruiser and is asking about a "flatiron" for her hair. She has hair that really wants to curl and be unruly, and uses a flatiron at home to straighten it. Will she be permitted to use it on the Pride?
  25. We usually book around a year / 15 months in advance. And we book through Early Saver - we've had some really good price drops - totaling more than $200 per person. This year, our Pride cruise dropped about $60 each - but then has gone up and up - now showing over $200 MORE per person than our lowered price. But I also see that there are only a couple of balconies left, and that's with a little over 2 months to go. Supply and demand.... to me, that seems to be the reason.
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