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  1. Hey everyone - thanks for your contributions to the topic. It certainly provided different insights and plenty to think about. In the end, we made the decision to go on the cruise - but leave the kids at home. 😂 We collected that refund in fare and put it towards DBP and specialty dinning instead to make sure we have a GREAT time. We know that these regulations/updates/recommendations are changing daily at this point, but like I said, we reached the point where we needed to make a decision. Ultimately, we knew the kids wouldn't be vaccinated in time, and it's just not worth the additional risk. Plus, mom and dad haven't had a vacation alone in maybe eight years, so it was well overdue. Cheers!
  2. Hey everyone, I've searched for this specific topic and didn't find find what I was looking for. We're under 60 days until our cruise on Mariner. Us parents are both vaxed. Kids (11 and 4) aren't eligible. We're at the point of needing to buy our flights, book hotels, secure rental cars, etc. ahead of our October trip. Needless to say, we're torn given the current conditions and restrictions in place that would essentially deem all of us as unvaccinated. I know things can/will change between now at then, but we're at a bit of a crossroads to make a final decision. MY QUESTION: Has anyone sailed since the re-start in this mixed status group, with parents vaxed and kids not? And if so, what was your experience? I can certainly see it being limiting, but also not too big of a deal. Please keep any political, judgmental, or comments unrelated to the specific question out of this. I'm genuinely just looking to hear from those who might have sailed under these conditions for advice. Thanks in advance!
  3. So with this 40% off deal getting extended, is now the time to buy as much through CruisePlanner as possible? Or is this just a ploy to get me to panic buy? Mariner sailing in early October showing: $61 DBP + 1 Voom S&S Device $47 For Thrill WP @ Coco Thoughts?
  4. You'll be in the room just before me! Yeah, we're pretty excited about it, too. The kids are going to LOSE it when they see those windows.
  5. Super excited to book this room for October 2021 🤞 Was originally in the market for one of the balconies on the back of the boat for us and our two young girls, but then I saw this gem available with those incredible windows and so much floor space! With the photos posted in this thread, I pulled the trigger QUICK last night to use up our FCC from the cruise we were supposed to be on this week! Third cruise with RCC for us, but first for our little girls! Can't wait.
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