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  1. I checked my Serenade 2/13/10 price and noticed that there was all of a sudden a HUGE discount for Massachusetts residents if we upgraded. Bottom line is that we upgraded to a larger balcony cabin and saved almost $800. It only took one quick phone call from my TA.
  2. We have been on 13 RCCL ships and love the crew on Vision the most. We have actually sailed Vision twice and found everything wonderful. Enjoy!
  3. The city itself is DISGUSTING! The Mayan ruins are wonderful. Take an excursion and get our of this city. Don't walk on your own and go directly back to the ship.
  4. We were on Majesty of the Seas during Hurricane Katrina when she was just a category 1. Our cruise was extended because the Port of Miami closed. During our extended night and day as we headed south towards Cuba it seemed the storm made a turn and followed us. It poured, was very windy and rain water poured into the atrium and down some of the hallways. The elevators even began to fill with rain water and had to be closed off. Our pictures are pretty amazing.
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can find menus for Serenade 7 nights in February 2010?
  6. We have sailed 17 times with RCLL and of those 14 were for a special occasion. We are Diamond members and have never received an upgrade.
  7. We were on Grandeur in December and had a balcony cabin on deck 7 and enjoyed it very much. Good choice.
  8. On out latest cruise it depended upon the bartender on what it could be used for. One bartender made me a martini with ketel one with no problem. However another wouldn't hardly let me use it for anything I wanted. We've learned that bartenders who know you from earlier on in the cruise will not only allow coupons to be used for a wider variety but will also tend to make better drinks for you in general.
  9. We used it last summer when my daughter had her camera stolen from the internet cafe. We got a full reimbursement for the cost of the camera and the memory card and it came within 2 weeks.
  10. On my recent Grandeur cruise when i ordered a martini I was told i could have it but it would couldn't be served in a martini glass. This was so others wouldn't know. My daughter always got a non alcholic pina colada but we were told this time no blended drinks.
  11. If you read the whole thread you will see that Lobster is not served in Europe but is still served in Caribbean. I stand corrected.
  12. Setsail, Car insurance? I lost you. What are you talking about?
  13. I had been on two previous cruises in Europe when lobster was served. Maybe this is new for them not to serve it in Europe. Anyways, even though i enjoy it on board I do agree with you about New Englanders being from a coastal town on the north shore of Boston.
  14. We have in the past 10 years been on NCL and Princess (taken by in-laws) and have always told everyone how much we liked RCI more. In the long run we will continue to book with RCI and understand that the economy is causing cutbacks on all lines. I appreciate everyone's honest opinions. Just curious how others feel with so many changes happening at once.
  15. I guess nobody told the chef on Jewel to serve lobster because it was gone in August and we were told replaced with tiger shrimp.
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