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  1. I too am looking forward to your stories and comments! Nothing booked on Princess til March/23, but a tater in June /22 to Alaska on a rival line! Loved your alaska comments earlier this fall. There are lots of us lurking I am sure…thought I’d speak up to let you know the vacuums is well populated!
  2. Got a special dinner in our package. If we book now does it get charged to our credit card now? Once we have used the deal, will they credit our folio as we have paid for it previously? Associated question .. what nights on Van 7 day trip will be formal? Assume second, but when next? Thx
  3. Just came in on my CBC link! Such great news for so many Canadians who did the right thing at the time. There must be a huge number of people changing their winter plans!
  4. Associated question. When getting PCR test at end of cruise , on pier after debarkation, can you then leave for the airport to fly home to Canada, or must you wait the hour(?) to get your results at the site? Flight leaves Lax at 12:15. Will we make it? Plan on Uber to get there.
  5. oh BC , I am also planning a Princess trip elsewhere, and inadvertently went to their site to look at 14 day trips! Princess is sending only their BIG ships north on 14 days. I see HAL has 14 days only in Sept, but others as B 2 B all season. Any of those should be great! Better luck this next season!
  6. Error message. Went looking and see HAL does not have a smaller ship doing the 14day Alaska from Van as a single run. Just the big ships which go on the outside route and miss what I see as the best route. So, it would be a B2B as 2, 7 day cruises, to Whittier or Seward. FYI.
  7. Re time of year. May has less rain, lots of ice in the bays of the glaciers. This means you may not get quite as close to the face of the glacier, but you will see lots of brand new baby seals on the little ice flows, called “ burgie bits” floating by with Mama on guard. It is cooler, but still,pleasant. The staff I. The stores aren’t yet tired of tourists, and are excited for the season to begin. Summer is summer…more crowded, and Sept gets cool pretty fast and a few stormy days may be encountered. Regardless, Alaska is Always beautiful . We have gone many times. Next year we go in May.
  8. 14 day out of Vancouver hands down., Make sure the cruise goes up from Vancouver between the mainland and Vancouver Island. You will miss sooooo much by taking a route which goes up the west side of Vancouver Island. The longer distance trip gives you some open ocean time which is fun, as well as more small stops. At the alaska end you will wait until some folks arrive from their overland trips from Anchorage or Fairbanks so you have a long day at the upper end. Major Marine tours HIGHLY recommended for up close and personal looks at ice! They operate out of both Seward and Whittier. Fantastic day of sightseeing. marvellous voyage!
  9. I’m confused. In the he upper portion of the notice it says everyone must show they are fully vaccinated. Then, at the very end of the whole message there is a note: saying unvaccinated people must wear a mask at all times. Is this people with a medical reason for no vaccine? How will staff know who should be wearing a mask? Who will ensure they do? My thinking is, if this is a person who is simply against vaccinations, they will not abide by the rules, and are unidentifiable. I don’t want legitimate people with allergies sidelined, but hesitant or anti are a different category. I understand that polls show wecwan5 our fellow travellers to be vaccinated….period!
  10. Free for Canadians returning home. Don’t know about ones such as this B 2 B. So nice to hear they are cooperating in this way! hope it lasts!
  11. glad the on/ off is separate issue. If someone is napping, or went to bed earlier than partner don’t want to wake with lights in eyes!
  12. This is a great link. Thx so much. I have saved it for lots of future reference.
  13. Not sure why Kat sent the note she did. Looks like a relevant question to me! Princess would do it if you were doing a B2B with them, but doubt they would do this. Wonder if a home test with proctor kit could be taken. First trip and used from first ship with phone? Or airport if Fll has option there, or a nearby drugstore on turnaround day or other instant spot? Good luck. Also, RC may have pier set up for their passengers who could not get test for some reason. Call them.
  14. Wow, sounds like they need to do better training, snd make sure everyone is on the same page. How sad your cruise started on the poor note. Relax, it’s over, and your wonderful adventure is about to begin!
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