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  1. We loved the grand bistro on our cruise last January. We skipped to skip lunch in luminae the last day to do it again, that's how much we enjoyed it. Mussels were amazing. Everything else was as well. We did an excursion with the chef (Market discovery) and he highly recommended the burger. I did steak frites the first time (which was great) and we met him at Luminae and was disappointed that we did not do the burger. We did that the second time, and he was right. That burger was amazing, best burger at sea for sure... My husband is a food snob (I can't get him to even set foot in the MDR) and he'd go at the grand bistro for every lunch meals if we could (and some diners as well...) And yes, a seat by the window is great. We had to wait a little the second time to get one, but it was worth it. We also reserved as the last day, they were extremely busy. They still had a line after lunch closing.
  2. And remember, if you fly to the US from Vancouver, the US Customs are actually in Vancouver. So you have to go through Canadian then US customs in succession... So you have to account for that.
  3. At $220, I would definitely do it. That's about $16 per person per day. Blu and Persian gardens are worth that imo
  4. Depends what you are looking for and the price point difference. How much money per day would you be willing to pay to have access to Blu (for breakfast and diner) and the Persian gardens? If that price is more than you pay, you have a good deal. If it's less, might not be. Also, how much would it be to have a speciality dining package? We love having to eat anywhere else than the MDR. So for us, Blu is awesome.
  5. We were in a S3 on the 10th floor, in the middle. Was super quiet. The added hallway makes that you never hear a peep from outside, as only people in the inside (in our case) and us were using that hallway. There is no door opening directly from a cabin to another; I would rebook in a heartbeat. We were covered from the rain and the sun, we had full view while sitting on the balcony, the room was central to everything and was super quiet. I can't tell for the S3 on each end...
  6. Some online TA's have cabin availability online when you do search. Mine does. That's how I was able to get from 3084 to 3074 for our next Viking cruise.
  7. I was able to upgrade for our April 2021 cruise.. Call the captain club and ask them to add the Beverage package to your cruise planner. Then you can go in and do it yourself. Granted, we are already 10/10...
  8. Funny how 2 people can write the same thing at the same time 🙂 gmta
  9. I am allergic to alcohol. My husband love fancy booze... Honestly, I have been in 2 situations. First, you have to go to customer service before you use your package, otherwise they wont be able to do it for you. One time, they downgraded me to premium non-alcoholic and we paid to get my husband premium alcoholic. No problem. Another time, what they could do for me was to downgrade me to classic non-alcoholic, then I would to pay the premium to upgrade to premium non-alcoholic ($4 +gratuities pp/pd) which is cheaper than the upgrade for the alcoholic one...). I decided not too, as flat water is fine with me and frozen drinks (including virgin) comes in the classic alcoholic. I just wanted the downgrade to make sure I would not be served alcohol by accident.
  10. It's a good question, as the cost increase is not a fee but an increase on the cost of the cruise itself...
  11. Call the captain club. I had to do it for all my cruises, have them add the classic package to the cruise planner. I booked the upgrade for my husband for our 2021 cruise already...
  12. I would call Celebrity and confirm, or work with a TA that can help you confirm this. Policies might have changed between now and when other people booked with a NRD.
  13. I am allergic to alcohol so I would just get the classic non alcoholic package if I had to book out of pocket. My husband would book the premium package. Now, compare to a $300 obc, the packages still wins. If we add $14 a day on top of it, I'm not so sure. Since the classic non-alcoholic is $18 per day, I'd say we basically just have my husband's for free, and even then. I wish we could decide the level of package we want, and pay the upcharge accordingly.
  14. We did the same on our last Edge Cruise. The advantage is that we had internet so we could use it during the trip! For the one we bough, the prices were the same than on land, minus the taxes. So it was actually a deal.
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