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  1. encoresue2

    Rccl called to offer ME an upgrade!!!

    Hey Lurker, we are on your sailing....it is my birthday....and we are in a JS but on deck 8...your cabin was already gone :( No phone call here yet..........I looked and they had about 8 GS available earlier in week, but not sure I want to be up front....we love aft cabins!!! Hope to catch ya onboard.
  2. encoresue2

    Guarantee W suite

    Sorry, forgot to mention it was BIG and the double closet and WAY bigger drawers and storage.......that made it so much better than a standard 194 sq ft. cabin.:eek:
  3. encoresue2

    Guarantee W suite

    We got off Solstice last Sunday......March 25th. Had switched to a W suite (not specified handicapped) and we ended up with cabin #2148....and aft S2 with fabulous butler Nito, large covered balcony..................it was the BEST cabin ever and we loved it. We also visited an accessible cabin (also booked as a guarantee) by another member of CC group....think it was #2134. Other than the differences in the bathroom (handicapped shower and higher potty)...it was a huge and nice bathroom. They had a couple kids with them and loved it. Large balcony. Would we try this again....in a heartbeat. The upgrade was very inexpensive (we orginally had a CC2 cabin)...and made up the difference. Got $80 credit for specialty restaurant, dined in Blu one night (fabulous), and had a huge cheese platter and other desserts and canapes daily. Hubby had shoes shined a couple times, and the butler arranged for everything we wanted...dinner reservations, shore excursions, etc. We will have trouble going back to a "regular" CC or Aqua cabin!!! Go for it.
  4. Not true about the balcony discount....depending on your level of "loyalty" Celebrity does offer discounts off cabins on their "loyalty cruises." We recently got $125 off our veranda from the published price. Does depend on cruise/duration.
  5. encoresue2

    Anybody on (or just off) W. Caribbean route?

    Rob, just come up to Deck 14 to Lawn Club & Sunset Bar after muster drill. I have nametage for you & Veronica......and I suspect our group will be easy to spot. I did check long range weather (Accuweather) last night and although it may be breezy (they didn't say "windy") Sunday night and Monday....it should be clear and nice. Weather in GC (tuesday) is currently stated as "83, sunny & wonderful" ....so we are getting off to a great start. I don't trust weather dudes much further out that that....but the long range forecast for our ports only quoted possible rain the day we are in Roatan. I suspect at least one day will be wrong:o See you Sunday.....
  6. encoresue2

    Tuesday Specials & Upgrades

    We were able to upgrade from a CC2 to a SS2 for $40/pp for the whole trip because of the offer on a Sunday/Monday rate I saw.......just 3 weeks before sail date. My answer to any of these...ASK.....No is the worst they can say!!!!
  7. encoresue2

    celebrity Solstice room service menu

    Hey Sled Dog, JOIN US.....we will be up top for sailaway....plenty of elevators going that direction...at Sunset Bar. I will have blank nametags so you can fill it out when you get there....just ask anyone with a tag or a blinking martini pin. Hope you signed up for the CC party which should be on Monday. Yes, we have a fun group of all ages and not all of us are doing strenuous things! I am confident you can find people doing what you like to do..... I have one bad knee (needs replacement but am putting it off) .....and have plenty of stuff coming with me on the cruise - advil, ziplock bags to ice it down...and even a "Tens" machine (transcutaneous electic neurological stimulator) for the electronic zapping that seems to help. (The name is longer than the machine is in size......and for $49 on the internet....it does work for me. My ortho guy originally prescribed one for me...and then I found I could buy it - same brand- for what the insurance co. was paying for one month. Ya gotta love the internet. ) I still play golf a couple times a week....but stairs and concrete are the killers!!! See ya on Sunday!!!
  8. encoresue2

    celebrity Solstice room service menu

    Hello NJEMT29...did you realize we have a REALLY active CC group for the sailing on Sunday (March 18). We are doing a sail-a-way party at the Sunset bar...a cabin crawl on Monday....and a slot pull later in the week. The group (128 signed up for the CC party) is quite varied in age & location from 20-something to probable 70 something and everything in between. A few kids...mostly couples and loads of active excursions including loads of zip-liners and off-roaders along with us beach bums. Please join us upstairs after muster drill and I am sure you will find people to suit your fancy...even if it's sitting by the pool and napping!:p
  9. Lawn Club and Hot Glass Show....the artists in the glass show are AMAZING. If you do it at night....you can see the glass bubbling as it forms.........not something you will ever see at home.
  10. We are leaving in 10 days on Solstice and doing the Western itinerary on Solstice...but you made me so anxious to be onboard. We did Eastern on Equinox (and other ships, tooo) and St. John is our main destination. (I hate to shop but love to snorkel) We dream of renting a house there for a week or two.....it is heaven in the Carib. (When you want another beautiful water adventure--but with a LONG flight--try Tahiti...did that when I turned 40.) THANK YOU for a wonderful review and many reminders of why we all cruise!!!!
  11. Also check out the CC group for your selected sail date......we are sailing on Solstice on March 18....ages run from 20 something to 70+ in our group and we have 110 people signed up for our CC party. There are a bunch doing off-road excursions, diving, snorkeling and ziplining (this is Western itinerary), some have kids, some grandkids. We are doing a cabin crawl and slot pull with our group......and I suspect a huge percentage of us will be in the Martini bar and Molecular bar (which you won't get on RCCL) every night. A ship can only provide the venue....the passengers, staff, itinerary and your attitude make the cruise memorable. We sailed on the 12 night Equinox 2 years ago....the Glass Show was amazing (and I went almost every night -- and FYI...the three gals were extraordinarily talented, young and beautiful and reminded me that a smart phone wasn't everything in life), the Lawn was the best place to sprawl at night and watch amazing star shows (very romantic), and the trip to bars where the servers remembered your name and drink (NEVER HAPPENED on other major lines), was worth the price of admission. If you want non-stop action....a cruise may not be your cup of tea. The rest of us want room service, no hassle pool towel acquisition (RCL has pool towel police), a cushion on our chair, and a bar with GREAT drinks and sharing a slow dance with the guy who brought me.
  12. encoresue2

    Parking in Ft. Lauderdale

    We've parked at the terminal many times....will try ParkNGo this time. For some reason, our Celebrity ships have never come in anywhere near the terminal where we left (and parked). It was slow and crowded to catch a shuttle to the correct parking structure, collect the car, then drive back to pick up luggage and extra passengers.......I am hoping ParknGo is way easier...and I have been told the shuttle drivers are great. Will find out in about 10 days when we leave...
  13. encoresue2

    Lots of questions

    The Falls in Jamaica can be strenuous, depending on the water levels and speed of the falls......DO NOT TAKE A VALUABLE CAMERA, even in a dry bag. When we did the falls, there was a nice couple and only one of them made the trek with us.....we let the wife carry our camera and take a few shots. It worked!! We would never take passports...but a copy is good.....and my phone has no data while gone....and I turn it off almost all the time. Finally, notify your credit card company that you are going out of country (and the dates so later charges can be disputed)....and only take one card if possible for the whole trip. Most companies now charge a 3% fee on foreign transactions....just be aware for onshore purchases.
  14. encoresue2

    "Pillow Menu" - stupid question

    My choice has always been feather and we have been able to get it in a standard cabin with no problem. We book CC when the price is competitive for the extra cruise credit in our effort to be Elite....only one credit away after our cruise in 10 days.....whoooo hoooo.
  15. If we go back to our very first cruise on NCl, my hubby was terrified he would be seasick.....only remembered being on troop carriers in the 60s where he apparently was ill the whole time. When I finally convinced him to try a cruise (a big sacrifice on his part), he LOVED it and wasn't sick and never has been. We too had done resorts...even as far away as Tahiti and the only thing he liked better about those was that they were a bit more casual (dress code). (And the sushi was fresh cut to order off the whole fish...a real treat.) We are on Solstice in a couple weeks and really looking forward to the Premium alcohol package to make the trip especially trouble free.......no more white slips....YEA! A few of the luxury lines have gone all inclusive and I think it is becoming a trend to offer such choices. We have enjoyed so many islands....and been back to a few for week long visits. My only complaint about cruise ports is the heavy emphasis on shopping....I don't like to shop for much of anything.....but give me a lounge chair and a great book and I could do a cruise to nowhere!!! We do plan to try a transatlantic or pacific sometime down the road. Great Review and hope you try more ships and islands!!! Welcome to the joys of cruising....and Celebrity is a wonderful place to start.