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  1. My experience is that the check-in people never look at anything more than the first page.
  2. Going back a number of years, HAL's muster drill also included the lowering of a number of the lifeboats on order from the captain as we stood and watched on the promenade deck at our respective stations. To me, this drove home the seriousness of the drill and sent shivers up my spine as the boats were lowered into the loading position. I'll take the "inconvenient" HAL drill any day over the sit in a crowded lounge with people talking so you can't hear the video be played and leaving no better informed than before..
  3. Hi Beachnut. As others have noted the Fort Lauderdale airport is a 10-15 minute cab ride from the pier. Assuming your ship disembarks in Fort Lauderale you have lots of time. However, if you are going from Lauderdale to Miami international,you need to allow at least an hour for the trip. Fort Lauderdale is a medium sized airport, MIA is huge.
  4. Hi Beachnut I was referring to the Fort Lauderdale airport when writing about crowding etc. at the Air Canada-Delta terminal
  5. You should be fine, but be aware the terminal shared by Air Canada and Delta is a zoo on Sundays when a number of ships arrrive at the same time. Not a seat to spare,much pushing and shoving when flights are called etc. etc. Hopefully things will improve when the terminal is upgraded in the year ahead.
  6. I am a great fan of Keith's cruise logs and photos,but i'm afraid he's wrong on this one. I'm glad to see i'm not alone in getting multiple mailings every week from Crystal. And yes, they are from Crystal, not some TA or distribution company. The two that arrived yesterday both had crystal's mailing address and one was shrink wrapped! Guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and write and ask to be removed from all mailing lists. George
  7. I'm starting this thread out of frustration over the never-ending letters, folders and huge catalogs from Crystal that flow into my mailbox several times a week, week after week, month after month, year after year.. About 3 years ago, my wife and I took our only (so far) Crystal cruise - 7 days out of Quebec City which we thoroughly enjoyed. Good food, good service, nice people - everything that people seem to love about Crystal. But budgets being what they are, we haven't been able to take our second cruise as yet. No sooner than we arrived home, the mailings started
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