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  1. I too bad the invite, I thought it was perhaps through taking part in the cafe royal chats.? I seem to remember in one there was mention of those taking part being given first option.
  2. I have completed a few ship day tours in the past, where the ship does not leave port. All lines asked for passport details pre visit and on the day passports were inspected retained and returned as we disembarked. I'm sure it's a security issue.
  3. I love the Celebrity product and Solstice class ships however I reluctantly think my days of cruising with them again are over especially as they have gone all inclusive. I also feel I no longer fit the demographic X are now looking for. Will say I am at a disadvantage as I now cruise Solo, did a mock booking today result balcony from £2600 for 7 nights end August. I am paying 2 x for drinks package, Wi-Fi and grats, gratuity I can accept paying for two but not Wi-Fi and drinks, for me that is unacceptable The last cruise I took ex UK with Celebrity nearly all pax on board had a dri
  4. RC positions for all lines is to sail with all vaccinated crew and passengers with a negative test to be taken before sailing for children. I also believe that these will be only for UK residents.
  5. I took part in a cafe royal meet hosted by Ben Boudin on Friday morning. it was quite informative, they as others have been working with government departments & CLIA regards 're commencing but want to carefully assess the situation before jumping. He also mentioned a possibility of X that came up as someone asked about test cruises each cruise group has to conduct one test cruise to pass all the guide lines this he said could in their case be a RC or X ship. They will operate with an all vaccinated crew as in Singapore & Israel, but do not want to operate only with vaccinated pax as
  6. Not sure that is so at least in the Uk. On the email I received it said you could opt for the 100% refund anytime upto the date the FCC runs out so apply before December 31 2021. My only quibble is when I called to ask for the refund the person I spoke to said she would mark up and pass onto the refund department, I appreciate the refund will take time but I would have liked an email as confirmation I was in the system somewhere. I had an email from Virgin within 12 hours of my email request.
  7. As of this morning my sailing 23 March still tells me I am going.!!! In answer when will they make an announcement on past experience i would say last possible minute.
  8. Well thats worked out well for them!!!! This will have cost them more with undoubtable refund and FCC as well as cost of onward travel.
  9. I can't as I was not fortunate enough to receive seemed very hit and miss if you received. Look at Page 4 on the boards headed "Email from LLP".
  10. Their heads are still in the sand. I thought I saw Summit had been turned away at St Lucia. Don't get me wrong I am a huge supporter of X but the statement last night looked as if it had been thrown together, surely they should have been preparing for lots options. Then again the LLP email yesterday morning talked about sailing out of the middle of the storm, not sure we are anywhere near the middle!!!
  11. I have been away from the boards for a few hour, how things have moved on. Did I not see on another thread RCL to make an announcement 2pm EST.?
  12. I too am in same position, but flying Virgin on Friday 21. I had an email from them they are allowing changes, travel needs to be completed by end September. It may be worth contacting BA as to deferring? I am holding until Monday I think, in the hopes!! of cancellation. Not sure that is likely given their financials.
  13. I might be wrong but I thought I saw they had cancelled the Inaugural Season yesterday.
  14. In the UK we have been told by Chief Health Officer 10/11 weeks to peak with another 10/11 weeks to get back to where we are. So by my calculation August, September.
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