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  1. Life (and events in it) are what you make of it. We were on board as well last week and made some awfully good lemonade out of the lemons provided.
  2. So long, more room for us on NCL, and less negative vibes
  3. Right at pier 88, we could see the glow from time square, then in the morning we got to laugh at all the people commuting to work
  4. So who's ready for Nassau? I know I am. Even if Flo doesn't hit Bermuda directly, the surrounding seas will not be fun.
  5. From our uses of one so far, (Old Navy) it has given us one virtual number to use with just that company, so you better monitor fraud with a specific number/company combo. As for the double charge aspect, we are paying out account off in cash on the final night, so there should be zero charges. Still looking for someone that has tried this before.
  6. Now you can upload CC info when you check in online.
  7. Does anyone have any experience with using a virtual CC number (Capital One) to put on their cabin for the week?
  8. October of 2016 we were booked to sail to Bermuda with Hurricane Nicole nearing the island. We boarded at regular time, had our muster drill, then we were told that "Bermuda was not an option". So we overnighted in New York and sailed out at about 8 in the morning to Cape Canaveral and a 6 hour stop in Nassau.
  9. 43 mins late, that costs them money, had to be something.
  10. Port Bermuda webcam states "Issue on board." Anyone on this sailing that can elaborate?
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