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  1. This is our first time on HA. Does anyone have a dry cleaning price list.
  2. Hello Mark, Last April on the Celebrity Eclipse TA was my 10th Celebrity cruise. This month was my first Cunard Queen Mary 2 cruise. There were 10 days between my eastbound Celebrity TA and my westbound Cunard TA. I have been on 16 cruises total. I have to admit that cruise reviews are very personal. What one passenger loves another passenger dislikes. I thought the Mac-O-Meter above gives a good review of the ships. As I have not been on a Princess cruise in a long time I will give you my thoughts on the two above ships using the Mac-O-Meter: MDR Food -- Celebrity 9.1; QM2 8.9. Lately we cruse Aqua Class on Celebrity and this QM2 we cruised Brit Club class which is about the same category. Although the food in both dining rooms were very good I think the food in Celebrity Blu was better and had a better selection. The service in Celebrity Blu and QM2 Club dining room were the same, very good. Buffet -- Celebrity 8.8; QM2 6.0 Poor selection in QM2, very limited seating, poor service, limited hours and a lot of workers walking around doing nothing. Unoccupied tables with used plates and utensils on tables for a long time before someone would clean the table. Celebrity has a very large buffet with many food choices, very good food and very good service. In my experience once passengers left a table it was almost immediately cleaned. Alternatives -- Celebrity 9.2; QM2 8.6 Ship Quality -- QM2 9.3; Celebrity 9.0 The QM2 is absolutely elegant. The Celebrity Eclipse is beautiful but the QM2 is classy. Cabins -- Celebrity 9.0; QM2 8 Ship Decor -- QM2 9.5; Celebrity 9.0 Deck Spaces -- Celebrity 9.3; QM2 8.0 Promenade Deck - Celebrity9.0 QM2 8.0; Overall Service -- Celebrity 9.6; QM2 8.0 Entertainment Venues --; Celebrity 9.0; QM2 7.0 I thought the entertainment in the Eclipse was much better in both the main theater and around the ship. Over-all Entertainment -- Celebrity 9.0; QM2 7.0 Speakers/Educational -- QM2 9.0; Celebrity 8.5 QM2 had great speakers. Formality/Dress Code -- Celebrity 9.0; QM2 7.0. I thought 3 formal nights on a 7 night cruise was too much. QM2 formal night is nice but very stuffy. I'm not sold on Celebrity doing away with their formal nights but the QM2 goes overboard. Most of the time the passengers dressed nearly formal during the entire cruise. The had breakfast in suits, ties and formal dresses. Most of the passengers dressed like they were at Harry and Megan's wedding. Itineraries -- QM2 9.5; Celebrity 8.1 This is hard for me because I have been on Celebrity cruises which have taken me to wonderful ports of call. This QM2 cruise was a crossing with no ports other then getting on in Southampton and getting off in Ft. Lauderdale. I thought the service in general was much better on Celebrity than on the QM2. On the QM2 our cabin attendant was very lax and did a poor job cleaning, especially the bathroom. The internet service/price is much better on Celebrity. On the QM2 the internet was so slow it sometimes took 3 minutes to connect with my email and viewing web pages took for ever. Don't get me wrong all internet at sea is slow but never as slow as Cunard. The QM2 only has 12 computers in their computer room and it was always full. At times I had to wait 30 minutes for a free computer. On the Eclipse the internet speed was much faster, less expensive and there were more public computers to use. My wife is handicapped and needs a wheelchair to board and disembark the ship. On Celebrity there is usually about a 15 to 20 minute wait for a wheelchair. Cunard was horrible! Even though Cunard gave us a time to board at their wheelchair location we sat there for an hour and 45 minutes waiting to board the ship. It was the worst that I have ever seen. Disembarking was not much better. Again Cunard gave us a time and place to disembark by wheelchair and we arrived 20 minutes early and still waited one and a half hours. The staff (non Cunard) scheduling the wheelchair dismenbarkment on the ship were rude and disrespectful. Absolutely terrible. For all that I have heard about the QM2 being an ocean liner for the first four days this ship was the worst. You could hardly walk down the corridors without being bounced from one side to another. Items fell off the tables due to the rocking of the ship. Many people stayed in their cabins for days with seasickness. This was my 4th TA and absolutely the worst. I was told on the QT that one engine was down and this caused all the turbulence. As far as I am concerned Celebrity is much better. I would never book a cruise on Cunard again.
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