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  1. We need to reschedule our March 2021 cruise, looking a 2 particular cruises in June. However, one shows no room types we need available. I have heard that not all room types show on the website. I would like a PVP as opposed to a reservation agent (there is a difference....correct?). When I googled it, it just took me to Carnival's contact information site. Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. Thank you! I think I was just mixed up in my mind thinking I "paid" them already.
  3. No, I have not paid in full. I now see the error of my ways and realize that it will just be deducted. I think in my mind I "paid" those already!
  4. I wish I had your optimism! 🙂 I doubt my district will change, perhaps the ship will sail...any idea about the gratuities question?
  5. Hello! We have a cruise booked for March, 2021. We will need to cancel, as I am a teacher with 2 teenage daughters, and our school district is requiring a 14 day quarantine after international/cruise travel. At this point, not being sure IF cruising will be an option in March (which I'd like to think it would be....but....I also thought I'd be going to NYC this spring and summer and we all know how THAT has gone!), but for the sake of budgeting, thinking about removing gratuities from that cruise to put the $400ish dollars back in our pockets (2 cabins). My question is, if you remove gratuities, are they refunded or put into OBC? (And not trying to start a debate...we always prepay them, would never remove them if we were cruising...just not sure when we would be able, because of schedules, to rebook!) Also, because we will need to cancel even if the ship sails...would you cancel now? Or wait? Thank you in advance for any insight!
  6. ***Update*** At the advice of the last supervisor I spoke to, I sent an email to Guest Relations at Carnival. I explained the situation, acknowledged my own fault, explained that we were moving from 1 cabin to 2 so ultimately paying a lot more, and asking if there was any way to recoup the $200 (either have it reapplied or OBC). Well, shock of all shocks! I got a reply today giving me a one-time exemption from the rule. They applied the $200 back to my deposit! 😃 Needless to say it , it was a lesson learned and also restored my good faith in people and businesses! It never hurts to ask...as long as you do it politely! Happy Sailing!
  7. Well, as an update... I called. Spent an hour and a half on the phone (!!). To no avail. Changed the cruise date, for a $200 fee. I totally own it, it was my bad. I didn't intend to book Early Saver, but...alas...that mistake was made. Although it didn't work out in my favor (yet...one of the supervisors gave me an email to plead my case...), everyone I dealt with was professional, friendly, and helpful. Life is too short to be upset about a mistake that I made. A small price to pay when being grateful we have the money to cruise. We will have a fantastic trip, regardless! Thanks for the helpful comments, and if the email results in a refund or on board credit, I will surely let you all know! 🙂
  8. Yeah, yeah, I know...to be totally honest, when I booked it, I meant to click on a different rate! LOL It's totally my mistake, though. Lesson learned to double check which fare you clicked on!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I guess I will be phoning Carnival and very sweetly asking for the switch! *fingers crossed* I'll let you know if it happens! 🙂
  10. We stayed in one on the Magic and loved it! Loved the bed facing the windows!
  11. WOW! Thanks for the replies! Conquest is the clear winner! 😎 Now to pull the trigger and book!
  12. Hello! Frequent spring break cruisers that are mixing it up this year and not doing a cruise. Therefore, looking for a short summer cruise to ease our cruising hearts! Two ships fit our dates/budget: Conquest and Sensation. Pretty comparable in price/ports (Key West and Cozumel)/etc. Looking for opinions on either or both. Background of who will be cruising...myself, DH, and 2 teen girls, 13 and 16. We all have cruised many times, usually 7 days on ships ranging in size from Valor/Magic/Vista. I know this would "feel" different, but also for a shorter cruise, looking just to kick back and relax after school lets out. Any suggestions?
  13. Yes, this. Plus every time I've had Cheers, when I have ordered a frozen drink for myself and a virgin one for my daughter (fully intending to pay), they have never charged me. Maybe I'm just lucky?
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