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  1. Yes, this. Plus every time I've had Cheers, when I have ordered a frozen drink for myself and a virgin one for my daughter (fully intending to pay), they have never charged me. Maybe I'm just lucky?
  2. I have a question regarding balcony rooms. I booked 2 connecting balcony rooms on the Magic (8220 and 8224) for my family. Does anyone know if the balcony dividers on connecting rooms can be locked open? Thanks!
  3. We did self debarkation arriving in POM and departing from FLL at 11:00 and made it in plenty of time. We did have FTTF, though, so we were one of the first off the ship... If you can't self disembark, that may cut it close...
  4. We made an 11:00 am flight with plenty of time to spare...and we arrived at POM and flight was from FLL.
  5. Right? WHY would they expect their expenses to be reimbursed?? LOL
  6. Thanks! I wasn't sure if the travel time was included.
  7. We will be in St. Thomas on 3/27. We are in port from 11:00 - 7:00. We currently have booked the Snuba trip at Coral World, through Carnival, for 12:30. It is listed as 3.5 hours. Will we still have time to do the air tram after the snuba excursion? One daughter wants to Snuba, one has her heart set on the tram/photos/shopping. I feel like we should have enough time if the 3.5 hours includes travel time? Thoughts?
  8. It's amusing reading though! Especially Carnival's response. 🙂
  9. Did anyone read the blog/demands and Carnival's response? https://revgalblogpals.org/2019/01/28/open-letter-and-call-to-action-choose-accountability/
  10. Thanks! For some reason when I click the link, it says Bad Request. But that answers my question! 🙂 Appreciate it!
  11. I've seen this discussed before, but couldn't find the answer when I searched and Carnival's FAQ section isn't working on my computer right now! I want to book 2 cabins in the Havana area on the Vista. The only cabins that are near each other are not next door, but 1 door away. What is the rule for minors? Will that work? (The kids in question will be 16 and 13 at the time of the cruise, if that matters?) Thanks for any input or if you can post the info from Carnival!
  12. Yikes! That would be scary! I can't imagine they'd let the Horizon book as a charter during Spring Break week, but thanks for the heads up. Long way off, so I'll give it a few days and see if it pops back up. It does show up on other travel sites...
  13. Grand Turk, La Romana, Curacao, and Aruba... Hmmmm. I just thought it weird not to show up at all! Can't wait!
  14. Hello! I have 2 interior Havana cabins booked on an 8 day cruise on the Horizon, leaving March 21, 2020. This morning I wanted to do a mock booking to see what cabins are left, to investigate the possibility of changing one cabin to a balcony (getting claustrophobic feelings...lol!). However, when I try to look, this cruise doesn't even show up as an option. Glitch, maybe? Can't be sold out yet...right? Just curious if this has happened to anyone?
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