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  1. Last year we had no problem getting thru SS--BC PHL to Athens direct flight and same back plus the flights to and from Raleigh. This year thru SS we are flying to BCN and back from FCO and received the requested Non stop flights in BC from and to Charlotte so nothing but great things to say about SS upgrade to BC --but that may have as much to do with a terrific TA than SS!
  2. We have sailed Seabourn and O and much prefer Silversea. There is a relaxed atmosphere that surrounds upon check in and stays to disembarkation that can only be experienced-not explained. We have no complaints with either O or Seabourn but just plain prefer SS. oh btw-- the bathrooms are much nicer on SS and so are the cabins in general.
  3. Here is my short review of our Greek Isles cruise on Silverseas Whisper Sept 2018. On Sunday, as always with Silverseas, boarding was very easy and smooth and we our cabin was ready at the appointed time. We met our butler early and he turned out to be fantastic-- usually we do not much trouble our butlers but for some reason on this cruise we had many occasions to make use of his services and he turned out to be extremely helpful/useful. The service and food in the Restaurant was excellent as we really like the Silverseas main dining room experience. We were not able to get reservations at la Dame but were never disappointed with the dining options we had. This was a port intensive cruise and we very much enjoyed all the Greek Islands and used Silverseas tours at each stop. We had no sooner boarded the ship than it seemed like it was time to disembark. Disembarkation was just as smooth and easy as was embarkation and we love this about Silverseas--everything is laid back and easy --For the first time we used Silverseas transport to the Athens airport. i was a bit concerned as we had an early flight to PHL from Athens but as with all things Silverseas it was easy, smooth and right on time. This was a great cruise but due to the port intensive nature, busier than most. So upon our return we booked another Silverseas for next year in the Med-- the RT Business class airfare offer was perfect and even though the price has risen $199 each person each way, we booked it again. What we love about SS 1. relaxed no worries across the ship--limited lines, never feeling rushed etc 2. Service was superb on the Whisper across the ship 3. Food was very very good
  4. Thank you for posting this--we are cruising with SS in September and it has provided the insight for me to make a more informed decision. Very helpful and appreciated post
  5. Actually this is how we got hooked on SS-we happened upon a 5 day SJU to SJU with stops at a new island everyday. We were so impressed we have since cruised with SS several times and have a cruise planned this September with friends from Phoenix in the Greek Isles-- excellent way to get a feel for the type of people,service, food, etc. you can expect-- we loved it so here we are--best marketing tool is actual use of the product if the product stands up.
  6. Funny as we board the Elation this coming Saturday and we do have FTTF and I was just thinking it was a waste of $70 as we are in a suite!!! I think the only we get for the $70 bucks is the room will be ready early but ce la vie--whats done is done. One mans ceiling is another mans floor I guess.
  7. Several years back my wife left a necklace (Mikimoto pearls) on the safe and it was found and promptly returned to her. Carnival L&F is very responsive and will return items if located.
  8. I agree that any cruise is mostly what you make of it. If someone is rude you can get really upset and fume about it or you can do your best to forgive and move on. On almost all cruises you will find Chair hogs, rude behavior and things to get frustrated about but it is always YOUR choice whether to be frustrated or not. I like to try and take the Bob Marley route--"don't worry bout a ting, every little ting gonna be alright"--after all the weather is warmer, the drinks have little umbrellas, somebody else is making my bed and the food is being prepared for me-- how bad can it be?
  9. we bought a day pass for the Hilton and found it relaxing. You can sore your luggage with bell desk for the day. Relaxing way to end the trip until flight time
  10. Holy smokes--that is one righteous act-- My dad used to do that to my blaring Rock music 50-55 years ago (he also felt righteous in invoking his will against the 'Devils Music')
  11. There are terrific resorts in Barbados where you can buy a day pass and spend the hours of the day lounging by the pool and utterly relaxing until you nee to head to the airport.
  12. Like the comment above, we have been cruising 20 years+ and I am a transplant recipient so tons of meds needed daily. It is almost impossible (and very impractical) for me to carry med containers because of the pure volume of medications I take. I make up 2 large pill boxes sectioned into 4 large doses per day X 7 days and that is what I bring. Never any issues, no questions and no trouble from airlines or cruise check in. Note : due to the importance of the pills i carry them in my carry on backpack and NEVER check them in (at airport or cruise terminal) so they are always with me
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