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  1. My cabin steward knew it was my birthday and he decorated the room with streamers and signs. He made a "cake" out of towels! I think the streamers and signs were from previous cabin parties, he must have stashed them away. It was free - and very nice! You should bring little lights - you can buy battery-operated ones, then little hooks with adhesive backing to mount the lights. Looks really nice at night to come back the room! We take lights all the time. My kids have made door signs and put up balloons outside my door too.
  2. I had a mini on Bliss for a two-day preview cruise - I think we were on Deck 11. Shower only. Before we disembarked, my daughter and I went down to Deck 9 to check the minis she and her sister and their families booked for January. They have connecting staterooms, which have tubs in them. They are thrilled because with a bunch of little kids, you need a tub!
  3. On Escape we got photos from La Cucina as part of the package - but not the ones taken at Teppanyaki.
  4. I've never heard of a minimum at a specialty restaurant. Dined at Q while on a two-day preview cruise and enjoyed it. There are plenty of sides and loaded baked potatoes, so there are alternatives to BBQ dinners. We were thinking of doing this outside our dining plan on our cruise next year, though I think it's pricey.
  5. We enjoy family vacations with five little ones. My daughters get connecting mini-suites, so the kids can go back and forth. The minis work well because they have larger bathrooms and tubs. My daughters never had issues with the cleanliness of the pack-and-plays. Last January my youngest grandchild cruised at just six months old! This coming January we will be on Bliss and the kids are looking forward to it. I find Norwegian to be very family oriented.
  6. DH has MS and is in a powerchair. He can't walk. But in the early stages of the disease, when it was relapsing/remitting, he had good days and bad. Some days he needed a wheelchair, some not. When he had long distances to walk, like at an airport, he always used a wheelchair. At Disney he'd rent a scooter because he knew eventually his legs would give out. It really isn't anyone's business as to why someone is in a wheelchair.
  7. We stayed in an aft HC cabin on Escape - no couch. I wish Escape or Bliss had cabins for five with balconies. Seems the only cabin for a family of five is an oceanview. We have to split everyone up to accommodate our family, but that's how is goes. (Daughter and her husband have three kids) If I recall correctly, HAL's Vista ships have aft HC cabins -suites - with a couch.
  8. There doesn't seem to be a lot of different configurations when it comes to connecting chains. Does your friend have a powerchair or scooter? If not, couldn't she just book a standard cabin? Is she unable to take the step up to the bathroom maybe? My husband is in a wheelchair, but we've only had an aft accessible cabin, which did not connect to another cabin. Norwegian does have an access and compliance department. The number should be on the website. Also, some booking websites list the numbers of accessible cabins for each ship. Not sure we are allowed to name the sites though!
  9. At what age do they start charging kids to eat in specialty dining? Usually the grandkids order off the kids' menu - chicken fingers, etc. but the oldest one - 10 next cruise - might want to order off the regular menu.
  10. My daughter ordered the sweet Korean chili wings and couldn't eat them because they were too hot! Luckily she tasted the sauce before taking a bite - and her face turned red and her eyes watered. She mentioned to a server that there was nothing sweet about the wings! (We've had them aboard Escape and they were not intolerably hot) Pretzels with cheese sauce were very good.
  11. Race track was $7 per person when I was on the ship.
  12. A couple of F-bombs. Nothing over the top. I was on the ship for the 2-day preview in Miami. We're booked for January and I believe my daughter will let her 10-y-o son see it. He saw Brat Pack on Escape, and it also had a few F-bombs.
  13. Of all the times I've been at HATM on Escape, I've only been to one in which some pretty raunchy comments were made by one of the piano players during the "adult" portion of the show. This past January the piano players were wonderful. My SIL was invited up on stage to play drums!
  14. Maybe the cruise line can put an announcement in the dailies, stating its "green" efforts include the elimination of straws in drinks. Although Starbucks gives them out, and there were tons of people with Starbucks drinks ...
  15. I was going to post a similar question here today! My daughter is cruising from Venice in September and wants to get off in the last port before returning to Venice. I figured I would ask here before she calls Norwegian. This is always a great resource for information. Can't wait until aboard the ship to ask, as they need to make flight arrangements and book hotel.
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