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  1. To me, the best perk of having Elite, is trading in the minibar for two New Grounds Coffee Packages. Worth $36.58 per person (15 beverages). We've never been able to use all 30, but we come close...
  2. Fastest internet I've ever seen at sea. I've cruised on 3 Medallion Class ships and all had very fast internet. The 50% is confusing. I just paid $59.99 for 7 days on the Regal. That comes out to $8.57 per day, It's not 50% less than they charge per day aboard the ship, but it's close. Even though we both have 150 free minutes, it's still cheaper for us to purchase one pre cruise package that we can share the entire cruise. If we waited until we use up our free minutes and switch to paying by the day for the remainder of the cruise, it would probably cost us more.
  3. I've been on 4 Medallion cruises. My last one in May was the first time I wasn't also given a cruise card. Everything was done with the Medallion that you used to do with a cruise card. Of course this was the 1st cruise where my Medallion stopped working. No problem, they made a new one for me at the customer service desk.
  4. And I thought the proper dress code on formal night threads were contentious...😀 From what I've gathered for the last ten pages and over an hour of reading, is that most of us just want a dog onboard to behave like it's supposed to be trained to do. I've never seen a service dog act up in any way. But go to any department store, grocery store or other public place here in Florida and it's almost guaranteed that you will see someone with a so called Emotional Support or Comfort dog. Yes usually a small one, that is acting up. Yes, most of the time it's an older person (I'm a senior
  5. So everything is more expensive in CA. 😀 I pay $2.99 for (40 half liter bottle) here in FL...
  6. While this doesn't come out and say it, you can see that the Military OBC doesn't show as not refundable. I've gotten the entire Military OBC back in a check and a portion of one. Both of these were within the past 2 years.
  7. You have more cruises on Princess than I do. It just happened that we were on cruises that were Medallion. We were on one of the 1st Medallion test cruises on the Regal. We just happen to be in a cabin that they had already installed it in. My cruise card had Test Pilot printed on it. It was great because they gave us free WiFi and some OBC as well.
  8. If you use a TA, he/she would be able to tell you if you were getting a Florida Resident discount.
  9. drpack


    I was booked on a cruise once with Princess that had a massive size group that was known for being a very rowdy bunch. I found out by accident on a travel website. They even had videos and photos of their last cruise where they took over the pools and many of the bars. After seeing this, I quickly switched to another cruise...
  10. We usually eat at Alfredos on embarkation day because the buffett is a zoo and many people don't realize it's open or that it's a free restaurant.
  11. I was worried the one time I was in a connecting cabin on the Regal, but I never heard anything. The door to the connecting cabin was near the door to the bathroom, so it was about as far from the bed as it could have been. I see you got your change in cabin, so I guess it's a moot point now.
  12. We tried both on the Caribbean Princess and felt it was well worth the cost. I even ate at Steamers twice. As for the evening buffet that they squeezed into what was left of the Horizon Court. Everyone was complaining about the limited space and selections.
  13. After this cruise in Nov, I will have an even dozen Medallions...
  14. I bought some replacement inserts. They were only $2 or $3 each.
  15. I was wondering the same thing. I still have all the old apps, but it appears everything runs in Medallion Class. I have had Medallion Class send me to one of the old apps though.
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