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  1. Its nice to be able to sit on the couch and look out through the patio doors. Its a a personal preference
  2. I am looking at a balcony cabin on 7,8 or 9. Is it my imagination or are we (2 pax) not permitted to book a cabin with the bed by the bathroom ? On Celebrity's own website every cabin that has the bed/sofa or pull-down bed (which is by the balcony) appears to be unavailable on every deck. If indeed they do block 2 pax parties from booking this style of balcony cabin on their own website, will requesting it over the phone be a possibility ? Anyone have the "formula" for determining where the bed is located in the balcony cabins ? Thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me what the hours are for the Oceanview Cafe (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Thanks
  4. I understand that my remote is not a "true" Universal one, but I was told that the TV's onbaord are also Samsung. So, I wondered if my Samsung remote would work with the onboard Samsung TV's.
  5. Thanks......I am told that Samsung Universal Remotes will work on any of the TV's onboard but I'm just not sure whether my particular remote would be considered as a Universal one.
  6. I bought a 32" LED Samsung TV. Will this remote work with the cabin TV's so as to access Video inputs on back ? Any recent cruisers on this ship see secondary inputs blocked (as has been reported) ? Thanks
  7. I got a 32" LED Samsung TV with this remote. Would it work on the cabin TV ?
  8. So to be clear, even if the cable inputs were on the hinge side (with little TV movement), you were still able to get your fingers in ? Did you hear anything about metal bars placed over inputs to block them ? Thanks again.
  9. Thanks all. .... Couple of other questions. Anyone been on recent cruise on Anthem to see if the metal blocking bars have been installed on all balcony cabin TV's ? If I want a balcony cabin with the sofa by the balcony, is there a way to determine what side of the cabin the TV is on ?(ie: When you enter the cabin is the TV on the left or right......to see if I can access the back of the TV when swivelled out). Is it perhaps TV's are on different walls depending if you are port or starboard ?
  10. Can I access the back of the TV's so I can plug in my video source to HDMI input ? Does RCL allow access with supplied remote control ?
  11. OK...thanks. I did a bit of checking around (3 different brokers including Royal Caribbeans own website) and I found the following. When I put in my request search for 2 passengers, it will never show me a Triangle cabin or a double arrow(right side) cabin on any level. Its almost as if they now block someone like me (with 2 passengers) obtaining a balcony cabin with the sofa by the balcony. Are there other cabins that are not Triangle or Double Arrow that have the sofa by the balcony ?
  12. I have to confess I'm a bit confused. I looked at several decks on Anthem and saw numerous cabins with the triangle indicating sleeping 3 or 4 (sofa by balcony). So does this mean all other balcony cabins without a triangle have the beds by the bathroom ? When I do a search ,I never get to see these available cabins because we are only 2 people. Is there other cabins (that sleep 2 people) with the sofa by the balcony ?
  13. bringing your own water would be the most cost effective way but, if like me ,you are flying into Newark (not driving) then its not so easy. So I guess the question is, if it can be ordered in advance, is that option more cost effective than the onboard order form ? (by the way, I should have titled this Anthem Of The Seas)
  14. Is there a formula or way to determine which balcony cabins have the beds by the bathroom (as opposed to balcony).
  15. Is it true that each cabin has an order form to buy multiple 1L Evian water bottles ? The mini fridge is no longer stocked ?
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