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  1. Hiro and the Ice Show was not cancelled on the scheduled nights. On Day 6 sea day, no added shows for HIRO or ICE Show, just the Flight in Royal Theater. There was family comedy night on Day 4 in Royal Theater. A little disappointing they couldn't have had the Aquanation show. On Day 6, perfect sailing weather.
  2. Just off Symphony and we had a really good time. However, I noticed there was not a second Aqua show (Aquanation) or skating show (ISkate 2.0) as mentioned in other people's review. We had lots to keep us busy but I was curious if RCCL is cutting stuff out or is it just me. I also thought the cruise compass was pretty low on events to do. While we kept ourselves busy, I remember the cruise events being packed that there was too much to choose from and a great variety. This cruise, only a few movies, no second aqua or skating show (like mentioned above), no free skating times, no movie on the pool deck to mention a few things. Just an observation!
  3. Curious if anyone on Symphony has been offered discount for Wonderland or any other restaurant. We are are on board now and was walking by the boardwalk when a waiter asked if we would try one of the specialty restaurants for 30% off on first night. We said no and he counter offered 35% off on any other night we wanted. I didn’t take it but tempted to ask again during our cruise. He told me 35% was highest he could go. Do you think they would go higher?!
  4. Hi everyone, large group of 15 of us and 2 of the families want to do the Thrill Waterpark. I purchased it just in case for our family on Black Friday when it was $75. I don't know if our kids will get their money's worth as I read there are long lines and they don't like the large tall slides, just the medium slides and wave pool I think. We don't arrive at Cococay until Day 6. Will I have 48 hours before Day 6 to cancel. Honestly, I am hoping my kids will feel they have had enough of the water slides and then I don't have to spend the money on Cococay. The swimming pool at Oasis and the Free Beach should hopefully be fun enough in my opinion. Thanks in advance!
  5. We are doing this tour in a few weeks with group of 15 including some grandparents. I know the walk to the tour is about a mile. How long is the walk from van to Ruins. Just want to make sure they can handle the walk. Thanks
  6. We are going to try to use PAYG option as well for our cruise in Feb. 7 ships in port that day. So, I am prepared, if Paradise is full, what is the other options that are nearby. Are other resorts that have similar PAYG with water activities for kids nearby. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone looking forward to our upcoming cruise Feb 15. I just booked our transportation and the company we are using gave their suggestions for times but I don't agree. The car service was stating that the RCCL new terminal is very busy and much more congested than the other terminals and from past pickup and drop off?! We are staying Hyatt House in FLL Dania Beach and arriving the night before the cruise. I arranged a van to pick us all up the day of the cruise Sat Feb 15. The car service recommended 11am to avoid the crowds of people coming off of Symphony but I was thinking 10 am pickup to allow for 30 min drive to port and I figure by the time we get our luggage to the porters, go through security and get checked in, it should be time to board the ship. I think we will all get antsy hanging at the hotel until 11am! Coming back on Sat Feb 22, we have a flight at 11:45 am from Miami airport back to Boston. The car service recommended pickup at 8:30 to avoid the mass rush of people leaving the boat. I was thinking if we have breakfast in main dining room at 7:30 when it opens, leave the ship by 8:30 with pickup at 9am, we should have more than enough time to get to Miami airport by 9:30-10 am. I think I rather enjoy our last moments on the ship and have one nice last breakfast rather than hang out early at the airport. Do you think I should go with my plan of pickup at 10am FLL hotel and disembark 9am or follow the car service recommendation of 11am pickup FLL and disembark 8:30 am. I wonder if the car service is recommending these times so they can maximize rides from other potential customers! Thanks for the advice in advance!
  8. I feel stupid for asking this question but my father in law wants to bring his mini Magic bullet smoothie machine on board. He drinks this special smoothie with a specialty protein powder he swears keeps him healthy. I told him I do not believe RCCL will allow this but I saw this was not a prohibited item on the list. I did mention he could just buy smoothies on board the ship and he can bring in his protein powder to add to the shake but he thinks it won't taste the same and the ship's smoothies will have to much sugar (he is diabetic). If anyone has any input this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I thought smoothies was included in Refreshment package on Symphony? Is protein extra charge?
  10. My 12 year old daughter is obsessed with the baking shows and saw a video of Wonderland's desserts. We are on Symphony of the Seas and wondering if we can go to Wonderland just for dessert on our cruise. I looked at menu and don't see prices but it would be great if they allow her to experience this restaurant even during an off time. Thanks
  11. Our plan is to go with Rony's so we can see the Manakawei sloth and monkey based on other's reviews. We are on Symphony in Feb. Then, we chose Infinity Bay for $20 per person to go snorkeling, beach and pool for our kids and group. Infinity charges $10 for snorkel rental and first come, first serve. We arrive Coxen Hole around 9am, and our main priority is the sloth so I presume we will do this first. Wondering if there are many places along West Bay Beach to rent snorkel in case Infinity Bay sold out of snorkel gear. We may also do snorkel from the boat tours. I read, you just find a guy to take you out. Do they come with guides. How long and how much for a boat to take you out. Also, curious if worth it vs just swimming from shore. My kids are 11 and strong swimmers but I think we don't want a strong current and would likely want a floatie or snorkel vest for safety. Thanks
  12. I will be on Symphony and saw that they have the Bionic bar. 2 families and two of us have drink packages. With 5 kids between us, I am pretty sure if we try it, the kids are going to all want to try to do this. Anyone know if the Bionic Bar will allow us to swipe our seapass to get drinks. If the kids want a mocktail, is there time limit between orders to get another drink using the unlimited drink package with same card. Although, I don't mind getting 2 drinks at once either which may be another option! Thanks
  13. Wondering how easy will it be to grab a taxi at Royal cruise port on a Saturday. is there a long line around 9am on disembarkation. Wondering if better to grab an uber or taxi or private car service if long waits.
  14. Happy New Year everyone. We are a group of 15 that are thinking about Paradise Beach pay as you go option in Cozumel mid Feb. I remember cabs can hold 4, maybe 5 people. I don't remember if vans. Wondering if there is a way to get private transport back and forth to Paradise Beach? Also, I think we will go as soon as boat arrives to make sure we get spot, but just in case Paradise Beach is full, is there other options nearby so we don't get stuck and have Plan B. We do not want All inclusive, so concerned they may not let us in as pay as you go admission especially since the port will be very full that day with 7 ships during mid Feb busy time. Thanks
  15. We are thinking of doing Rony's with the sloth and snorkeling. I see a lot of tours that have boats to take you out snorkeling. We are family of 4 with 12 year old twins. Have gone snorkeling twice. Does anyone recommend paying for boat and guide for an hour or two, or will we see enough just from shore. Also, how bad are the bugs? We are going in Feb on Symphony. I wouldn't mind relaxing on the beach/pool also but if the bugs are bad, we may just stay in the water. Thanks
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