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  1. Travelling on Symphony Feb 2020 with 20 other people. I usually book our own private excursions due to price and we can get better pricing. However, one of the excursions we want in Cozumel is only available through cruise lines. It is Fury Catamaran. Wondering if RCCL will give group discount if we book everyone? Thanks
  2. Will be on Symphony of the Seas Feb 15-22, 2020 on Western Caribbean. We are doing Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel. I wanted to do Catamaran and snorkeling at one stop. Roatan looks like lots of snorkeling right from beach plus monkey and sloth. Wondering if anyone has done Catamaran in Cozumel. I see Fury but looks like lots of people and prefer something quieter. We are group of 15, mixture of adults and kids. Is water rougher in Cozumel, how is snorkeling offshore. Based on what I see, ruins in Cozumel much further away, so I will do this Costa Maya. Cozumel looks mostly like beach clubs which I don't think we would like so Catamaran looks like the best on this port stop but I don't want to just take a boat ride if snorkeling not the best and seas rougher. Any thoughts?
  3. Saw this thread and thought I ask my question here. We are having large party of 4 families and have 9 cabins booked. We received discount off regular fare (which is normal for Travel Agent we use) and refundable fares. For booking 8+ cabins, I will receive check back for average of one person after cruise sail which I will distribute evenly to our group. Our travel agent did not mention any "freebies" such as GAP points for free wine, OBC, or cocktail party. Do all cruises get this freebies with groups and should I be concerned that travel agent is keeping extra perks for himself? We are sailing Symphony of the Seas mid February. I know newest ship and prime sailing time, would there be less incentive to offer freebies?
  4. I was going to book Symphony for Feb 2020 for Massachusetts school vacation for all of us but noticed Harmony quite a bit cheaper. Same cruise plan. Western Caribbean to Cococay, Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel. Went through threads and just want to make sure I have everything before we make a change. - Harmony departs Sun-Sun vs Symphony Sat-Sat - Harmony departs Port Canaveral vs Miami - I am guessing we would fly into Fort Lauderdale so would need shuttle also. I think non factor also - Harmony has Grease, Symphony has Hairspray - Harmony only has Dreamworks - our kids have experienced this already on Oasis and older now. Non factor - Symphony has Laser Tag, New seafood restaurant and Sports bar. I have 3 different families going and price difference is almost $800-1000 per room cheaper on Harmony for ocean balconies. Children aged 10-13. We are flying out of Boston and I am guessing Orlando may be cheaper to fly to since more options for us. I know we would have to rent car or take shuttle to cruise terminal about 40 min away so there is that extra added cost but I think we would have to fly to Ft Lauderdale anyways if we choose Symphony since Miami has limited non stop options. Lastly, big thing is coming back Sunday which may not be ideal for school kids starting back to school Monday but I am sure we can get early flight to get home. Am I missing anything? I think for $800-1000 price difference, Harmony would be better choice even if coming back Sunday. Other pros are potential cheaper airfare from Orlando vs FLL/MIA. The big things for the kids are water slides likely and pool area. We do not do specialty restaurants and meet every night for main dining room. We were on Oasis 2 years ago and loved it. So looking for same experience plus water slides. Also enjoyed the aqua and night time shows. Kids have seen Dreamworks, but a big deal now that they are older. Thoughts and comments appreciated!!!
  5. Good to know. One more question. Does group space prices generally fluctuate as sales come and go with RCCL. I presume prices are set for group rates early on and stay that way until rooms are booked?. Just wondering if I see new sale with better prices, should I notify travel agent about drop in price. Also, with group rate bookings, I am guessing better to book early to guarantee space.
  6. Looking at Symphony in Spring 2020 and I really don't like RCCL non refundable policy. Since so far away and travelling with kids and grandparents, so much can change. Travel agent I usually use who is part of larger cruise network always gets us about 10-15% off RCCL quotes. They don't entice with extra OBC, just strictly better rates which I prefer. We generally book 4 rooms for 3 families and I believe they get a better discount by placing us on their group rate space. Just a guess. On latest cruise, I was expecting to pay more than RCCL advertised online price because I wanted refundable deposits but they were able to beat RCCL online non refundable rate by 10-15% plus still offer me refundable deposit! Wondering if some of the larger travel agents have some more flexibility with RCCL deposit policy or I am just getting a very good discount for booking with them.
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