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  1. I was told NOT. Last cruise we used Next Cruise, and boy what a mess. First, despite my insistence that they had the wrong C&A #, he proceeded. Told us there were no balconies left, and did not give us a discount except $26 onboard credit. So back home I had to call, they changed the number to my almost Diamond + status and loaded the onboard credits. They further said that they had balconies, up until the morning of the call, They were gone at that point. I will never book that way again.
  2. Fortunately we can drive from Houston to Galveston, our port, in an hour, so that played into the decision. Last several cruises were involving a long drive/ and or air flights.
  3. Thank you all! Working our way to D+. The Enchantment was a last minute idea, other travel plans had fallen through....the timing was perfect. We are doing ocean view, then the following week balcony. So the order or things seems fun.
  4. My friend and I going to go in the Enchantment for 5 days, get off and the following week get on the Liberty for 7 days. Wanted to do B2B but I had a work conflict. A friend who cruises says that was a terrible idea. We were thinking that getting home, catching up on business, and laundry, and going back would be fun. Anybody want to weigh in on this?
  5. Yes, you have to use one of your 3 free drink “coupons” if you like water or Pelligrino. Often, after an excursursion, that is wonderful to drink. That is available all days of cruise. You have unlimited drinks from 4:30-8 in Diamond Lounge. That is for D-D+/Pinnacles only, not tag-a-Longs, etc.
  6. Wow. Is the DL outside the VCL? Only see the Consierge lounge on deck plans. That is exactly where the DL was in the Vision, btw.
  7. Oh swell, taking a last minute cruise on the Enchantment . Love the Liberty Diamond Lounge, btw!
  8. To add another question..... 3 of us booked the beach bed at Coco Cay...are they completely different?
  9. Well I agree. I have been at least 24 hours with my checked bag lost. I am thinking of carrying on to the Vision, next week.
  10. However, this cabin was sold solely for 3 people or more. So Theron lies my question.
  11. My 2 friends and I are booked Jan 26th on Vision. We have an aft balcony that could only be obtained with more than 2 occupants. Just now RCCI says that there are only 2 chairs on that balcony. What? How much sense does that make. Does anyone know if that is correct? Anyone been on a Vision 3 people aft balcony?
  12. Our group has never been on the Vision before. How is the Diamond lounge? Bar tender? Size? Appetizers?
  13. What about the beach beds? Anyone have an opinion? 3 of us in our group have reserved..
  14. $157, I am assuming that is NOT per person...
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