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  1. So glad I read this. We are leaving tomorrow, and my wife had been saying about the attitude in Jamaica to lesbians Yikes, we are staying onboard
  2. Oddly, I am cruising tomorrow, got the 6 pm declined on OS. Nothing received on JS bid. Not hearing, a decline?
  3. I consider myself one of the less nasty people in the world. I am a nurse supervisor and am known for my patience and gentle nature. I have been with RCCi approx 28 years, and I have never encountered a rude experience, until now. I am simply asking if I had overlooked something. Please pardon my questions.
  4. Actually it is water we most covet. Odd how this rep today told us we should be getting XY& Z. I feel better now that I wasn’t forgetting to make a request. Thank you all for your kind responses!
  5. So here we are almost Diamond+, and apparently ignorant of the rules. I called RCCI as we have another cruise tomorrow, and we were wondering why the last 3 cruises, no bottled water, champagne, fruit, etc. brought to room. Called before last cruise as well, and they stated we should have gotten these perks, spoke with C&A and regular rep. No one knew why we hadn’t received these items. Tomirrow I have a cruise and decided to make one last call to C&A and rep told me rudely, I was supposed to have called 14 days before cruise to request these perks.. what? No one for this last 3 cruises told us that in our many conversations. I was told today, only. Sorry, we can’t Help you and hung up on me!
  6. Well good to know. Would love to see something new in Windjammer that really is unique.
  7. So what has become of the “bee sting chicken” that used to be served on embarkation day in Windjammer. Last 3 cruises...nothing. Vision, Enchantment and Liberty.
  8. Congratulations to all the winners! I am 72 hours away from Enchantment cruise...this was a last minute cruise and my friend and I just got an OV. Always book balcony or JS, so I am spoiled. Bid up to balcony.....no reply either way. Bid on June 2nd cruise to upgrade from balcony to JS and GS. A patient of mine is a TA and said there is a randomness to the accepted bids. She thinks it is unlikely I will get upgraded Friday, but likely on June 2nd. Hmmmm. Anyone bid on either of these cruises?
  9. I got one even better. 2007 Hawaiian circle cruise on the Serenade. Outside waiting to board we were watching luggage go up a conveyer belt into the ship, and kurplunk, a piece falls off into San Diego harbor water. 15 day cruise. WE all in unison shouted, “nooooooo”.
  10. I am 7 days out on Enchantment . No email yet......
  11. Last cruise on Vision there were so many 🛴 n hallways you could barely get by. Going next week on Enchantment.... hope it is different.
  12. Oh, I hope you get it! No logic can be applied to this program, but it is kinda fun!
  13. So I have 2 upcoming cruises. 1 on Enchantment in 14 days and 1 on Liberty in 30 days. I have made bids to upgrade on both trips. In fact I bid on 2 different classifications on Liberty JS and GS. I got another e-mail wanting to know if I want to upgrade. I can confirm by viewing my bids that I properly submitted. Have not been accepted or denied on either sailing....odd that I got another e-mail, though. While on the subject...any recent success with this Royal Up at this time of year? Most people are saying we won’t hear until the day before sailing.made bids above minimum, btw.
  14. I was told NOT. Last cruise we used Next Cruise, and boy what a mess. First, despite my insistence that they had the wrong C&A #, he proceeded. Told us there were no balconies left, and did not give us a discount except $26 onboard credit. So back home I had to call, they changed the number to my almost Diamond + status and loaded the onboard credits. They further said that they had balconies, up until the morning of the call, They were gone at that point. I will never book that way again.
  15. Fortunately we can drive from Houston to Galveston, our port, in an hour, so that played into the decision. Last several cruises were involving a long drive/ and or air flights.
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