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  1. Me too, sailing on Sunday. This is my 4th cruise to try and Royal Up. So far all unsuccessful..I am trying to get from JS to RS or OS. (Liberty).
  2. Correct. Also we tend to use our 3 free drinks for small bottles of Pellegrinos. Some shops won’t allow it, but most do allow.
  3. I am going March 1st on Liberty, and noted the same thing. Except for suites, ( they show sold out) am hoping to Royal Up from JS to RS or OS.
  4. Even sold out, there are always cancellations. I am out in March 1st on Liberty trying to go from JS to GS. Made a moderate bid. Still shows pending. I bid on 4 different cruises last year, moderate bids, all not accepted. It is simply the luck of the draw. I try to see the fun of it all, after all a cruise is a wonderful place to be, no matter the cabin. I do think the cancellation rate may be up right now, sadly, due to Corona virus worries. Elderly or health compromised people may opt to just stay home.They may wind up with suite vacancies??
  5. How exciting! Great idea to surprise your family! I am the one who bids every time from JS to GS, and failed x4. You give me hope for my March 1st Liberty cruise. Keep making strong moderate bids...
  6. I am on the Liberty March 1st. It departs from Galveston to western Caribbean. We received an email from RCCI which enclosed a letter. No one who traveled to that region within 14 days OR possesses a Chinese/Hong Passport , will be allowed to board. I pray they won’t cancel our trip, because my job will not let me have time off again for 1 year.
  7. Congratulations!! Great deal! Enjoy.We haven’t heard on our bid for Liberty on March 1st.... But, got the email today regarding exclusion of passengers having been in China OR possessing passport for those regions. Thinking, sadly for those people barred from traveling, if might open up the Suites. Bid on JS to GS.
  8. Yep, will try. 8 years ago brought champagne and it blew the cork in my luggage. Never again! Lol
  9. Silly question. We are almost D+, but until then we like to order a bottle of champagne sent to room. Easy, right? There are a few choices in Gift section to order a week before you go. Ironically, somehow the order never processed the last 2 times, and now, I get an error 400 message when I attempt to order. I should know this, but I am thinking of going to the Promenade to Attempt to purchase a bottle or 2 after ship sails. Just can’t remember if they offer champagne by the bottle, on The Liberty.
  10. Yep. Agree. I am a nurse as well. my thoughts are, “was he on pain meds, drinking, being treated for mental disorder( or not being treated at all for many disorders that come to mind).
  11. I am a 66 year old nurse and I can tell you there is something missing about the grandpa. A 51 year old could be taking meds( pain) such as Lyrica,Tramadol, opiates, or the like. Drinking or not, it could have led to the behavior which from a legal standpoint Is NOT what a prudent person would do.
  12. Got my invite To Royal Up on Jan 6th for March 1st Liberty. currently in JS, bid on GS, good moderate bid. This will be my 4th attempt ( cruise) since the Royal up began. The previous 3 were denied. You just never know!
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