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  1. You are such a *insert profanity here* for this attitude. *insert profanity here* off.
  2. My kids and I were at game 5. We were at a sports bar for most of game 4 but back in our hotel for the last couple of innings and when that 9th happened it was all we could do to keep from waking the neighbors. We despise the Dodgers. I can tell you the whole stadium was Dodger fans. Of the 11K fans allowed inside I bet 10K of them were wearing Dodger blue. But FTD.
  3. “...no gradual and monitored reopening”? Texas’ Governor has done exactly that and continues to. You can read for yourself, although it is not exactly a page turner. You also may not know that the individual counties in Texas have the authority to require measures which are not mandated statewide. https://www.dshs.state.tx.us/coronavirus/opentexas.aspx If by “...people seem to resist the notion of containment” you mean the wearing of masks and social distancing, I agree. Some more than others. There is definitely a feeling in many counties that one should decide
  4. No need to be snarky. I made four statements of fact. To your first question I must say no, I can’t. What I do know is that we do not have to speculate on the number of deaths caused by poverty. We do not have to speculate on the chronic health problems associated with poverty. We do not have to speculate on the numbers of deaths associated with consumption of drugs and alcohol, particularly by those living in poverty. Whatever your idea of “real controls strictly enforced” is, if that includes shutting down the economy and putting 60,000,000 people out of work an
  5. The reported hospitalizations in Texas was 2,326 on Monday. Since mid-May tests in Florida were mandated for long term care facilities and jails. This had the logical result of more positive results. As for deaths, Texas is reporting 2,117 out of a population of 29,000,000. Florida reports 3,064 deaths out of a population of 21,480,000.
  6. My daughter and I had tickets to Seattle for the Astros-Mariners series. I hope we play there next year. I really looked forward to checking that off my list.
  7. I read that Royal is abandoning the cruise industry in favor of space travel. For a variety of reasons they have invested deeply in SpaceX and needed all of our money to become a player in that industry. There will only be a small number of passengers to satisfy. Very controlled embarkation and disembarkation. Meals will be prepared prior to takeoff so no kitchen staff, wait staff or cleanup. Adult diapers will replace restroom facilities and all of the associated maintenance. No special accommodations necessary since passengers would have to be extremely fit. Environmentalists would no
  8. There are a number of good beach clubs on West Bay Beach. Keep reading this sub and you’ll find lots of information. Taxis are unregulated on Roatan and, while likely safe, may present other challenges. You’ll probably want to consider options like hiring a guide for the day or just booking at one of the resorts that provides transportation to and from. Lots of information here about those options too. I hope your cruise goes out in September. We cancelled our’s aboard Liberty. Just too soon for us.
  9. OP, you said “surely” three times in two sentences. Surely that is indicative that surely nobody knows if any cruise line can surely safeguard every cruiser from what will almost surely be another outbreak aboard surely at least several ships. I win. now let’s get to the important part; speculation about drink packages.
  10. Assuming this really contemplates when cruising will begin from a U.S port, just as soon as RCL can comply with the extensive checklist of requirements and the CDC lifts the no sail order.
  11. I’m not reading all 9 pages but if no one has complained about overpriced drink packages or RCI’s lack of appreciation for their status or the lack of fancyness of the MDR or chair hogs or reservations to the showroom or those scooter people who crowd the elevators or the quality of food anywhere on the ship or the lack of ice cream machines or the elimination of public areas in favor of more cabins or the length and numbers of fancy status lines at embarkation or kids in the solarium or the unresponsive crew members at guest services or the ripoff cost of ship excursions or the size of the lo
  12. I'm finally getting a haircut tomorrow, after which I won't even care about the money I'm owed for a while. It's all about the haircut.
  13. Yes well you can’t fix ignorance either.
  14. My understanding is that insurance will no longer cover anything related to Coronavirus or an outbreak of COVID-19. Even CFAR.
  15. This thread will evolve into a Smuggling Alcohol Methods thread in 3....2.....1....
  16. We have always been interior cabin folks. It allows us to stretch our travel budget and take 4 or 5 cruises a year. I have decided to only book balconies for the foreseeable future which will result in fewer trips, particularly when the price for balconies skyrockets due to demand. I gotta admit I’m a little surprised and the number of folks who say they never wiped down their cabin before. That’s been a prerequisite for me for decades and I do it nearly every day. It’s 20 minutes sacrificed for peace of mind.
  17. I know you said near Hobby but then you said downtown was ok and that you wanted delicious and unique so here you go. If you really want Texas unique and don’t mind a bit of a drive, check out the Leona General Store in Leona, Texas. It’s a 2 hour drive. They don’t take reservations. Steak night is Friday or Saturday. There will be a line. It might be long. It might be hot or cold outside. They only have ribeye steaks. Their salad bar is small and boring. They only serve mashed potatoes, not baked. And it’s the most amazing steak you’ll ever put in your mouth. And an environment uni
  18. After a vaccine is developed and widely available, cruise lines will give every passenger a vaccination and a tee shirt as they go through checkin. Instead of those BAKER (whatever name) FAMILY CRUISE tee shirts the whole ship will be red, white and blue I GOT THE SHOT shirts.
  19. And everyone will have to pay for the funeral and photo package in advance but if you survive they will provide you a FFC- Future Funeral Credit, but you can apply for a refund that might take 90 days to process but if you allow them to keep your money they will throw in a song of your choice. There will be three song lists for you to choose from; Standard (a couple of compositions with just an organ. Sort of the buffet of music packages), Special (Jimmy Buffet stuff like Cheeseburger in Paradise), and Premium (pretty much only Sinatra’s My Way but performed by the best showroom singer onbo
  20. What if they made you sign a document saying if you die on the ship you would be buried at sea? OMG let’s speculate!
  21. The only logical answer to all this speculation is a safe and effective vaccine. Until that becomes universally available, and a potential passenger can provide the cruise line with evidence they had the vaccine, IMO cruising is a dead stick. Someone also said that to be profitable the ships need to be at or near 100% occupancy. Think of a ship that has only 50% of the staterooms occupied but having the exact same revenue by charging double for everything. And maybe even more than that. Those that paid double will eat half as much. There will be half as many cabins to clean. They could
  22. My wife, who handles all this cancellation mess, told me she logged onto RCL’s website and used the cruise planner to cancel out WiFi and meal package before she cancelled the cruise. Evidently once you cancel the cruise planner goes away. We already got refunds for two WiFi and meal packages. Don’t have to wait 45 days.
  23. If you haven't already done so you might visit your roll call and ask.
  24. It's only true if you don't consider the price of all the future cruises you can apply it to have gone way up. If you don't care about that then it's true. No you do not need to select a future cruise before you pay the cruise off. But if you have only paid the deposit, and if it is a refundable deposit, you can ask for your refundable deposit back. Otherwise you can do what we are doing; wait until the cruise line cancels the cruise and ask for a refund. If they don't file chapter 7 before then you just might get your money back.
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