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  1. Its not so much that prices have increased in anticipation of more demand. I get it; that’s business. What is not business is using a nonexistent increased value to entice someone to take FCC instead of cash. Giving 120% of what I paid, then not only not providing an additional 20% value to me, but just going about their business without any consideration for my having offered them my business in exchange for +20% value is just two-faced. I’d have respected them more if they would have just offered refunds. Unfortunately, I think the hole they have dug began long before this
  2. Yeah I tried to read that earlier but just didn’t care that much. I know it looks higher on paper but if a company has to go further in debt to improve their cash-to-debt ratio I don’t see that as a positive. At the end of the day it’s probably all a mute point anyway. The U.S. has bigger fish to fry right now.
  3. RC’s annual report is out. It’s in there somewhere I’m sure but RC’s cash to debt ratio is 0.02. I’m no financial expert but that’s not very good, particularly if it includes the money they are holding as deposits and fares that are now being asked for back in cash. Time will tell but If I get the cash back for the three cruises I have booked in 2020, 2 of which are paid in full, I’ll probably sit cruising out until I see ships going and coming without disease and it’s associated stateroom isolation and rejection by other countries.
  4. Thanks man. Where are you these days? We are good here in Texas so far. Hoping for better days soon. I also hope you and yours are safe and healthy.
  5. I’m surprised more people aren’t concerned that Royal will end up filing bankruptcy and neither refunding our money or making good on the FCCs many are opting for. After seeing Carnival’s SEC filing I look for other cruise lines to be taking similar action which might also include reorganization.
  6. Could someone please post the exact language requiring the doctors note? I'm not technically a Doctor but if the knowledge requirements are no more stringent than say Social Media Influencer I can certainly produce a "Doctors Note" note for a nominal fee. I'll even throw in a roll of tp and some hand sanitizer as part of my service. And if your cruise gets cancelled I'll refund the fee. I promise.
  7. It’s a little like calling your cable provider. The number of different answers you get is directly tied to the number of customer service people you talk to. Keep calling until you get the answer you want.
  8. We are scheduled in May and booked with Rony to go to Paradise Beach Resort. He doesn’t require anything down so now that it looks unlikely we will get to sail in May I won’t have to wait for a refund. Look here: http://ronystours.com/ronys-private-tour/ And one of the selections is PB.
  9. Yes that is Infinity. This is a screen cap of Google Maps.
  10. Yeah we have three booked this year and have been looking at taking the 125% but it’s a losing proposition. I take pride in finding really good deals and I guess all the deals I found are like 175% below market. Also concerned what will happen to my money if RC files for bankruptcy protection. They might still be sailing but what about the money I let them keep? Not sure if it’s worth the 20% since it benefits me nothing.
  11. We are booked in September but i’m considering cancelling. My perspective is that visiting Honduras and remote Mexico might not be smart. I anticipate the U.S. will have containment by then but what’s the point in going out if we don’t feel comfortable going ashore? We love Roatan and Costa Maya is our favorite beach spot because of its remoteness, but going there under this cloud may not be advisable. Wait and see for now.
  12. We would be there today. This minute sitting at the restaurant at Blue Key with my little black kitty friend Lola sitting beside me while my wife and I eat their amazing ceviche and guacamole. Having enjoyed a sea day yesterday we would be sitting in the sun for the rest of the day today, and enjoying the warm water. Costa Maya has been our favorite beach stop for many years.
  13. So far all of our travel has been cancelled, including a cruise we would be on now, a trip to Seattle May 1st to see the Astros and Mariners, and a second cruise in May. My 60th birthday is in June and we are booked to drive to South Padre Island for a week. I hope that won’t get cancelled but it certainly might. Then another cruise in September about which who knows what. We’re looking at one in October and one in November to rebook to but again, who knows. I just keep telling myself to look at all the money I’m saving. I’m very blessed that my job is not in danger of ending and I am ot
  14. For us it’s not so much if Royal cancels our May 17 departure, it’s whether we would run the risk of being taken to a gulag for 14 day quarantine upon returning or be confined to our stateroom while still aboard. Like I suspect many are, we will wait and see how the next 4 to 6 weeks unfold.
  15. True but isn’t this about containing the spread of the virus, not so much about eliminating every death? Under 60 and in good health ( as I am) are equally susceptible to contract the virus, thus becoming potentially equally participant in its spread. While I don’t share the opinion that every cruise line doesn’t care about the health and safety of their passengers (customers), I do believe it’s my responsibility to take care of myself as well as follow the CDC guidelines for prevention of the spread to the degree that I am able. For me it’s just that simple; pay attention and follow the CD
  16. We are scheduled to leave next Friday on Enchantment. Just waiting.
  17. I must admit to getting a chuckle at a thread called “Let’s lighten the mood” which was started by a user with the name “That sinking feeling”. But it I think my favorite so far was Vision of the Seas. Cozy and quiet.
  18. Don’t see anything here https://www.caymancompass.com And i I haven’t heard anything. Of course that could change. Grand Cayman doesn’t need cruise revenue and many residents don’t even like the cruise industry so no telling what might happen in the future.
  19. Thanks for your reply. I can imagine that the dust could be bad if it were dry. As it was when we were there the entire place was a mud hole from the tropical storm. I didn’t mention this in my original reply but the very first ship to go there was a few days before our stop and we were told they had a rather large parade and celebration in the town square with guests of honor including the mayor and the ship Captain. They really wanted to make it work but I don’t even see it as an option now. I hope you have have recovered from the dust and will enjoy many other adventures.
  20. My SIL is our travel agent and works for one of the large online agencies. She has told us that she doesn’t get her commission until and unless the traveler takes the trip, and then weeks or months later. At any given time she is owed hundreds or thousands of dollars in commissions that she will not be paid if she were to resign. Her commissions, which are the lions share of her pay, are held hostage against her departing for another agency or job. In addition, if we see a deal on her day off and call to speak to someone else it is a mark against her. I know, this makes no sense but it’s
  21. I hope y’all had a great time. I had forgotten about this thread but look forward to your perspective.
  22. Sorry, I just typed a long response about the Paradise Beach in Cozumel. N/M.
  23. I’m currently making all of my life plans based on what CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ESPN, ABC, CBS, and NBC tell me. This includes travel, investment, medical care, large purchases and especially religion. Ok, no I’m not.
  24. If I were going to spend $10,000 on jewelry of any kind I would spend it at my local, trusted jeweler in my home country.
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