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  1. We usually write in $10 per meal if the service warrants, which it always has. Last cruise we had the Chops every day package and in addition to the $10 each meal we left $20 cash for the waitress who had served us every lunch and dinner.
  2. We are on B2B on Enchantment now and yesterday went to the LA desk to ask about having our C&A changed. After the first night of the first leg we were Diamond. It took less than 10 minutes and we left with our new cards. I imagine this would vary from ship to ship, like everything else.
  3. Our first cruise was aboard Carnival Carnivale in 1992 from Florida. The cruise itself was awful for a couple of reasons. It went to Freeport and Nassau which were worse then than they are now. The trip back was in 30 foot seas and, on such a small ship with none of the modern stabilization ships have now, everyone, including the crew, was seasick. Then our flight home turned terrifying when we experienced system failures that caused us to have to land on the emergency runway in Houston after the pilot told us we had no steering or brakes. There were fire trucks and ambulances everywhere. Foam all over the runway and the plane after we got stopped. I can’t even begin to describe the sounds of both the engines and the terrified passengers. Then we sat on the runway for an hour in Houston September heat before they towed us to the terminal, which took another hour and a half. So so we didn’t cruise (or fly) for a few years. Now that there is a cruise terminal less than a 2 hour drive from our home we go 4 or 5 times a year. But it took a bit to get us back after that first experience.
  4. I can’t imagine a more accurate statement. This should be auto-populated before every post in every review thread. Thank you.
  5. There’s no way I could enjoy a cruise that cost anywhere near $1000 a day. Even $500. I don’t cruise to be treated like royalty; my wife takes care of that at home. The “cabin experience” means nothing to me. Is it clean and does my room steward take care of everything? Same with a hotel, resort or otherwise. We don’t go out to $200 dinners either so paying extra for a cruise because the food is perceived better would give me heartburn. We don’t pay $50K for a car either. For those that 1) have that kind of disposable income, 2) consider such things important, have at it. My idea of heaven for a week is not dependent on how much money I spend.
  6. There’s no WiFi network in your car. Even if you were in a location with a WiFi network just turning on WiFi won’t connect you to that network unless you have previously connected to it. Like my work WiFi. My devices automatically connect to the WiFi when I get to work because my WiFi is always turned on. Same with the Panera we frequent. And, of course, at home. Since I’ve previously connected to those examples my phone finds them automatically. As recommended, try it at home where you know you’re connected to WiFi.
  7. Yes that is correct, however, once you set up WiFi calling at home it is always ready to work. You don’t have to go to airplane mode until you get on the ship and are far enough out to lose your normal cell signal. Setting up WiFi calling has nothing to do with the ship’s WiFi or airplane more. It will work anywhere you happen to be where a cell signal is weak but you are connected to a good WiFi signal. For instance, I connect to the WiFi network at work but because it’s a metal building the cellular signal can be weak. The WiFi signal can take the place of the weak cellular signal, just like it does for data (surfing or texting). So... set it it up while you’re at home. forget about WiFi calling turn on airplane mode only when you need it (there are other times you might need it besides on a cruise, perhaps on a land vacation to another country) If airplane mode is on or off you will be able to use a strong WiFi signal to make and receive calls.
  8. We booked Rose Hall through Resort for a Day. Very nice property and decent food.
  9. The only Rose Hall I know of is Hilton Rose Hall Resort.
  10. Thanks I'll pass your kind words to my wife who actually came up with the idea. I did forget to mention that we always carry two ship towels with us and once the bag is secured to the chair via the cable we cover them with the other towel. I'm sorry but if I can make it more difficult to take my bag than someone else's I win.
  11. It's not a matter of when you switch over but whether you set it up while in your home territory. Once you set it up you don't have to do it again. I set mine up long ago and now when we cruise it is always ready to go. Just go through the steps to set it up while you're home. Your phone will still function just like it always has but when you reset everything for your cruise the wifi calling will be in place.
  12. We pack our things in zipped beach bags with inside zip pockets. Cash and phones go inside one of the inner zipped pockets and we use one of those coiled combination bicycle locks to secure them to our lounge chairs. Nobody is going to take time to unzip our bags, take out the tee shirts, towels, sun block, etc. to get to the zipped inside pockets in hopes that there might be something there of value. The biggest risk is someone casually walking off with a bag which can't happen if they're attached to the chair via the bicycle cables.
  13. We have been to Royal Palms a number of times. It is on 7 mile beach. I think entry is $3 but you can check their website for details. There is a cost for a beach chair and umbrella. We usually reserve one of the beach cabanas. Taxi is like $7 each. Food costs whatever you decide to spend. We never eat there because it’s crazy expensive. We once ordered a pizza and it was $40 US. Nope. There is an adults only pool with a swim up bar. Again, drinks are like everything else in GC; expensive.
  14. I suppose a better choice of words would have been that drivers can be challenging. So many who evidently don’t know where they are going, along with the usual number of stupid people and those that can’t drive day in and day out. And with Vista doing Saturday departures the numbers are pretty high.
  15. I wonder what would happen if an alleged service dog were to attack (bite) me or my wife and I killed it, as I would do if we were not on a ship.
  16. Don't forget to let your room steward know you're staying. He/she might be a little surprised when your stuff is still there on debarkation day between the first and second legs.
  17. Ace, I’m guessing that’s Carnival Freedom and is a Saturday departure. As SSB said, they won’t let you on until the ship is cleared anyway so take your time. Saturday traffic can be challenging.
  18. You can take a cab or the bus to Cemetery Beach. It’s a 20 or so minute ride and a short walk from the main road down a pathway to the beach. No facilities whatsoever. Cemetery Reef is a short paddle from the beach and is pretty good. We left the ship fairly early and were done by 11:30. Called the same cab driver that dropped us off and waited for her out at the road. Headed back to Georgetown for lunch and a little shopping. Take water with you. otherwise you can look at Captain Marvin’s website and see if they have a snorkel only trip. Hope you find something that suits you.
  19. But didn’t you just say that, in a hypothetical scenario where it is not requested but required, you would wear your rattiest jacket and most gruesome necktie? And didn’t you insinuate that believing that to be childish and inappropriate is to be intolerant? Ignore what you want but don’t act like a victim when I pre-judge you based on your actions.
  20. My wife and I don’t drink alcohol either and raised our kids going there from back before the pool and AI even existed. You won’t need the AI. Food and service are very good.
  21. I second the Lamanai recommendation. My kids loved it.
  22. While I do not share many of the above criticisms of the food, I must say that the cruise line has allowed the MDR to have the ambiance of a Golden Corral. Wife beater and backward ball cap? Come on in. Cowboy hat and tee shirt? We love those big hats at the dinner table. Many have mentioned the necessity for a drink package. You can imagine the table manners of those who overindulge. We leave next week for a 10 night and may not darken the door of the MDR after the first night. I like that there are other options.
  23. We loved Chops on Enchantment. Last month we got the 5 night package and I wouldn’t do that again as we kind of missed the MDR experience but it was still amazing. We don’t drink alcohol so CT made no sense to us.
  24. Get a cab or private driver and go to Temporary Cal’s Cantina for lunch. Amazing fresh food and views from the top of the hill. I don’t think they have a website but check out Trip Advisor for reviews and pictures. IMO, it’s the best way to spend the day other than the beach.
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