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  1. Jan you can just pull up to the terminal and pick them up if they are standing out on the sidewalk. The parking shuttles stop along the left driveway sort of “across the street” (driveway) from the terminal. You can find a spot there too but it’s not nearly as convenient. When you turn turn off of Harborside Drive you will stay to the left two lanes as you go past the Carnival terminal. You will then bear to the right and find a spot next to the RCCL terminal about half way down where the exit doors are. I do this every cruise picking up my wife. I walk to the parking lot and g
  2. Totally agree about the filet being better in Giovanni. Nobody has mentioned the desserts. I don’t know what it’s called but the one in Chops with the waffle cone and ice cream is OMG amazing. We leave Friday on Enchantment and have the Chops every night plan. I can’t wait. BTW, there’s no other specialty restaurant on Enchantment, or so I’m told.
  3. Thanks Oliver. We leave Friday on Enchantment and we have three other cruises booked on her through March. We really, really loved Vision while she was here and were glad they added another Vision class to Galveston. I’m still working so the 5 day departures on Friday are perfect for my job and vacation time.
  4. We leave Friday and make a stop in CM so I’ll be back to report. We’ve been there bunches of times and always go to Blue Key. One visit the water was brown and lots of grass. Every other time the water was nice. Sometimes even super clear. Even so there was still some grass floating around but we just pushed it aside. I’ve walked a long way down the malecon (Blue Key is the first stop) and it seems to get worse further down but we mostly just stay and chill at Blue Key. We also go on B2B in October so I sure hope it’s nice by then.
  5. Yes there are porters outside you will give the bags to. Just drive up, get a porter and give him your bags and go wherever you want. It’s the same thing I do except my wife goes in the terminal while I go to park. Be mindful of last boarding time and how long it might take to get back. Pretty much all of the events they put on in Galveston create a complete zoo of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  6. Cemetery beach. Take a cab or the bus. Absolutely zero facilities. No restroom. No food. No drinks. Just very good snorkeling. The reef is a short swim out. There is plenty of shade. Take water.
  7. I ordered them on Amazon. Just enter “insect repellent wipes”. I’ve used the Bens, Deep Woods Off and Repel. The Deep Woods Off probably work best for us but we mainly use them for mosquitoes in the jungle.
  8. We always do self carry and we get packed and leave our bags in the room. Head to the dining room early then go back and get the bags and head out. Nothing to it. As mom says says (lol),it’s an early breakfast.
  9. I suppose it really doesn’t matter much but the culprits are sand flies, not sand fleas. I recommend you consider repellent wipes instead of spray. I used them at Lamanai in Belize and they worked great without the overspray going all over everyone around me and no wind blowing it back in my eyes.
  10. What a great perspective. I love your use of “transportive” to describe the experience. Nicely done, thank you.
  11. Wow thanks Todd. I can’t imagine what would make you think that, since it was my perspective (as opposed to advice; “For our money...”, not “If I were you..”) we wouldn’t do just that. Do what you want. And if you don’t like my perspective just state your own and keep your snarky comments to yourself. Sounds like you need some chill.
  12. The food is quite good but understand that the prices you see on the menu are in GC dollars. Add 30% to it. I remember getting a pizza and a couple of sodas and it was $40 American. But that’s everything in GC. Nothing is cheap.
  13. I’ve been to Goff’s Key and while the snorkeling is pretty good I wouldn’t characterize it as “chill”. The ride over is a boat ride that can be smooth or rough, dependent on the relative calmness of the water. One may or may not consider such a ride chill. There is, or was, very little comfortable seating on the island. No rows of nice loungers for sure. The restroom facilities are a couple of small but adequate outhouse looking things set off to one end. They are not particularly nice but are, as I said, adequate. My wife didn’t go but I’m quite certain she would have only tolerated
  14. I too saw a gentleman take a knee and propose to his lady. It was aboard Vision in Chops just a few months ago. I was in the chapel aboard Liberty early one morning when a woman who had been at our lunch table the day before with her two boys came in and laid down on the floor in back of the pews to pray. During our conversations at lunch I had come to know she was a woman of great faith and it was pretty moving and inspirational to see. I was honored to pray with, and for her.
  15. “Johnny, tell her what she’s won!” “Well Jack, She’s won the Cruise Critic Least Effective Statement Award!” *audience applause* “And the Least Likely Objective to Achieve on Cruise Critic Medallion!” *more audience applause* 😂🤣
  16. The very best time to book a cruise is today. Always. Today.
  17. I’ve used an app on my iPhone called white noise. On the other hand we always pack two of the small, 4 or 5 inch fans and nobody has ever said a word. We sail RCI 99% of the time.
  18. Think of the main dining room as that ridiculously expensive restaurant near where you live that you and your husband would absolutely never go to because of the price and dress code requirements. And absolutely no way would you take the kids because of the price and the dress code requirements. Then imagine something more consistent with your tastes like the Italian place with the awesome salad bar. Or the country diner with that huge chicken fried steak. Oh, and both have a yummy dessert bar. Something like the buffet. Hats and shorts welcome.
  19. Welcome to Cruise Critic Cherylynn. If they don’t camp out on their phones now they probably won’t on the ship. Especially if you lock their phones up in your room safe. Keep reading here are you’ll find all sorts of cruise destinations and activities. Looking and reading is free so if you don’t find anything you’re not out a penny.
  20. Their remaining inventory will likely sell out and they know that. It’s getting more and more rare that a ship sails with an open cabin of any kind. This is simply supply and demand. I have said this before, when I book a cabin I continue to follow pricing until the 90 day mark. After that I just forget it and concentrate on pricing of such things as WiFi and meal plans since they can be changed right up until departure. Forget it and have fun. And welcome to Cruise Critic.
  21. I asked in this thread and got a very informative response.
  22. Thank you for posting these. Very informative.
  23. Welcome to Cruise Critic! We were on Liberty last Halloween and it was crazy. The costume party that night filled the atrium deck and spilled into all the bars. In addition there was a large gay travel group, probably 500, and they were costumed to another level. If you like the costume thing definitely bring one and enjoy the night. You won’t be disappointed.
  24. Depending on the schedule you should consider catching an Astros game at Minute Maid Park if it’s day game. Might even be playing your Mariners.
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